Singer 5511 Sewing Machine Review – Heavy Duty Power for Everyday Projects



In this Singer 5511 Sewing Machine review I will show you that this versatile powerhouse might be a perfect choice for sewers of all skill levels. It has a motor that can sew through thick denim and canvas with no hard. Equally, it’s also gentle enough for delicate fabrics thanks to the adjustable presser foot. The stainless steel bedplate ensures smooth fabric handling, no matter what project you’re working on.

The Singer 5511 Sewing Machine boasts 69 built-in stitches, that is enough for everything you need to create custom clothes, home decor, and more. The four-step buttonhole maker takes the guesswork out of creating perfect buttonholes, and the top drop-in bobbin means you’ll never be surprised by running out of thread in the middle of a project.

Singer 5511 Specifications:

So here it is, you can see Singer 5511 Main Specifications, and I give small review on it.

  • The Singer 5511 Sewing machine measures in at a compact 15.5 inches long, 6.25 inches wide, and 12 inches tall.
  • Don’t let the “heavy duty” moniker fool you – this machine comes in at a manageable 14 lbs. This makes it easy to lift, maneuver, and store on a shelf when not in use.
  • The box the machine comes in measures 17.5 inches by 8.5 inches by 13.5 inches. So you’ll know exactly how much space to clear out before you bring your new sewing buddy home.
  • The machine runs on a standard 120-volt household current with a power rating of 84 watts and 0.7 amps. This means it won’t overload your circuits and is energy-efficient to run.
  • Singer 5511 comes with a comprehensive warranty. You’ll get 90 days of coverage on the machine itself, with a 2-year warranty on the motor, and an impressive 24-year warranty on the internal mechanism.

Singer 5511 Highlighted Features Review:

Let’s list and review Singer 5511 Sewing Machine Highlighted features.

  • Access to the Singer Sewing Assistant App and Online Owner’s Class videos. Learn everything you need to know, from threading the machine to mastering buttonholes, with easy-to-follow instructions.
  • 69 stitch applications, that open you all the options you need to tackle any project, from basic hems to decorative flourishes.
  • 11 built-in stitches that are clearly displayed on a handy dial for easy selection.
  • Four-step buttonhole feature makes creating perfect buttonholes much easier. Simply place the button in the foot, and the machine does the rest, ensuring consistent results every time.
  • The drop feed lever allows you to lower the feed teeth for free-motion sewing, a favorite technique for quilters. This gives you more control over your stitches, perfect for creating beautiful flowing patterns.
  • The interior metal frame ensures long-lasting durability, so you can keep creating for years to come.
  • The transparent bobbin with a cover lets you easily monitor your thread supply.
  • The stainless steel bedplate provides a frictionless surface for your fabrics, allowing them to glide effortlessly as you sew.
  • High sewing speed of 1100 stitches per minute, letting you zip through your projects quickly and efficiently.
  • Fine-tune your stitches with adjustable stitch length and width settings. This allows you to create a variety of effects, from delicate applique work to bolder decorative stitching.

Singer Heavy Duty 5511 Sewing Machine

Singer 5511 Heavy duty Sewing Machine

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In this Singer 5511 Sewing Machine review, we provide you full list of included accessories that come.

  • Essential presser feet – a general purpose foot for everyday stitching, a zipper foot to navigate those tricky zipper applications, a buttonhole foot for creating perfect buttonholes and a button sewing foot to securely attach buttons with no hard.
  • Edge/quilting guide to ensure straight lines and even stitching, perfect for those crisp edges and decorative quilting.
  • Handy pack of needles
  • Set of transparent bobbins (Class 15) so you can easily monitor your thread supply and avoid any mid-seam surprises.
  • Spool caps keep your thread organized and dust-free
  • Auxiliary spool pin lets you use a second spool of thread for those fancy multi-colored projects.
  • The spool pin felt adds a touch of stability and prevents your thread from slipping.
  • Handy screwdriver included, helping with monitor adjustments.
  • Seam ripper/lint brush combo tool to tackle any sewing mishaps and keep your machine clean.
  • Soft dust cover protects your sewing companion when it’s not in use.

Singer 5511 Sewing Machine backside


The Singer Heavy Duty 5511 sewing machine boasts 69 stitch applications. Each stitch application is a specific sewing technique you can achieve. With so many options available, this sewing machine is like having a whole toolbox of sewing techniques, letting you to transform plenty of sewing projects into reality.


Learning a new sewing machine can feel hard, especially for beginners. But The Singer Heavy Duty 5511 comes with a built-in feature – the Online Owner’s Class. It contains easy-to-follow online video tutorials that walk you through everything you need to know, from threading the machine like a pro to mastering tricky buttonholes. These clear and concise videos will have you sewing with confidence in no time. What’s more, the online format means you can access these tutorials anytime, anywhere.


The Singer Heavy Duty 5511 sewing machine comes with the free Singer Sewing Assistant App, your personal sewing guru. This handy app guides you through everything from identifying machine parts to threading the top and bobbin like a professional. The app offers recommendations and tutorials for various sewing techniques.


The Singer Heavy Duty 5511 can handle thick fabrics with ease, it also offers a surprising amount of versatility for all your sewing needs. Thanks to the 11 built-in stitches, you’ll have all the essentials at your fingertips for basic sewing tasks like hems and seams. This machine also features a variety of decorative stitches, perfect for adding a touch of creativity to your projects.


The four-step buttonhole feature takes the guesswork and stress out of creating perfect buttonholes. You should simply place your button in the dedicated buttonhole foot, and the machine starts, stitching a buttonhole precisely sized for that exact button.


The Singer Heavy Duty 5511 machine boasts the drop feed function that is very useful for quilters and anyone who loves the artistry of free-motion sewing.

Drop feed lever allows you to guide the fabric yourself, creating beautiful flowing stitches and organic patterns – perfect for quilting, adding decorative details, or even darning delicate fabrics.

Simply slide the lever, and the feed teeth disappear. When you’re done unleashing your creativity, slide the lever back and turn the handwheel – just like that, your machine is ready for traditional sewing again.

Singer 5511 Sewing Machine free arm


Unlike traditional sewing machines where the bobbin is hidden, the Singer 5511 features a transparent bobbin conveniently placed right on top. This clever design offers two major benefits: first, it’s a much easier to thread the bobbin – no more contorting yourself to peer into a shadowy compartment. Second, and perhaps most importantly, the transparent cover allows you to easily see your thread supply.


Heavy-duty metal frame isn’t just about adding weight, but it’s about giving you a machine that can handle years of wear and tear. Whether you’re a experienced sewer or a beginner, it might be very useful for you. The metal frame ensures long-lasting durability and makes this sewing machine an investment that will keep on stitching for years to come!


User-friendly Stitch Selector Dial makes stitch selection much easier. Dial represents clear icons with all the built-in stitches this sewing machine offers. Simply turn the dial until the straight stitch icon clicks into place.


If you think of stitch length as the space between each individual stitch, Adjustable stitch length feature will be very helpful. By turning a handy dial, you can increase or decrease this distance, customizing the look and function of your stitches.

For delicate applique work, you might want tiny, close stitches that blend seamlessly with the fabric. Conversely– those temporary stitches you later remove – you’d want longer, looser stitches that come out easily. The adjustable stitch length on the Singer 5511 gives you this kind of control, allowing you to tailor your stitches to various techniques and achieve a flawless finish on every project.


The Singer Heavy Duty 5511 provides you adjustable stitch width feature, letting you to personalize your stitches and making this sewing machine not one-size-fits-all kind of machine. This lets you control the size of your stitch from left to right, transforming your sewing from basic to beautiful.

With the adjustable stitch width, you can widen your stitch to create a dramatic zig-zag that adds a touch of personality. Conversely, for delicate hems on a silky blouse, you can narrow down the stitch for a nearly invisible and refined finish.


With a simple flick of reverse lever, you can sew stitches in reverse. This locks your seam in place, creating a secure starting and ending point that prevents those frustrating unravels.


The stainless steel bed plate ensures your fabrics move seamlessly through the machine. It’s a detail that professional sewers appreciate, and a feature that beginning sewists will quickly grow to love.


By sliding off the removable storage compartment, you reveal the free arm. This slender extension of the machine bed provides the perfect surface for maneuvering rounded or tubular projects like sleeves, cuffs, and pant legs.

The free arm gives you more control over your fabric, allowing you to sew smooth, even stitches on those curved areas that would be a nightmare on a flat surface.


The Singer Heavy Duty 5511 comes with a zipper foot, designed to guide your zipper application precisely and effortlessly. The snap-on presser foot family includes a piping foot, ensuring your piping looks professional and polished.

With various presser feet available (often sold separately), the Singer 5511 gives you the right tool for the job, no matter your project.


The Singer Heavy Duty 5511 isn’t just about creating beautiful stitches; it’s about creating them fast. This machine boasts a high sewing speed of 1100 stitches per minute, putting the “rapid” in your rapidstitch projects.

With the Singer 5511, you’ll be sewing with the speed of a pro, conquering those lengthy projects in record time.


The variable needle position allows you to move the needle slightly to the left or right, stitching perfectly next to the seam for a professional finish. It lets you move the needle closer to the zipper teeth for flawless and precise stitching.

With the variable needle position, you can tackle tasks like edgestitching, piping insertion, and more, all with greater ease and control.

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