Singer 4452 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Review: Powerhouse for All Sewers



The powerful motor and fast stitching speed of the Singer 4452 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine enable it to sew through thick materials like canvas and denim with ease. But don’t let its strength deceive you—with the adjustable presser foot, it can also handle delicate materials like chiffon. The seamless bedplate made of stainless steel guarantees that your projects pass through with ease.

Create one-of-a-kind clothes, bespoke apparel, or easily update your home design. This multipurpose tool comes with a range of stitches, including a convenient one-step buttonhole maker that guarantees reliable results each and every time. Put an end to your irritation with uneven buttonholes! You won’t ever run out of thread unexpectedly since the top drop-in bobbin is also very easy to thread and see-through.


  • Dimensions of the machine: 15.75 x 6.75 x 12 inches (small and light)
  • The 17½ x 9 x 13½-inch box is easy to store and move.
  • 120 watts of power (suitable for thick textiles)
  • 120V is the voltage that works with typical home outlets.
  • Amps: 7–10 (for energy-efficient use)
  • 90-day, 2-year, or 24-year warranties are available (complete coverage for peace of mind)
  • Machine Weight: 4 lbs. (portable and lightweight)
  • Packing weight: 18.75 pounds (transportable)
  • Hertz (Hz): 60 (in line with electricity regulations in North America)


With the innovative Online Owner’s Class, you have access to a wealth of educational resources at your fingertips. Learn everything from threading basics to stitch selection and buttonhole creation, all conveniently available online whenever you need a helping hand.


With the Singer Sewing Assistant App, your tablet or smartphone becomes an all-inclusive sewing manual. It will guide you through the process in detail. The app’s easy-to-follow instructions and practical graphics make using your machine a breeze. With the helpful advice of the app at your side, learn about the various components of your Singer 4452, figure out how to set it up for different projects, and experience a variety of sewing skills.

Singer 4452 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

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With 32 built-in stitches at your disposal, this machine lets you tackle a wide range of sewing projects, from fancy to practical.

Your every stitching need is covered by the 4452’s range of stitches. Simple stitches like blind hem, zigzag, and straight can be used for routine repairs and adjustments.


Threading your Singer 4452 Sewing Machine no longer requires guessing or irritation thanks to the integrated needle threader. You may easily thread the thread through the needle’s eye with the assist of a straightforward lever or mechanism.


The technique is made infinitely easier using a one-step buttonhole maker. All you have to do is insert your button into the buttonhole foot’s proper slot; Sewing Machine eliminates the possibility of errors or inconsistencies by automatically sewing a buttonhole that is precisely the right size for your button.


As opposed to conventional sewing machines that have bobbins hidden away, the Singer 4452 has a top drop-in bobbin arrangement. You can easily insert and thread the bobbin from the top of the machine thanks to its creative design. You can always stay ahead of the game thanks to the translucent bobbin box and lid, which allow you crystal-clear vision of your thread supply.


You can remove the Singer 4452’s feed teeth by using the drop feed. Usually, your cloth is automatically guided through the machine by these teeth. But when you reduce the drop feed, you have total control over how your cloth moves.


The Singer 4452 has an easily identifiable Stitch Selector Dial that shows all 32 of the machine’s built-in stitches. From simple straight stitching to ornate flourishes, you can quickly determine and choose the stitch you need for any project thanks to its user-friendly design.


You have more control over the final look and intended use of your sewing when you use the Singer 4452 to adjust the stitch spacing. Short, thick stitches work well for appliqué and other techniques where careful fastening of raw edges is required. They also provide robust seams.


The Singer 4452 offers a classic zigzag stitch, but it’s so much more! With the adjustable stitch width, you can transform this basic stitch into a versatile tool.


You may adjust how much pressure the presser foot applies to your fabric with this option. A softer touch guarantees smooth sewing and avoids puckering for sheer materials.


You may secure the start and finish of your seams by sewing in reverse with the help of the reverse lever. This keeps your crafts from unraveling and gives them a little extra strength and longevity.


The strength of the metal frame resides in its capacity to endure the rigors of the trickiest stitching projects. In contrast to plastic frames that give way or flex when put under stress, the Singer 4452’s metal interior offers stable support.


Bed plates on conventional sewing machines are frequently painted or made of plastic. These surfaces may cause friction with your fabric, especially if it is fragile, even if they are practical. This problem is resolved by the stainless steel bed plate of the Singer 4452.


With the additional power of the high-performance motor, you can confidently work with a broader variety of textiles. Sewing thick denim, upholstery textiles, and even layers of material is not difficult. The motor meets these obstacles head-on, delivering constant stitch quality and a pleasurable sewing experience without faltering or straining.

You can sew effectively with the Singer 4452 with to its remarkable 1,100 stitches per minute, especially for big tasks.


With its high-speed stitching capability, the Singer 4452 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine can produce up to 1,100 stitches per minute. That gives you access to professional-level speed, enabling you to quickly turn sewing projects from a idea into a reality.


After removing the storage box, the free arm emerges as a narrow extension of the sewing bed. This gives the needle additional room, making it easier for you to stitch around tubular shapes and tight bends.


The plush cover on the Singer 4452 aids in keeping you calm. The cover shields the sensitive interior components of your machine from dust and debris. This keeps things from going wrong in the first place and guarantees that your sewing machine will look good when you’re ready to let your creative juices flow.


Unlike traditional machines with sewn-on feet, the 4452 allows you to quickly and easily switch between different presser feet, each designed for a specific sewing function.


Presser foot lift heights on traditional sewing machines are frequently restricted. When dealing with thick materials like denim, canvas, or several layers of material, this might be an issue. This problem is resolved by the additional high presser foot lifter on the Singer 4452. The presser foot rises to an astonishing height with just a slight push, providing enough of room for thick fabrics to pass easily under it.


Singer 4452’s sewing machine offers three different needle positions, allowing you to adjust the needle slightly to the left, right, or center.


With the transparent bobbins of the Singer 4452 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine, you can quickly and easily determine how much thread is left on your bobbin.

Included Accessories

  • The general-purpose foot, that is used for the majority of sewing jobs.
  • A zipper foot that slides easily over zippers is also included, making installation simple.
  • Additionally, a button sewing foot and a buttonhole foot allow you securely connect buttons of various sizes.
  • The edge/quilting guide.
  • Various sized needles allow you to work with a variety of textiles.
  • The auxiliary spool pin gives you more room to carry thread cones, while pre-wound bobbins and spool caps keep your machine ready to sew.
  • Remember to use the spool pin felt to prevent your thread from unraveling or slipping.

Customers reviews:

  • “Received fast in great condition. Packaged with TLC. Haven’t used yet but exactly what I wanted for years now. Looking forward to using this heavy duty machine.” – February 12, 2024 by MsChiku (United States)
  • “Everything Perfect, Product & Services. Thanks to SewingMachinesPlus.” – May 25, 2022 by H N. (United States)
  • “So far, its been easy making the transition to the new Singer, but I like it. The zipper foot is much better than my old Singer (1960’s model) – I have more control, more precision installing the zipper. It will be my new workhorse.” – October 12, 2021 by Susan E. (MD, United States)
  • “Great!” – September 20, 2021 by Anonymous (United States)
  • “I really liked it. Very easy to use and great quality.” – August 10, 2021 by Grethel Z. (FL, United States)
  • “Wanted a heavy duty machine for outdoor fabrics and denim. This machine is easy to use and sews all kinds of fabrics. Love it!” – May 24, 2021 by Karolyn A.
  • “Great machine. My 8 yr old can use it easily and it sees over jeans and glitter very well” – May 23, 2021 by Yvette V.

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