Bernette B37 Review: Sewing Machine with Big Features & Small Price Tag



The Bernette 37 sewing machine might be a perfect match for those intimidated by computerized machines, since it designed to be user-friendly for experienced users and beginners as well. Bernette B37 Customers review it as machine with simple interface and straightforward controls.

It has a start/stop button, so you can ditch the foot pedal and focus on guiding your fabric.

The needle can be programmed to stay up or down which makes maneuvering around corners much more comfortable.

Bernette B37 allows to adjust the speed to match the fabric you’re working with, which provides more control when working with super light or thick materials.

This machine has a built-in LED light to illuminate your sewing area.

It comes with 5 different presser feet for various sewing tasks, giving you more flexibility right out of the box.

Bernette B37 Sewing Machine

Bernette B37 Sewing Machine with extension table

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Bernette B37 simple sewing operations

Brnette B37 provides 17 utility and stretch stitches that is commonly used for everyday sewing tasks like mending clothes or working with knits.

2 dedicated darning stitches are included for some little sewing repairs that keep your favorite garments going strong.

19 decorative stitches offer availability to add some creative touch to garments or home décor elements.

This machine lets you create professional-looking buttonholes in 5 different styles with ease.

Quilting sewers especiallly appreciate its 7 included quilting stitches that offer extra creativitiy area.


Bernette B37 good stitch quality

Thick fabric layers usually can get caught under a standard presser foot lift.

The Bernette B37 features 2-step presser foot lift specifically designed to work with thick fabrics, allowing for more clearance when stacking multiple layers of fabric.

The first lift provides some some extra space, but the second step takes it up a notch, creating ample space for large projects like quilts or dense fabrics.

The increased space allows for more control when placing multiple layers of fabric precisely under the needle, ensuring your stitches hit the right spot every time.

Bernette B37 Features Review:

Handy LCD display that shows you your selected stitch, stitch width, and other settings clearly..

Quick Start Guide offers clear instructions and helpful tips to get you up and running fast, even if you’re a beginner.

5 different one-step buttonhole styles helps to make professional buttonholes effortlessly.

50 stitches available provide you a variety of utility, decorative, and quilting stitches.

Generous 170mm sewing space to the right of the needle gives you ample room to maneuver your fabric comfortably, even on larger projects.

Variable slide control allows to adjust the stitching speed to match your comfort level and project requirements.

The machine can zip along at a speedy 700 stitches per minute.

Drop-in hook system lets you simply drop your bobbin in place, ready to sew.

Accessories Included

  • Foot control lets you start and stop sewing with a simple press, keeping your hands free to guide your fabric.
  • Zigzag foot (already attached) that is likely will be used in most projects.
    Bernette B37 Zigzag foot
  • Satin stitch foot is useful when working with smooth fabrics
  • Embroidery foot with clear sole that give you clear view of sewing area, very useful when working on decorative stitches.
    Embroidery foot with clear sole
  • Buttonhole foot with slide makes creating perfect buttonholes effortless.
    Buttonhole foot
  • Zipper foot is helppful zipper application
    Zipper foot
  • Button sew-on foot is commonly used for attaching buttons securely
    Button sew-on foot
  • 4 bobbins (with one pre-wound and ready to go) so you can keep sewing without interruption.
    4 bobbins
  • Spool pin felt helps keep your thread tangle-free
  • Needle set ensures you have the right needle for your project.
  • Second spool pin lets you have an extra thread color ready to go
  • Handy spool net keeps your thread organized.
  • Seam ripper (also known as a buttonhole opener) is included for some kind of sewing mistakes
  • T screwdriver allows for minor adjustments.
  • Brush keeps helps to keep your machine clean
  • Spool discs (large and small) help various thread sizes fit snugly on the spool pins.
  • Handy dust cover to keep your machine safe and dust-free


Basic sewing:

  • Seam Guide Right ensures your edges are perfectly straight and your seams consistently parallel.
    Bernette B37 Seam Guide Right
  • Straight-stitch Foot provides excellent control and guides your fabric, it used for those times when classic straight stitches are needed.
    Straight-stitch Foot
  • Edgestitch Foot includes a guide to help you achieve even lines with ease, to add topstitching to hems, edges, or pleats for example.
    Edgestitch Foot

Special Stitches and Techniques:

  • Cording Foot allows applying multiple yarns or cords at once, may be useful for decorative embellishments.
    Cording Foot
  • Gathering Foot gathers fabric as you sew, creating beautiful shirring effects or adding fullness to specific areas of your project.
    Gathering Foot
  • Walking Foot ensures even feeding thanks to its dual feed mechanism, helpging to handle tricky fabrics like knits or slippery silks.
    Walking Foot
  • Invisible Zipper Foot lets you sew in invisible zippers for a clean and professional finish on garments or home decor projects.
    Bernette B37 Invisible Zipper Foot
  • Hemmer Foot folds the fabric twice and secures it in place for perfect results.
    Hemmer Foot

Embroidery and Decorative Touches:

  • Darning/Embroidery Foot is helpful for creative stitching like monogramming or repairing small tears, useful for free-motion embroidery sewers.
    Darning/Embroidery Foot
  • BERNINA Needle Assortment provides a variety of needle sizes to match different fabrics and sewing techniques.
    BERNINA Needle Assortment
  • Free-motion Embroidery Foot is helpful for precise stitching for monograms, thread painting, or beautiful cutwork designs.
    Bernette B37 Free-motion Embroidery Foot
  • Blindstitch Presser Foot makes simple creating elegant hems that disappear into the fabric.
    Blindstitch Presser Foot

Extra items:

  • Overlocker Foot is able to not only cleans up raw edges but can also create decorative hems and buttonhole seams.
    Overlocker Foot for Bernette B37
  • Extension Table provides extra workspace, making it easier to maneuver your fabric.
    Bernette B37 Extension Table
  • Binder Attachment for Unfolded Bias Tape creates clean and practical edges using unfolded bias tape.
    Binder Attachment for Unfolded Bias Tape

Stitch Patterns:

Bernette B37 Stitch Patterns map

How Bernette B37 Customers review it:

  • “Arrived ready to use. No problems.” – December 12, 2023 by jamie S. (United States)
  • “great intermediate machine” – January 20, 2022 by Frank B. (CA, United States)
  • “Just getting to know my new machine. It has all the features I wanted. Love the no foot peddle and the automatic tie off. It is quiet and sews beautifully. Easy to use.” – June 29, 2021 by judy F. (United States)
  • “Excited to use this machine!!” – April 9, 2021 by Joan G.
  • “This machine sews so better than my Singer Sewing Machine, I love the fact tht it can sew thru Vinyl, Bookbag Material with no problems, This sewing machine was a great investment, It has so many features that I didn’t know it can do!!!! U will not B disappointed if you get this machine…..” – July 28, 2020 by Brian L. (PA, United States)
  • “I love this machine!” – July 26, 2020 by Tasha H.
  • “Good product, smooth and silent. Great machine for a semi-beginner!” – July 18, 2020 by Heloise C.

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