30 Stitches, Endless Possibilities: Bernette 05 Academy Sewing Machine Review for Stitch Lovers



The Bernette 05 Academy sewing machine is a good option for both newcomers and skilled seamsters. It’s similarly really affordable, making it a good value for the money.

Pros and cons of the Bernette 05 Academy sewing machine:


  • Easy to use
  • Universal
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Comes with a lot of attachments


  • Not as feature-rich as some other sewing machines on the demand
  • Some users have told that the instruction handbook isn’t really helpful

Bernette 05 Academy Sewing Machine backside

Main Features

The Bernette 05 Academy is a feature-packed sewing machine ideal for beginners and experienced sewists alike.

Speed and Versatility:

  • Blazing Fast: Tackle projects quickly with a maximum sewing speed of 1100 stitches per minute.
  • 30 Essential Stitches: Master everyday sewing tasks with a variety of built-in stitches for basic construction, decorative embellishments, and more.
  • Specialty Stitches: Conquer tricky fabrics with dedicated stitches for super stretch materials (Lycra) and cozy blankets.

Safety and Comfort:

  • Finger Guard: Sew confidently with the included finger guard, preventing accidental needle contact.
  • Bright Lighting: Illuminate your work area for precise stitching with two LED sewing lights.
  • Adjustable Speed: Control the sewing pace for delicate fabrics or beginners with the convenient speed limitation switch.

Professional-Level Features:

  • 12 Presser Feet: Expand your sewing repertoire with a comprehensive set of presser feet for zippers, blinds hems, buttonholes, and more.
  • Spacious Workspace: Enjoy ample room for maneuvering your fabric with the high-quality extension table.
  • Precise Control: Achieve perfect stitch results with adjustable presser foot pressure for different fabric thicknesses.

Bernette 05 Academy Sewing Machine

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The Bernette 05 Academy goes beyond the usual essential stitches to provide two highly sought-after options:

1. Lycra Stitch: This specialized stitch is perfect for handling stretchy fabrics like swimwear, activewear, and dance costumes. It creates a strong, yet flexible seam that will not pucker or break on your stretchy accoutrements .

2. Blanket Stitch: This ornamental stitch is ideal for finishing edges on robes, throws, and other cozy systems. It adds a beautiful touch while preventing fraying and raveling.

With these two exclusive stitches, combined with the 30 essential stitches and the one- step buttonhole, You can tackle a wide range of projects, from everyday mending to creative clothing construction, with ease and confidence.


Bernette 05 Academy Sewing Machine PERFECT FABRIC FEEDING MADE EASY

Smooth and even fabric feeding is crucial for stress-free sewing and professional-looking results. The Bernette 05 Academy makes it easy to achieve this with its two key features:

1. Adjustable Presser Foot Pressure: This allows you to fine-tune the pressure the presser foot applies to the fabric. For thin fabrics like silk or chiffon, you can reduce the pressure to prevent puckering or distortion. For thick fabrics like denim or corduroy, you can increase the pressure to ensure proper grip and feeding through the machine.

2. Adjustable Upper Thread Tension: This enables you to balance the tension between the upper and bobbin threads. If the upper thread tension is too tight, the fabric might pucker or the thread might break. If it’s too loose, the stitches will appear uneven or loopy. By adjusting the upper thread tension, you can achieve perfect stitch formation and eliminate pesky bird’s nests.

These two features, combined with the powerful motor and high sewing speed of the Bernette 05 Academy, guarantee smooth fabric feeding and flawless stitching regardless of the fabric thickness or type. You can confidently sew delicate silks, thick denim, and everything in between, knowing you’ll always get great results.


Bernette 05 Academy Sewing Machine RETRACTABLE FEED DOG

The retractable feed dog is a fantastic feature on the Bernette 05 Academy, providing exceptional versatility for different sewing techniques!

Effortless Darning and Free Motion Sewing:

  • Lowered Feed Dog: By easily retracting the feed dogs with a simple maneuver on the machine’s back, you essentially “disengage” the automatic fabric movement. This allows you to move the fabric freely under the presser foot with your hands, perfect for techniques like darning torn areas or free-motion quilting.
  • Evenly Spaced Stitches: Even without the feed dogs guiding the fabric, the Bernette 05 Academy’s precise stitch control mechanism helps maintain consistent stitch spacing as you maneuver the fabric yourself. This ensures beautiful and professional-looking results in your free-motion projects.

Additional Benefits:

  • Mending Delicate Fabrics: Retracting the feed dogs eliminates the risk of the teeth marking or damaging delicate fabrics like silk or chiffon during free-motion embroidery or embellishments.
  • Creative Opportunities: This feature opens up a world of creative possibilities for sewing beyond traditional seams and straight lines. You can experiment with free-motion quilting designs, decorative stitching, and other techniques for unique and personalized projects.

Tips for Using the Retractable Feed Dog:

  • When lowering the feed dogs, ensure the presser foot is raised to avoid accidental contact with the teeth.
  • Practice controlling the fabric movement with your hands before tackling complex projects.
  • Use clear markings on your fabric if needed for guiding your free-motion stitches.

The retractable feed dog is truly a valuable asset on the Bernette 05 Academy, empowering you to explore advanced sewing techniques and add a touch of personalized creativity to your projects.


Bernette 05 Academy Sewing Machine WANT TO GO FULL SPEED OR HALF SPEED

The adjustable speed limiter empowers you to choose the perfect pace for every situation, from speeding through basic tasks to mastering detailed projects with meticulous control.

Versatility for Every Project:

  • Full Speed for Efficiency: When zipping through long straight seams or repetitive tasks, the maximum speed of 1110 stitches per minute lets you sew quickly and efficiently. This boosts your productivity and makes those monotonous sewing tasks fly by.
  • Half Speed for Control: For intricate curves, delicate fabrics, or challenging techniques, the adjustable speed limiter lets you drop the pace to 650 stitches per minute. This gives you greater control over the fabric and needle, allowing for precise stitching and minimizing mistakes.

Added Confidence and Comfort:

  • Reduced Pressure for Beginners: If you’re new to sewing, the half-speed option can be a lifesaver. It takes the pressure off and allows you to learn and practice at a comfortable pace, building confidence before tackling faster sewing challenges.
  • Enhanced Precision for Experienced Sewers: Even seasoned sewists can benefit from the slower speed during intricate maneuvers or tight corners. It enables greater accuracy and ensures flawless results on your most demanding projects.


Bernette 05 Academy Sewing Machine SUPER-LARGE SLIDE-ON TABLE

The super-large slide-on table – another fantastic feature of the Bernette 05 Academy! This seemingly simple addition unlocks a world of benefits for your sewing experience, especially when tackling larger projects.

Enhanced Workspace:

  • Extra Sewing Area: The spacious table significantly expands your working surface, providing ample room to maneuver large quilts, curtains, or garments. No more fighting with cramped spaces or struggling to guide fabric around the machine.
  • Smooth Fabric Flow: The rounded shape of the table eliminates sharp corners and snags, allowing your fabric to glide effortlessly during sewing. This makes guiding and controlling even bulky materials a breeze.
  • Improved Comfort and Posture: By raising the sewing surface closer to your body, the table reduces awkward reaching and bending. This leads to a more comfortable and ergonomic sewing experience, minimizing fatigue and strain on your arms and back.

Benefits for Specific Projects:

  • Quilting Made Easy: The extra space makes quilting a dream. You can easily handle large quilt squares, piecing them together with ease and precision.
  • Garment Construction Simplified: Sewing pants, dresses, or even long coats becomes simpler with the extra room to lay out and manipulate fabric pieces.
  • Home Decor Projects: Tackle curtains, tablecloths, or other large home decor items without feeling cramped or limited by the machine’s base.


  • Hook system: Drop-in
  • Maximum stitch length: 4mm
  • Needle threader: Manual
  • Thread cutter: Manual
  • Space to the right of the needle: 6.49 inches
  • Sewing light: 2 LEDs
  • Number of stitches: 30
  • Maximum sewing speed: 1100 stitches per minute
  • Power switch with speed limitation: Yes
  • Maximum stitch width: 6mm

Bernette 05 Academy Sewing Machine An extension table


Sewing Safety:

  • Finger guard: Provides extra protection during sewing, preventing accidental needle contact.

Needle and Threading:

  • BERNINA Needle Set 130/705 H: A set of high-quality needles suitable for various fabric types.
  • Height compensation tool: Helps adjust needle height for optimal stitching on different fabric thicknesses.
  • Bobbin: One pre-filled bobbin to get you started.

Sewing Tools and Accessories:

  • Seam ripper/brush: A handy tool for removing unwanted stitches and cleaning lint.
  • Right seam guide: Attaches to the machine to ensure straight seams.
  • Screw driver: For adjusting and maintaining the machine.

Thread Management:

  • Spool pin large: Holds large spools of thread.
  • Spool holder large: Secures a large spool of thread to the machine.
  • Spool holder small: Secures a small spool of thread to the machine.
  • Spool felt large: Protects the machine from scratches caused by the spool.

Machine Maintenance:

  • Oiler: Lubricates the machine for smooth operation.


  • Spool net: Helps keep thread organized and prevent tangles.

Bernette 05 Academy Sewing Machine swiss design

Included Accessories

This comprehensive set of accessories equips the Bernette 05 Academy for a wide range of sewing tasks, from everyday mending to elaborate creative projects.

Essential Feet:

  • Zigzag Foot (B05 ACADEMY): Sews basic and decorative zigzag stitches for various projects.
  • Buttonhole Foot (B05 ACADEMY): Creates different types of buttonholes with consistent length.
  • Zipper Foot (B05 ACADEMY): Sews zippers of various styles securely and precisely.
  • Blind Stitch Foot (B05 ACADEMY): Sews invisible hems and topstitches edges neatly.

Advanced Feet:

  • Overlock Foot (B05 ACADEMY): Create professional-looking overlock-style seams and decorative finishes on knit fabrics.
  • Invisible Zipper Foot (B05 ACADEMY): Sew in zippers seamlessly for a beautiful finish.
  • Zigzag Foot with Non-Stick Sole (B05 ACADEMY): Glide smoothly over tricky materials like leather or vinyl.

Specialty Feet:

  • Button-Sew-On Foot (B05 ACADEMY): Securely sew on buttons, rings, and hooks of different sizes.
  • Edge Stitch Foot (B05 ACADEMY): Topstitch edges, hems, and pleats with ease. Perfect for adding lace or tapes.
  • Hemmer Foot (B05 ACADEMY): Create professional-looking rolled hems effortlessly.
  • Open Embroidery Foot (B05 ACADEMY): Makes quick work of appliqués, embroidery, and sewing over lines and patterns. Ideal for ribbons and tapes.
  • Darning/Embroidery Foot (B05 ACADEMY): Darning holes and worn areas with precision. Simplifies embroidery with an embroidery hoop.

Additional Accessories:

  • Extension Table: Provides extra workspace for larger projects.
  • Spool Net: Keeps thread organized and prevents tangles.

Bernette 05 Stitch Patterns:

Bernette 05 Academy Sewing Machine Stitch Patterns

Bernette 05 Customers reviews:

  • “Awesome machine” – August 22, 2023 by Sandra H. (United States)

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