Singer Scholastic Sewing Machine 5523 Review for Beginners & Experienced Sewers




Singer Scholastic Sewing Machine 5523 has 97 stitch applications at your disposal, you may channel your inner fashion designer. Handle everything from little fixes to masterpieces. Need to make a robust seam? It has simple stitching. Working with stretchable fabric? You’re covered with its stretch stitch options. Feeling fancy? Dazzle with ornamental stitching. There’s also a one-step buttonhole maker that produces flawlessly balanced buttonholes each time.


The Singer Scholastic 5523 has a 60% stronger motor than the normal sewing machine. This beast can tackle heavy textiles like denim or upholstery without breaking a sweat.


Forget those weird buttonholes that make your garment appear like a failed scientific experiment! The Singer Scholastic Heavy Duty 5523 features a one-step buttonhole maker. With this magical little function, you can produce perfectly balanced buttonholes with the touch of a button. There will be no more frustration, wasted fabric, or dubious sewing abilities on show; only professional-looking buttonholes every time.



The Singer Scholastic Heavy Duty 5523 includes snap-on presser foot. These small time-savers are easy to turn on and off, allowing you to flit between activities like a sewing ninja. No more fumbling with screws or wasting time; simply go back to producing!


The Singer Scholastic 5523 Sewing Machine’s heavy-duty metal frame is extremely sturdy, keeping everything exactly aligned for seamless, skip-free stitching.

Singer Scholastic Heavy Duty 5523 Sewing Machine

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Top drop-in bobbin mechanism allows you to avoid the bobbin-case fight and thread it with ease. Furthermore, the clear bobbin cover allows you to check your thread supply at a glance, preventing frustrating mid-seam thread mishaps.


The Singer Scholastic 5523 Sewing Machine’s On-board storage within the removable sewing bed keeps all your extra presser feet, needles, and bobbins neatly tucked away.

Singer 5523 Heavy Heavy Sewing Machine backside


The Singer Scholastic 5523 features a removable free arm. This innovative innovation turns the machine into a small sewing powerhouse, allowing you to easily access difficult places like as sleeves, collars, and trouser legs. No more struggling with heavy fabric;


The Singer Scholastic Heavy Duty 5523 features an extra-high presser foot lifter. This apparently straightforward function is a game changer. It provides greater clearance for heavy materials like denim or fleece, letting you to stitch through many layers without difficulty. No more struggle to fit thick items beneath the presser foot; this machine can tackle any sewing adventure with ease.


It allows you to change the presser foot pressure, so you may sew delicate silks without puckering or manage heavy layers of denim without breaking a needle. It’s like having a built-in sewing helper that understands just how much pressure to use on any cloth you throw at it.


Automatic reverse allows you to sew in reverse to secure your threads and avoid unraveling. Singer Scholastic 5523 allows you to sew with confidence, correcting mistakes quickly and ensuring your items look their best.

reverse button


The Singer Scholastic Heavy Duty 5523 allows you to modify the stitch length with a single turn of a dial. This means you can customize your stitching to every project. Looking for a strong, close-together stitch for denim? Easy! Looking for a looser, more ornamental stitch for a scarf?


The Singer Scholastic Heavy Duty 5523 comes with a cozy small soft cover. When your machine isn’t busy making stitching marvels, it looks good and is safe. It’s similar to a little sewing machine sleep bag, ideal for keeping dust at away and your machine ready to stitch at a moment’s notice.


This Singer features Class 15 transparent bobbins, allowing you to readily monitor your thread supply while sewing. No more running out of thread in the middle of a seam; you’ll know exactly when to refill your bobbin to keep your stitching smooth and frustration-free. While the machine works with both Singer and INSPIRA bobbins, it recommends using the specified kinds for best results.

Included Accessories:

  • The All- Around Buddy: An all- purpose foot, your safe companion for utmost sewing tasks.
  • Zipper Champ: A zipper foot to help you navigate those tricky zipper insertions without a hitch.
  • Buttonhole Boss: A buttonhole foot that takes the guesswork out of creating neat and even buttonholes – say goodbye to wonky buttons!
  • Button Buddy: A button sewing bottom that makes attaching buttons a breeze, no further wrestling with needles and frustration.
  • Seamstress Superhero: A seam ripper/ lint brush combo tool – your sewing savior for fixing mistakes and keeping your project area tidy.
  • Quilting Companion: A quilting guide to insure your aches are perfectly spaced for beautiful, precise packing.
  • Extra Needles: A many spare needles because even the stylish sewers break one from time to time.
  • Thread Protectors: Thread spool caps to keep your thread tidy and dust-free between uses.
  • Bobbin Buddies: A many bobbins to get you started – the workhorses behind the scenes holding your thread.
  • Tiny but Mighty: A screwdriver for minor adjustments, keeping your machine in tip-top shape.
  • Spool Helpers: A spool pin and spool felt to keep your thread spools from unwinding and getting tangled.
  • Dust Bunny Defense: A soft dust cover to keep your machine clean and protected when it’s not in use.
  • Power Play: A foot pedal for variable speed control – letting you ease into projects or go full speed ahead!
  • Plug and Play: And of course, a power cord to get your sewing adventures started right away.

Singer 5523 Sewing Machine bobbin

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Singer Scholastic Heavy Duty 5523 Sewing Machine

The Singer Scholastic Heavy Duty 5523 Sewing Machine

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Price Check price Check price Check price
Stitch Count 32 32 23
Drop Feed/Free Motion
Speed Control
Thread Tension Manual Manual Automatic
Stitches Per Minute 1,100 1,100 1,100
Max Stitch Width 6mm 6mm 5mm
Max Stitch Length 4mm 4mm Adjustable
Needle Threader Built-in Automatic Automatic
Included Presser Feet 6 4
Warranty 25 Years 25 Years 25 Years

Singer Scholastic Sewing Machine 5523 reviews:

  • “Love this machine: it’s quiet, easy to use, light-weight and easy to store. It’s a great simple machine – I didn’t want all the fancy computerized stitches, and so this is perfect!” – March 29, 2021 by Nanette B. (MA, United States)
  • “Sewing machine has nice settings and seems like it will work for my recreational sewing needs.” – February 8, 2017 by Jessica V. (NM, United States)

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Singer Scholastic Sewing Machine 5523 Specifications, you can rely on:

The Singer Scholastic Heavy Duty 5523 is not just about brute strength; it’s got some emotional features under the hood too.

  • Sew Buffet: With 97 sew applications, you will have a variety of options for diving different projects, from introductory hems to ornamental flourishes.
  • Built to Last: The heavy- duty metal frame provides a solid foundation, ensuring your stitches stay skip- free, even when working on thick fabrics.
  • Buttonhole Bliss: Forget fiddly buttonhole makers! This machine boasts a one- step buttonhole function, creating ideally balanced buttonholes in a snap.
  • Threading Hero: No more struggling to thread that needle! The automatic needle threader takes the hassle out of setup, saving you time and frustration.
  • Top Bobbin Convenience: Unlike some machines, the Singer 5523 features a top drop- in bobbin system. This makes loading and checking your bobbin thread a breeze, thanks to the handy clear cover.
  • Need for Speed: With a speedy sewing rate of 1100 stitches per minute and a important motor, this machine can handle projects quickly and efficiently, whether you are a seasoned stitcher or a sewing newbie.
  • Bobbin Buddies: This machine uses Singer Class 15 transparent bobbins, so you can fluently keep an eye on your thread supply as you sew.

Singer Scholastic 5523 Sewing Machine needle threader