Bernette Sublime London 3 Sewing Machine Review: User-Friendly Features & Benefits



Our Bernette Sublime London 3 review explores this sewing machine’s user-friendly features like the automatic needle threader, two-level presser foot, and ability to handle thick fabrics.

This machine offers a variety of functionality for a friendly price tag. Adjustable stitch width provides better control over your sewing projects.

Handy selection of built-in stitches gives you large creative area for everyday sewing tasks and adding some decorative touch.


Bernette Sublime London 3 Sewing Machine BUILT-IN NEEDLE THREADER

Built-in needle threader lets to get thread appeared right where it needs to be, by simple following the guide, saving your time and making your sewing experience better.


Bernette Sublime London 3 TWO-LEVEL PRESSER FOOT LIFT

Two-level presser foot lift allows you to raise the presser foot to an extra high position for easier maneuver thick fabrics or multiple layers of denim for example.

The Bernette London 3 gives you the extra clearance you need for sewing, even on the thickest materials.


Bernette Sublime London 3 FLIP-TOP LID AND DUST COVER

Clever flip-top lid keeps its inner workings safe from dust and ensures all the essential components – the bobbin winder, thread tension dial, and spool holder – stay in pristine condition. This thoughtful design keeps your machine protected and organized.

This flip-top lid give you easy access to dial for adjusting thread tension and the bobbin, ready for a quick spool refill.

What’s more it cleverly doubles as a cheat sheet, displaying all the Bernette London 3’s stitches patterns at one place.

Bernette Sublime London 3

Bernette Sublime London 3

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Bernette Sublime London 3 RECESSED HANDWHEEL

Unlike some machines where it juts out, the London 3’s handwheel cleverly sits recessed within its housing.

This thoughtful design offers several advantages. First, it maintains the machine’s sleek, clean aesthetic and makes it more compact. But what is more important, this recessed design protects the handwheel from accidental bumps or scratches that could hinder its functionality.


Bernette Sublime London 3 Sewing Machine STITCH PATTERN SELECTOR DIAL

Pattern selector dial allows fo switching between stitches by simple spin. The stitch you need appears instantly, along with its number displayed on the handy digital screen

It provides essential straight stitch to beautiful buttonholes, decorative flourishes, and a fantastic selection of stretch stitches for knit fabrics, everything is there, clearly labeled and easy to find.

Bernette Sublime London 3 Included Accessories Review:

Seam Guide Right ensures your edges stay straight and your seams parallel.
Seam Guide Right

Button-Sew-On Foot makes buttons, rings, and other embellishments easy to attach, adding perfect finishing touch to your sewing projects.
Bernette London 3 Button-Sew-On Foot

Zipper Foot makes cresting basic and complex zippers effortless.
Zipper Foot

Soft Cover helps to protect your Bernitta London 3 machine from dust when not use and transportation damage. What’s more, the handy cutout lets you carry it around without removing the cover
Bernette Sublime London 3 Soft Cover

Darning Plate creates a stable surface for you to any kind of sewing repairs.
Darning Plate

Zig-zag Foot is perfect for decorative stitching and patchwork, it may be useful for creating bold borders, whimsical applique, and stunning geometric patterns.
Zig-zag Foot

Buttonhole Foot with Slide helps to create beautifully consistent buttonholes, with or without cording.
Buttonhole Foot with Slide

BERNINA Needle Assortment includes various sizes that you may need for different fabrics.
BERNINA Needle Assortment

Bobbins ensure consistent thread tension.

Bernette Sublime London 3 Optional Accessories Review:

Blindstitch Presser Foot helps you create perfect blind hems that make clothing and home textiles look professionally finished.
Blindstitch Presser Foot

Cording Foot lets you seamlessly integrate multiple narrow yarns or cords into your sewing, might be helpful for creating unique embellishments.
Bernette London 3 Sewing Machine Cording Foot

Overlocker Foot is used to raw edges and helps to create unique decorative touch like beautiful cuffs, hems, and buttonhole seams.
Overlocker Foot

Walking Foot helps to work with tricky fabrics like slippery silks or bulky knits. Its second feeder mechanism that ensures even feeding of your fabric, preventing puckering.
Bernette London 3 Walking Foot

Quilting Foot provides extra stability and control, allowing you to achieve precise stitching for stunning quilts and other layered projects.
Bernette Sublime London 3 Quilting Foot

Invisible-Zipper Foot helps you sew in elegant concealed zippers.
Invisible-Zipper Foot

Hemmer Foot helps to create perfectly-turned hems much easier with its clever helix design that folds and holds the fabric securely while you sew.
Hemmer Foot

Darning/Embroidery Foot lets you work on repairs like darning holes and tears with precision, but also used for creative free-hand embroidery.
Darning/Embroidery Foot

Embroidery Foot is made for decorative embroidery, buttonhole seams, and other detailed sewing tasks. It provides better control and stability for intricate stitching.
Embroidery Foot

Stitch patterns

Bernette Sublime London 3 stitch patterns

How Bernette Sublime London 3 Customers review it:

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  • “Good” – June 5, 2024 by Frank B. (United States)
  • “To me this kind of JUKI machine,make my expectations very satisfied,even I’m do not manage this kind of industrial machine it’s easy to learn and manage,it’s was an challenge to make my skills better.” – June 4, 2024 by G R. (Utah , United States)

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