Unleash Your Quilting Potential: In-Depth Review of the Baby Lock Coronet Long Arm Machine With 5 Foot Coronet Frame and Bobbin Winder



The Baby Lock Coronet is a longarm quilting machine that’s perfect for quilters of all situations. It has a 16- inch workspace and a 5- base frame, which gives you plenitude of room to spread indeed the largest bedspreads. The Coronet also has a set up- in stitch controller, which ensures that your aches are always indeed and harmonious.

The Chaplet comes with a number of features that make it a great choice for quilters, including:

  • An easy- to- use touch screen interface
  • A built- in bobbin winder
  • 28 high- intensity LED lights
  • A maximum sewing speed of 1,800 stitches per nanosecond
  • A large selection of ornamental stitches

The Baby Lock Coronet is a great value for the price. It’s a high- quality machine that’s packed with features that will make your quilting easier and further pleasurable.

Baby Lock Coronet Long Arm Quilting Machine


The Baby Lock Coronet Long Arm Quilting Machine is packed with impressive technical features designed to make your quilting experience enjoyable and efficient. Here’s a breakdown of the key features:

Workspace and Lighting:
  • Spacious 16″ workspace x 8-1/4″ high throat space: Provides ample room for maneuvering even large quilts.
  • 28 Integrated high-intensity LED light ring: Illuminates your quilting area with bright, natural-looking light, reducing eye strain and ensuring optimal visibility.
Stitching and Control:
  • 1/4” Interchangeable Hopping Foot: Holds fabric in place for precise stitching and glides smoothly over your quilt.
  • Maximum sewing speed of 1,800 spm: Quilts large projects quickly and efficiently.
  • Manual Stitch Mode: Offers two customizable pre-selected needle speeds for precise control.
  • Stitch Regulator: Ensures consistent stitch length (4 to 18 stitches per inch) in both stitch regulated and cruise stitch regulated modes.
  • Front and Optional Back Handles: Provide control and reduce fatigue, with easy-to-reach rubber grips and handlebar control buttons for needle up/down, start/stop, speed up/down.
Display and Convenience:
  • Color LCD Touch Screen: Provides easy access to LED lighting options, stitch counters, diagnostics, calculator, timers, hardware and software info, stitch regulated and manual modes, and programmable needle positioning.
  • Needle System 134, slight ballpoint needle: Ensures smooth piercing and stitching on various fabrics.
  • High-speed rotary hook: Handles thick threads and multiple fabric layers with ease.
  • Large capacity “M” class bobbin: Reduces bobbin changes and holds up to 40% more thread than standard bobbins.
  • Integrated USB Ports: Connect to external devices for software updates or pattern transfers.
  • External electric bobbin winder with variable speeds: Winds bobbins for different thread types and weights conveniently.
  • Adjustable tensions: Accommodate various thread types, from cotton and polyester to rayon, metallics, and holographic threads.
  • Thread antenna: Guides thread from larger thread spools smoothly.
  • Two timers: Set a reminder timer or track project time spent quilting.
  • Works with standard 1/4” thick rulers and templates, patterns, stencils, and threads used by commercial quilters.

The Baby Lock Coronet Long Arm Quilting Machine is a feature-rich machine designed to cater to the needs of quilters of all skill levels. With its spacious workspace, bright lighting, advanced stitching capabilities, and user-friendly interface, the Coronet can help you bring your quilting visions to life with precision, ease, and efficiency.

Baby Lock Coronet Long Arm Quilting Machine with 5 Foot Coronet Frame


Еhe Baby Lock Coronet Long Arm Quilting Machine presents itself as a well-rounded and feature-packed option for quilters of all levels. Its spacious workspace, advanced stitching capabilities, user-friendly interface, and robust construction make it a worthy investment for anyone looking to take their quilting to the next level.

Multilingual Interface:

The Coronet’s touchscreen interface supports four languages: English, Spanish, French, and German. This caters to a wider range of users and makes the machine accessible to quilters across different regions.

Solid Construction:

Built with a solid cast aluminum frame, the Coronet is strong, durable, and vibration-resistant. This ensures smooth operation and precise stitching even for heavy quilting projects.

Internal Brushless DC Motor:

The machine utilizes an internal brushless DC motor for powerful and consistent performance. This motor is known for its quiet operation, energy efficiency, and minimal maintenance requirements.

Additional Specifications:

  • Machine weight: 43.4 lbs.
  • Made in the U.S.A. with globally sourced parts


The Baby Lock Coronet comes with a comprehensive 10-year limited manufacturer’s warranty:

  • 5-year parts warranty
  • 5-year computer warranty
  • 5-year electrical warranty
  • 1-year labor warranty


Baby Lock Coronet Long Arm Quilting Machine LIGHTED WORKSPACE

The Baby Lock Coronet’s LED lighting system is a quilter’s dream come true. Gone are the days of squinting over your fabric, trying to discern subtle color variations or stitch precision. The Coronet bathes your entire quilting space in bright, natural-looking light, ensuring optimal visibility regardless of ambient lighting conditions.

Imagine this:

  • Intricate piecing becomes a breeze: No more struggling to differentiate between fabrics with similar hues. The LEDs provide exceptional clarity, making it easy to match points, align seams, and achieve perfect color accuracy.
  • Free-motion quilting with confidence: Doodling with your stitches becomes a joy when you can clearly see every movement of the needle. The Coronet’s lighting casts crisp shadows, allowing you to precisely guide your fabric and execute even the most delicate quilting motifs.
  • Reduced eye strain and fatigue: Ditch the harsh glare of traditional quilting lamps. The Coronet’s LEDs emit a soft, diffused light that’s easy on your eyes, even during marathon quilting sessions.

The Coronet’s lighting system isn’t just about functionality; it’s about elevating your quilting experience. It transforms your workspace into a vibrant arena for creativity, where every stitch shines and your artistic vision comes to life in dazzling detail.


Baby Lock Coronet Long Arm Quilting Machine 16

The Baby Lock Coronet’s spacious 16″ workspace is another fantastic feature that sets it apart. This generous area provides quilters with a multitude of benefits, making it a truly versatile and enjoyable machine to use. Here’s a closer look at what the 16″ workspace offers:

  • Freedom to handle large projects: Quilting king-size quilts or intricate wall hangings is no sweat with the Coronet. You’ll have ample room to maneuver even the biggest projects without feeling cramped or restricted.
  • Comfortable fabric manipulation: Spreading out and smoothing layers of fabric becomes effortless with the extra space. You can easily adjust, position, and manipulate your quilt top, batting, and backing with precision and control.
  • Enhanced quilting precision: The expansive workspace translates to better control over your quilting. You’ll have more room to guide your fabric and needle, leading to straighter stitches, crisper lines, and more intricate quilting designs.
  • Versatility for diverse techniques: Whether you’re piecing together a patchwork quilt, practicing free-motion quilting, or tackling appliqué, the 16″ workspace accommodates it all. You’ll have the freedom to explore different techniques without feeling confined.
  • Overall enjoyable quilting experience: The spacious workspace contributes to a more relaxed and productive quilting session. You won’t have to constantly fight for space or struggle to maneuver your quilt, allowing you to focus on your creativity and enjoy the process.


Baby Lock Coronet Long Arm Quilting Machine LCD DISPLAY

The Baby Lock Coronet’s large LCD touchscreen is truly the brain of the machine, offering intuitive control and easy access to a wealth of features that will elevate your quilting experience. Imagine having a centralized hub where you can:

  • Navigate hardware and software options: Ditch the confusing button combinations and menus. The Coronet’s touchscreen presents a clear, user-friendly interface for adjusting stitch length, tension, speed, and other machine settings with just a few taps.
  • Customize your lighting: Control the intensity and position of the machine’s LED lights to perfectly suit your needs. Whether you prefer a bright, diffused glow or focused spotlights for intricate work, the Coronet’s lighting can be tailored to your preferences.
  • Track your progress with stitch counters: Stay on top of your stitch count for precise borders, consistent quilting patterns, and accurate thread usage. The Coronet’s counters keep you informed and help you avoid running out of thread midway through a project.
  • Explore a world of decorative stitches: Go beyond basic quilting with the Coronet’s extensive library of decorative stitches. The touchscreen interface allows you to browse, select, and customize these stitches with ease, adding unique embellishments and flourishes to your quilts.

But the Coronet’s LCD display goes beyond mere functionality. It’s a window into the machine’s soul, providing real-time feedback and status updates that keep you in control and informed.

  • Monitoring bobbin thread levels: No more sudden thread breaks or frantic bobbin changes! The Coronet’s display conveniently shows you bobbin thread levels, allowing you to plan your thread changes and avoid disruptions.
  • Receiving troubleshooting guidance: The display can provide helpful error messages and troubleshooting tips in case of any issues, empowering you to resolve minor problems without needing to consult a manual.
  • Saving personalized settings: Create custom profiles for different thread types, fabrics, or quilting techniques. The Coronet’s memory function lets you save these settings and easily recall them later, saving you time and effort.

The Baby Lock Coronet’s LCD touchscreen is more than just a control panel; it’s a creative partner, a helpful guide, and a window into the world of possibilities your quilting machine holds. With its intuitive interface and wealth of features, the Coronet empowers you to quilt with confidence, precision, and endless creativity.


Baby Lock Coronet Long Arm Quilting Machine BUILT-IN STITCH REGULATION

The built-in stitch regulation system in the Baby Lock Coronet is a game-changer for free-motion quilting enthusiasts. Imagine saying goodbye to uneven stitches, puckering fabric, and the frustration of inconsistent stitch length! This innovative feature liberates you to focus on your creativity and artistry, while the Coronet takes care of the technical precision.

Here’s how the stitch regulation system works its magic:
  • Sensor technology: The Coronet is equipped with sensors that constantly monitor the movement of your fabric. This real-time feedback allows the machine to adjust the sewing speed automatically, ensuring that your stitches are always evenly spaced, regardless of your quilting pace.
  • Consistent stitch length: No more worrying about stretching or compressing your stitches as you move the fabric. The stitch regulator maintains a consistent length, no matter how fast or slow you quilt, resulting in professional-looking results.
  • Reduced puckering: Uneven stitching often leads to puckering and distortion in your quilt. The Coronet’s stitch regulation prevents this by ensuring consistent tension and stitch length, keeping your fabric smooth and flat.
  • Confidence and control: With the stitch regulator taking care of the technical aspects, you can focus on your quilting flow and artistic expression. This newfound confidence allows you to experiment with different techniques and designs, pushing the boundaries of your creativity.
  • Suitable for all skill levels: Whether you’re a seasoned quilter or just starting out, the stitch regulation system can benefit you. It takes the pressure off, making free-motion quilting more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

In essence, the Baby Lock Coronet’s built-in stitch regulation system is like having a quilting fairy godmother at your side. It removes the technical hurdles, allowing you to quilt with confidence, precision, and endless creativity. So, ditch the frustrations of uneven stitches and embrace the freedom of artistry that the Coronet’s stitch regulation system offers.


Baby Lock Coronet Long Arm Quilting Machine LARGE

The Baby Lock Coronet’s large “M” class bobbin is truly a quilter’s dream come true! Let’s dive into the benefits this impressive feature offers:

Fewer Bobbin Changes: Say goodbye to frequent bobbin changes that interrupt your quilting flow. The Coronet’s “M” class bobbins hold up to 40% more thread than standard bobbins, meaning you can spend less time winding and more time stitching. This is especially advantageous for long projects or when using thicker threads. Imagine quilting an entire king-size quilt with minimal bobbin changes – pure quilting bliss!

Reduced Thread Waste: With less frequent bobbin changes, you naturally minimize thread waste. This not only saves you money but also contributes to a more sustainable quilting practice. Every little bit counts, and the Coronet helps you do your part for the environment.

Increased Efficiency: Less bobbin changing translates to increased efficiency and productivity. You can spend more time focused on your actual quilting, leading to quicker project completion and a sense of accomplishment. Imagine the satisfaction of seamlessly stitching through your project without pause, knowing you won’t need to interrupt your creative flow.

Winding Versatility: The Coronet’s electric bobbin winder with variable speeds offers another layer of convenience. You can easily wind different types and weights of thread with optimal tension and thread distribution. This flexibility allows you to experiment with various threads and achieve stunning results in your quilts.

Durable and Reliable: “M” class bobbins are renowned for their durability. They are constructed from high-quality materials that resist wear and tear, ensuring consistent performance and smooth thread flow. You can rely on these bobbins to handle even the most demanding quilting projects with ease.

Babylock Coronet ACCESSORIES

The included accessories provide everything you need to get started with long-arm quilting on the Baby Lock Coronet. The combination of essential tools, instructional materials, and a generous trial period shows the manufacturer’s confidence in this machine and commitment to their customers’ satisfaction.

Here’s a breakdown:

Essential Quilting Tools:

  • Coronet Frame: This is the base that holds your quilt top and batting, allowing you to move them smoothly for quilting.
  • 5 “M” size metal bobbins: These large-capacity bobbins hold up to 40% more thread than standard bobbins, reducing the need for frequent changes.
  • 2 Packs of needles (Size 16 and 18): Provides needles for different fabric types and thread weights.
  • Thread antennae: Guides thread from larger spools smoothly.
  • Hopping foot: Holds fabric in place for precise stitching and glides over your quilt.
  • Interchangeable Open Toe Hopping Foot: Offers additional visibility for precise stitch placement.
  • Oiler, Allen wrenches, 8mm open wrench, cleaning brush, screwdriver: These tools help you maintain your machine and keep it running smoothly.

Instructional Materials:

  • Instruction manual: Provides detailed guidance on setting up, operating, and maintaining your Coronet.
  • Quick Reference Chart: Offers a handy summary of key features and functions.

Additional Perks:

  • 60-Day Love of Knowledge Trial: This allows you to try out the machine for 60 days and return it for a full refund if you’re not satisfied. This is a great opportunity to ensure the Coronet is the right fit for you before fully committing.


That’s a comprehensive list of optional accessories for the Baby Lock Coronet Long Arm Quilting Machine! Let’s delve into some of the highlights:

Enhance Comfort and Control:

  • Rear handle bars and display: Increase flexibility and control by providing an alternative steering position with a dedicated display.
  • Quick Set Tension: Make tension adjustments quick and easy with this convenient tool.

Expand Quilting Techniques:

  • Ruler Base: Utilize rulers and templates effectively for precise quilting designs.
  • Laser Light Stylus: Guide your stitching with pinpoint accuracy using this laser pointer.
  • Couching Foot Set: Add textured embellishments to your quilts with various couching techniques.
  • Glide Foot: Glide smoothly over delicate fabrics like silk or minky with this specialized foot.

Boost Efficiency and Organization:

  • Horizontal Spool Pin: Accommodate larger spools of thread and reduce thread changes.
  • Adapter and Stylus Holder: Keep your stylus accessible and organized.
  • Quilt Pattern Boards: Design and track quilting patterns with these templates.

Additional Supplies:

  • Metal Bobbins: Keep a spare supply of bobbins for uninterrupted quilting.
  • Needles in Various Sizes: Choose the right needle for different fabric types and thread weights.
  • Channel Lock: Hold and guide rulers securely.
  • Ruler and Echo Foot Set: Create intricate echo quilting designs with specialized tools.
  • Ruler Kits and Rope Template: Expand your repertoire of ruler work options.



This optional add-on for the Baby Lock Coronet opens up a whole new world of possibilities for quilters. Here’s a breakdown of its key features and benefits:

Computerized Quilting:

  • Quilt any design you want: Choose from a vast library of pre-programmed designs, import your own images, or create custom designs using the Pro-Stitcher’s software.
  • Precise and efficient quilting: The Pro-Stitcher guides the machine with laser accuracy, ensuring consistent stitch length and perfect pattern execution.
  • Reduce fatigue and strain: Let the machine handle the precision work while you focus on your creativity and flow.

Free-Motion Quilting Option:

  • Seamless transition: Switch between computerized and free-motion quilting at the touch of a button.
  • Enhanced free-motion control: Utilize the Pro-Stitcher’s features like stitch regulation and built-in rulers for even more control and accuracy in your free-motion quilting.


  • Works with all Handi Quilter stitch-regulated quilting machines: Including the Coronet you’re considering.
  • Easy to learn and use: The Pro-Stitcher’s interface is intuitive and user-friendly, making it accessible for quilters of all skill levels.

Overall, the HQ Pro-Stitcher is a powerful tool that can take your quilting to the next level. It offers:

  • Increased creativity and design freedom: Unlock a world of possibilities beyond traditional free-motion quilting.
  • Improved precision and efficiency: Quilt faster and with greater accuracy, reducing fatigue and frustration.
  • Versatility and flexibility: Enjoy the best of both worlds with seamless switching between computerized and free-motion quilting.

Key Features of the Pro-Stitcher Software

The Pro-Stitcher software offers a wide range of features that can help you create professional-looking quilts with ease.


  • 12-inch color touchscreen: Control everything from one central location.
  • Extensive design library: Over 800 designs, including motifs from popular designers.
  • Seamless switching: Easily transition between computer-guided and free-motion quilting.
  • Design manipulation: Resize, rotate, repeat, skew, align, move, stretch, and resize designs with ease.
  • Area filling: Define and fill areas with designs using various shapes.
  • Saving and moving: Save customized areas and move them around your project.
  • Two-point rotation: Perfect for borders and odd angles.

Additional features of the Coronet machine itself:

  • 16-inch workspace: Ample space for quilting large projects.
  • Built-in stitch regulation: Ensures consistent stitch spacing for free-motion quilting.
  • LED lighting: Brightly illuminates your work area.
  • 1,800 stitches per minute: Quilts quickly and efficiently.
  • LCD touch screen display: User-friendly interface for controlling the machine.
  • “M” class bobbin: Holds a large amount of thread, reducing the need for frequent rethreading.

Baby Lock Coronet Long Arm Quilting Machine Customers Reviews:

  • “Good prices, free shipping. I did not receive one item (Vac bags) in the first shipment. When I contacted customer service, I did not receive a reply, but the missing item was sent out promptly.” – January 10, 2024 by Janet F. (PA, United States)
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