Bernette B38 Sewing Machine Review: Features, Performance, & Value for Beginners




  • Stitch Width: 7 mm
  • Hook System: Drop-in
  • Free arm: 170 mm
  • Patterns: 394
  • Buttonholes: 8 (1-step)
  • Speed: 820 stitches/minute

Bernette B38 Sewing Machine

Bernette B38 Sewing Machine

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The Bluefig TB23 is a wheeled sewing machine carrier that is 23 inches wide, 16 inches tall, and 12.5 inches deep. It has a steel frame construction, sturdy ball-bearing wheels, and an inside accessory pocket. It also has a stabilizer strap inside to keep your machine secure.

Bernette B38 Sewing Machine BLUEFIG 23



The Bernette B38 boasts a clever safety feature for using double needles.

  1. Double Needle Button: This button, usually located on the front of the machine, adjusts the needle position to the center. This ensures both needles stay within the safe zone and don’t hit the presser foot, preventing needle breakage.

  2. Double Needle Safety Function: This automatic function limits the maximum stitch width you can select when using double needles. This again prevents needle strikes and potential damage. The specific safe stitch width limit may vary depending on your machine model and the size of the double needle you’re using.



By mastering the art of presser foot pressure adjustment, you’ll unlock the full potential of your Bernette B38 and achieve professional-looking results on every project!

Understanding the Presser Foot Pressure Dial:

  • Locate the presser foot pressure dial on your Bernette B38. It’s typically situated near the back of the machine, often around the bobbin area.
  • The dial displays numbers or symbols indicating different pressure levels. Generally, lower numbers represent less pressure, while higher numbers signify more pressure.

Adjusting for Different Fabrics:

  • Lightweight Fabrics (Silk, Chiffon, etc.):
    • Use a lower pressure setting (around 1-2) to prevent puckering or fabric damage.
    • This allows the fabric to feed more easily under the presser foot without excessive pressure.
  • Medium-Weight Fabrics (Cotton, Denim, etc.):
    • Use a medium pressure setting (around 3-4) for optimal stitch control and fabric handling.
  • Heavyweight Fabrics (Leather, Canvas, etc.):
    • Use a higher pressure setting (around 5-6) to ensure the needle penetrates the fabric effectively.
    • Higher pressure is needed to hold thicker fabrics firmly in place during sewing.


Bernette B38 Sewing Machine EXTENSION TABLE

The Bernette B38 comes with an extension table included, which is a fantastic feature for sewers who tackle larger projects.

Increased Work Surface:

  • The table effectively expands the sewing area, providing ample space for maneuvering large fabrics like quilts, curtains, or dresses.
  • No more struggling to keep fabric flat and manage its folds while sewing.

Enhanced Sewing Experience:

  • With more space, you can easily guide and control the fabric, leading to straighter seams and more precise stitching.
  • It also reduces the risk of the fabric bunching up under the needle, preventing skipped stitches and frustration.

Versatility for Diverse Projects:

  • The extension table isn’t just for massive quilts! It’s also incredibly helpful for other projects like:
    • Home decor: Sewing table runners, placemats, or even slipcovers for furniture.
    • Garments: Comfortably tackling coats, jackets, or wide-leg pants.
    • Crafts: Creating large bags, tote bags, or even wall hangings.

Effortless Attachment and Detachment:

  • The Bernette B38’s extension table is designed for user-friendliness.
  • It usually attaches seamlessly to the sewing machine via designated slots or clips, making it easy to add or remove when needed.


Bernette B38 Sewing Machine AUTOMATIC THREAD CUTTER

Auto Tie- Off Function:

  • Purpose: Secures the end of a seam to help unraveling, saving you the manual back and- forth stitching.
  • How it works: When you reach the end of a seam, press the” Tie- off” button. The machine will automatically sew a many small stitches in rear and also forward, creating a knot to secure the thread.

Auto Thread Cutter:

  • Purpose: Quickly cuts the thread after finishing a seam, eliminating the need for scissors.
  • How it works: Once you’ve completed a seam, press the” Automatic thread cutter” button. The machine will neatly cut the thread tails, leaving them short and tidy.


Bernette B38 Sewing Machine EIGHT PRESSER FEET

The Bernette B38 comes equipped with eight versatile presser feet, making it suitable for a wide range of sewing projects. Here’s a closer look at the included feet and their applications:

1. Zigzag Foot:

  • Ideal for standard sewing, straight stitching, and zigzag stitches.
  • Suitable for various fabrics, from lightweight to medium-weight.

2. Satin Foot:

  • Designed for sewing on delicate fabrics like satin, silk, and chiffon.
  • Features a non-stick coating to prevent fabric drag and puckering.

3. Buttonhole Foot:

  • Creates perfectly balanced and professional-looking buttonholes in various sizes.
  • Guides the stitching precisely for consistent results.

4. Zipper Foot:

  • Available in standard and invisible zipper variations.
  • Sews zippers neatly and accurately on both sides of the fabric.

5. Blind Hem Foot:

  • Creates invisible hems on garments and other projects.
  • Folds the fabric under and stitches it from the right side, leaving no visible stitches on the wrong side.

6. Patchwork Foot:

  • Ensures precise seam allowances when piecing patchwork blocks.
  • Guides fabric evenly for accurate piecing and quilting.

7. Darning Foot:

  • Perfect for mending small holes, tears, and worn areas in fabric.
  • Allows for free-motion sewing for creative repairs and embellishments.

8. Embroidery Foot:

  • Open design provides clear visibility for detailed embroidery and appliqué work.
  • Facilitates smooth stitch flow and accurate placement of designs.

Included Accessories

The Bernette B38 Sewing Machine comes with a great variety of included accessories that will allow you to dive a wide range of sewing projects with ease.

1. Blindstitch Presser Foot:

  • Creates unnoticeable hems on garments and home decor projects.
  • Folds the fabric under and stitches it from the right side, leaving no visible stitches on the wrong side.

2. Button-Sew-On Foot:

  • Attaches buttons and rings of colorful sizes to your projects.
  • Also suitable for sewing on other embellishments like beads or sequins.

3. Zipper Foot:

  • Sews zippers neatly and accurately on both sides of the fabric.
  • Available in standard and unnoticeable zipper variations for different zipper types.

4. Overlocker Foot:

  • Trims raw edges while sewing, precluding fraying and creating a neat finish.
  • Can also be used for ornamental finishing touches like rolled hems and topstitching.

5. Zigzag Foot:

  • The go-to foot for utmost sewing projects, including straight stitching, zigzag stitching, and ornamental stitches.
  • Suitable for colorful fabrics, from featherlight to medium- weight.

6. Buttonhole Foot with Slide:

  • Creates perfectly balanced and professional- looking buttonholes in colorful sizes.
  • The slide helps guide the fabric for precise stitching.

7. Bobbins:

  • Pre-wound bobbins with thread ready for use.
  • The Bernette bobbins ensure harmonious thread tension for smooth and even sewing.

8. Open Embroidery Foot:

  • Designed for free- motion sewing, embroidery, and appliqué.
  • The open design provides clear visibility for precise stitching and placement of designs.

9. Embroidery Foot with Clear Sole: Offers a clear view of the sewing area, ideal for precise stitching of ornamental and satin stitches, appliqués, and scallops.

Bernette B38 Sewing Machine swiss design

Optional Accessories

The Bernette B38 offers a wide variety of optional accessories to expand your sewing possibilities beyond the included set.

  • Seam Guide Right: Attaches to the right side of the presser foot for accurate guidance when sewing straight lines and maintaining consistent seam allowances.
  • Cording Foot: Sews multiple thin yarns or cords simultaneously to create decorative trims, piping, or cording details.
  • Gathering Foot: Gathers fabric evenly while sewing it onto another piece, perfect for creating ruffles or shirring effects.
  • Walking Foot: Ensures smooth fabric feeding with its dual feed dogs, ideal for handling challenging materials like slippery satin, knits, or thick layers.
  • Invisible-Zipper Foot: Sews zippers neatly into garments or home decor projects, concealing the stitching for a professional finish.
  • Hemmer Foot: Creates rolled hems in various widths automatically, ideal for delicate fabrics or adding a polished touch.
  • Darning/Embroidery Foot: Provides free-motion sewing capabilities for mending, embroidery, and decorative stitching.
  • Bernina Needle Assortment: A selection of needles in different sizes and types suitable for various fabrics and sewing techniques.
  • Zigzag Foot with Non-Stick Sole: Glides smoothly over challenging fabrics like leather, vinyl, or plastic, preventing skipping or dragging.
  • Straight-Stitch Foot: Designed for precise straight stitching with a small hole to stabilize the fabric for accurate results.
  • Edgestitch Foot: Features a guide for topstitching along edges, hems, and pleats, ensuring consistent spacing and perfect results.
  • Binder Attachment for Unfolded Bias Tape: Creates neat and professional-looking finished edges using unfolded bias tape in specific widths.
  • Free-Motion Embroidery Foot: Provides a clear view and ample space for creative free-motion embroidery, monogramming, and thread painting techniques.

Bernette B38 Machine

Stitch patterns:

Bernette B38 Sewing Machine Stitch patterns

Bernette B38 Customers reviews:

  • “I have wanted this machine for a year now, with the rate of inflation and the great price I paid for this now, I am very pleased. Machine is of excellent quality and easy to use. Great price point for a Bernina product. Just received the extra feet yesterday and cannot wait to use the 1/4″ piecing foot for a project I currently have laid out. Excellent stitch quality.” – July 8, 2021 by S. H. (TX, United States)
  • “I purchased this machine to replace a 1960’s Singer, which I loved… this Bernette is such a fun upgrade and a great introduction into computerized machines. It was very easy to set up with the help of the online videos.” – September 9, 2020 by Michelle V. (CA, United States)
  • “Love this sewing machine – However, I did not receive the pad nor the 10 foot set that I chose. Also, am curious why you would make a cover and leave an opening in it for dust to get on machine. Is there supposed to be a clear panel thst goes into the space?” – August 16, 2020 by Connie B. (United States)
  • “I love this machine! It has all the options I was looking for and sews like a dream. I’ve used it for quilting to masks. So far I’m really impressed.” – August 12, 2020 by Gina H.
  • “My granddaughter is using it to make masks for COVID-19” – May 24, 2020 by frank S. (United States)
  • “Great machine” – March 25, 2020 by CHRISTINE O. (MA, United States)

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