Juki HZL-HT710 Computerized Sewing Machine Review: Big Potential in a Compact Package



With its astounding array of capabilities, the Juki HZL-HT710 computerized sewing machine is meant to unleash your inner fashion designer and take the bother out of sewing.

The automated thread trimmer is one of my favorite things. You may cut off the upper and lower threads with only a button press, which will save you time and aggravation.

With 60 stitch patterns to choose from, the HZL-HT710 can create anything from intricate ornamental motifs and personalized text to simple designs like straight and zigzag.

Not to be overlooked is the integrated needle threader. The Juki HZL-HT710 will thread the needle for you if you just follow the instructions, which will simplify setup.

Juki HZL-HT710 Sewing Machine regulation


  • Speedy Stitches: This machine clocks in at a respectable 800 stitches per minute, letting you zip through projects without sacrificing precision.
  • Needle Know-How: It works with a range of needles from# 9 to# 16, giving you flexibility for different fabrics and thread weights.
  • Stitch Smorgasbord: Unleash your creativity with 60 built- in stitches, from everyday essentials to ornamental flourishes and even lettering. The maximum zigzag width of 7 mm allows for bolder designs, while the 4.5 mm maximum stitch length ensures control for intricate details.
  • Buttonhole Bonanza: Sew perfect buttonholes in a snap – it offers 6 different styles to match your requirements.
  • Presser Foot Finesse: The homemade presser foot lift gives you lesser control for maneuvering over big seams or delicate fabrics. And, with malleable foot pressure, you can OK – tune the machine for colorful materials.
  • Bobbin Basics: This sewing machine uses Class 15 bobbins, a common and readily available type.
  • Space-Saving Size: Despite its capabilities, the Juki HZL- HT710 is a featherlight champ at only 13 lbs. Its compact dimensions of16.75″ x 12″ x6.7″ make it ideal for lower sewing spaces or for easy portability to sewing classes or retreats.
  • Shank Simplicity: The low shank design means you will have a wide variety of presser feet available to customize your sewing experience.

needle position


Lock stitch function eliminates snags and frustration! This useful function automatically seals your seams at the beginning and end of your projects, ensuring they always look their best.


With its needle up/down button, the Juki HZL-HT710 raises the bar for control. Need to pivot your cloth to create a precise curve? A tap of the button lifts the needle for easy movement. Want to secure your stitches at corners? Simply click the button again to lower the needle and achieve fine control.


With adjustable presser foot pressure, you can avoid puckered knits and skipped stitches on delicate silks. Simply choose the ideal pressure for your material, assuring smooth, uniform feeding and stunning results on every job.

size of stitch patterns


Simply put your button, and this intelligent machine will stitch flawless buttonholes in the size you want.


Elongation patterns allow you to prolong designs without compromising intricacy. Imagine changing a little flower pattern into a large, spreading theme at the touch of a button.


Unleash your inner couturier with the Juki HZL-HT710’s adjustable stitch perfection! This sewing miracle allows you to change both the size of your stitch patterns and the needle location. Consider turning a simple stitch into a dramatic statement or fine-tuning the needle positioning for complex detailing.


Easily sew on names, initials, or even brief messages. Additionally, you may create unique writing and beautiful patterns that you can store for use in the future. It’s like having a mini version of an integrated embroidery studio that’s ready to give everything you do a special touch.

needle threader


The Juki HZL-HT710 Computerized Sewing Machine boasts a start/stop, that lets you sew at your own pace with a simple press of a button.


The Juki HZL-HT710 features a rapid bobbin preparation function. With the touch of a button, this ingenious machine spins up your bobbin in no time, allowing you to get right to the fun part: stitching!


The Juki HZL- HT710 does not just come as a sewing machine, it arrives as a creative companion complete with everything you need to get stitching right away! Then is your sewing starter kit all wrapped up in one box:

  • Essential Presser Feet: You will get a variety of presser feet like the standard warrior for everyday tasks, a zipper foot for smooth zipper application, and a buttonhole foot to produce perfect buttonholes in any size – all without breaking a sweat.
  • Stitch in Style: Take your stitches to the coming level with a satin sew foot for indefectible ornamental finishes and a eyeless stitch foot for unnoticeable hems – perfect for those professional- looking touches.
  • Sewing Saviors: A handy seam ripper and brush team over to attack any mistakes or slapdash threads, while a screwdriver and spare needles ensure you are always prepared for minor fixes.
  • Sewing Smoothness: The machine throws in a spool holder, spool pin felt to prevent spool wobble, and an edge/ quilting guide for ideally straight stitching. Plus, with three bobbins included, you will have plenty of thread on hand to keep your projects flowing.

Juki HZL-HT710 Sewing Machine included accessories

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Price $439.00 $489.00 $699.00 $899.00
Stitch Count 60 18 60 180
Drop Feed/Free Motion  Yes
Speed Control 
Thread Tension Standard Manual Manual
Stitches Per Minute 800 860 N/A 900
Max Stitch Width 7mm 6.5mm 7mm 7mm
Max Stitch Length 4.5mm 4mm 5mm 5mm
Thread Cutter Yes Automatic Automatic
Needle Threader Automatic Built-in Built-in Automatic
Included Presser Feet 7 4 4 6
Warranty 5 Years 25 Years 25 Years 5 Years

Customers reviews:

  • “Has been great” – March 10, 2024 by LINDA J. (United States)
  • “The Juki trolley bag is great! I received it quickly even though it was said to be on backorder. I had a hard time finding a trolley to fit the height of my Juki and I’m so glad you offered this one! This makes it so much easier to bring the machine I want to use to classes and retreats!” – March 10, 2024 by Spring W. (Texas, United States)
  • “Only here I could find necessary stencils and a pounce pad with blue chalk – all in one place! I’m excited to talk to you about your special pricing on sewing cabinets. Thank you!” – March 10, 2024 by Guldara K. (United States)
  • “Love the vast variety of products available!” – March 10, 2024 by Cindy P. (United States)
  • “Keep Heavy Percentage Off sales coming. I will NOT pay full price EVER.” – March 9, 2024 by THOMAS E. (United States)
  • “Fast delivery, great price, encountered no issues. Smooth transaction.” – March 9, 2024 by Martha (NJ, United States)
  • “I found what I was looking for with no problem” – March 9, 2024 by David G. (United States)

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