Juki HZL-HT740 Review: Stitch, Buttonhole & Personalize with This Compact Sewing Machine



Our Juki HZL-HT740 review discovers this computerized sewing machine that is surprisingly compact, but loaded with features that will cover all your sewing needs.

The Juki HZL-HT740 sewing machine has a built-in auto needle threader that makes the whole process easy. All you just need is to guide the thread and the machine does the rest with perfect accuracy.

Automatic thread trimmer takes care of both the upper and lower thread with a tap of a button, without any tiny scissors needed.

The HZL-HT740 offers 116 stitch patterns and two fonts, that allows you to create anything from simple hems to beautiful embellishments, even personalized monograms!

Juki HZL-HT740 auto-needle threader

Juki HZL-HT740 Specifications Review:

  • Sewing speed of 800 stitches per minute, that’s fast enough.
  • 130R or 705H needles give you a good range of options for different fabric types and weights.
  • 116 stitch patterns that cover all the basic needs, if you need straight stitches, decorative flourishes, or even buttonholes (it does 13 different kinds!)
  • Two fonts let you add alphabetic and numeric characters for a unique touch, if you want to personalize your project
  • Maximum zigzag width of 7mm lets you to create sharp angles and decorative edges.
  • Maximum stitch length of 4.5mm allows you to fine-tune and control your stitching for perfect results.
  • 13 built-in buttonhole options, so in basic projects you don’t need any of buttonhole attachments. It allows you to create perfectly sized holes for your buttons easily.
  • Manual Presser Foot lets you have a complete control over the presser foot with the manual lift mechanism. This allows for easy maneuvering and precise fabric handling.
  • Adjustable Foot Pressure helps you achieve perfect results, no matter what the fabric weight you are using.
  • The machine’s weight is around 13 pounds, so it might be perfect for taking to sewing classes or rearranging your craft space.
  • Juki HZL-HT740 is about 16.75 inches wide, 12 inches high, and just 6.7 inches deep, that’s why it fits comfortably on most sewing tables or countertops. Moreover, the low shank type allows for easy attachment of different presser feet.

Juki HZL-HT740 Compact Computerized Sewing Machine

Juki HZL-HT740 Sewing Machine stitch patterns plate

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Lock stitch function automatically secures your seams at the start and finish, which ensures your projects have a polished look.


Handy needle up/down button lets you control where the needle stops. Raise it for smooth fabric maneuvering or lower it for perfect pivots and corners – all with a single touch, keeping your stitching smooth and stress-free.


The Juki HZL-HT740 lets you adjust the presser foot pressure for different materials. This ensures smooth sewing on everything from delicate silks to thick denim, preventing puckering for perfect results every time.

Juki presser foot pressure control


This sewing machine is able to create perfectly sized holes, all you just need is simply place your button and let the machine do the work.

Juki HZL-HT740 sews the buttonhole


The Juki HZL-HT740 lets you elongate decorative stitches without affecting their detail. It might be helpful when adding a zoom lens to your embroidery, perfect for creating bold, statement designs.


The Juki HZL-HT740 lets you adjust the size of decorative patterns for perfect detail, and control the needle position for precise placement – ideal for creating custom looks and intricate topstitching.


The Juki HZL-HT740 lets you stitch letters and even customize your own designs, adding a unique touch to your projects.


Start/stop button is very helpful for long projects or when you need pinpoint control over speed. It might be perfect for both beginners finding their rhythm and seasoned stitchers for detail work.


Quick bobbin preparation function is able to win the bobbin for you by just a tap. This feature frees you up from tedious setup tasks and lets you get straight to the sewing right now.

Juki HZL-HT740 control panel

Juki HZL-HT740 Accessories Included Review:

  • A variety of presser feet will cover all the needs for most sewing tasks, like handling zippers and curves and creating beautiful satin stitches and blind hems.
  • Seam ripper, a brush that helps to keep your machine clean, and extra bobbins will provide your sewing without interruption.
  • A second spool pin lets you keep an extra thread color ready
  • Spool holder and felt keep your thread organized and tension smooth.
  • Screwdriver for minor adjustments and a clip to hold the stitch pattern plate for easy reference.
  • A pack of needles ensures you have the right size for your project, and an edge/quilting guide helps you sew perfectly straight lines.

Juki HZL-HT740 included accessories

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