Baby Lock Accomplish Review: Feature-Packed Machine for Effortless Sewing



Our Baby Lock Accomplish review explores sewing machine that is built for speed and packed with features like handy knee lift for raising the presser foot, built-in extension table for handling even the largest projects. That allows it to tackle even thick fabrics effortlessly.

Baby Lock Accomplish CONVENIENT FEATURES Review:

Automatic needle threader makes threading automatically, saving your time.

Precision Pin Feed System ensures even feeding of all fabric types.

This machine is sewing up to 1,500 stitches per minute.

Adjustable stitch length (up to 7mm) gives you complete control, to fine-tune your stitch length for delicate details or bold quilting.

Thread tension adjustment dial helps to achieve perfect tension, preventing puckered fabrics or loose seams.

Adjustable presser foot pressure knob ensures it glides effortlessly over any fabric weight.

Adjustable feed dogs (up to 4 heights) give you the control you need for perfect results, when working with tricky fabrics like knits or slippery silks.

Hands-free presser foot lift lets you raise the foot with a tap of your knee, freeing your hands to maneuver fabric.

Built-in LED lighting illuminates your workspace and prevents any shadows, which is essential key for precise sewing.

Built-in telescoping thread stand keeps your thread readily accessible for any spool size.

Baby Lock Accomplish Sewing Machine – From the Genuine Collection

Baby Lock Accomplish Sewing Machine with extension table

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Baby Lock Accomplish sewing machine with 1,500 STITCHES PER MINUTE

The Baby Lock Accomplish technically only sews a straight stitch, that single stitch comes at a 1,500 stitches per minute speed. That’s the kind of power the Baby Lock Accomplish brings to the table.

It’s perfect for sewers who prioritize speed and efficiency without needing a variety of stitch options.



Hands-free knee lift lets you control the presser foot with a simple tap of your knee. All you need is just a gentle nudge, and you’re back to maneuvering your fabric with both hands free.

It frees up your hands for smoother fabric manipulation, complex piecing, or holding bulky fabrics in place.



Revolutionary rotary hook bobbin system makes threading and bobbin changes much more convenient. Unlike some machines, Baby Lock Accomplish’s rotary hook bobbin is easy to access and downright user-friendly.

The bobbin loads from the side, making it clear to see exactly how much thread is left and avoid running out mid-seam. What’s more, a built-in thread cutter eliminates the need for extra snipping tools, keeping your workspace tidy.


Baby Lock Accomplish PIN FEED SYSTEM

Precision Pin Feed System is innovative system that ensures smooth, even feeding for any material you’re working with, any weight or texture.

It glides effortlessly through layers of plush velvet or chiffon without puckering or snags.



Revolutionary quick threading system prevents posssible problems, associated with traditional threading, that are wasting your time.

The thread practically glides itself through the machine with just a few intuitive motions, preventing near-misses out of the equation.



Built-in telescoping thread stand ensures consistent thread delivery, even when you’re working with those large spools of specialty threads.

The telescoping stand adjusts to accommodate any spool size, keeping your thread readily accessible, preventing any interruptions.

It extends smoothly, ensuring the thread feeds perfectly into the machine, for any spool’s height.



Included extension table transforms the Baby Lock Accomplish into a quilting powerhouse.

It unfolds with a satisfying click, adding a whopping 23-3/8 inches of extra workspace. The extension table provides the perfect platform for maneuvering large pieces of fabric with ease.

The extension table also ensures smooth fabric flow. The expanded surface keeps your fabric flat and supported, preventing puckers or uneven stitching.

This built-in extension table eliminates the need for a separate table, saving you space and simplifying your sewing setup.


  • Hands-free presser foot lift is being raised by a simple tap of your knee, keeping your hands free for better fabric manipulation.

  • You get 8 different feet included, each designed for a specific task:

    • Flex-reaction foot is usually used for precise topstitching and decorative stitching.
    • Free-motion quilting foot is ideal for beautiful free-motion quilting designs.
    • General purpose foot that sewers usually use for everyday sewing tasks.
    • Invisible zipper foot helps to creates neat, invisible zippers that disappear into your seams.
    • 1/4″ foot ensures perfect seam allowances for piecing projects.
    • Rolled hem foot helps to create ideally rolled hems with a professional finish.
    • Walking foot helps to work with slippery fabrics like silks or knits, preventing them from feeding unevenly.
    • Zipper foot makes inserting zippers much easier, even on curved seams.
  • Handy seam guide attaches to the machine, ensuring consistent seam allowances for all your projects.

  • Included soft cover helps to keep your Baby Lock Accomplish looking like new, when not use.

  • Included set of bobbins lets you start sewing out of the box.

  • Quilting extension table transforms your workspace, making it perfect for working with large quilting projects.

Baby Lock Accomplish controls


25-year limited manufacturer’s warranty covers your Baby Lock Accomplish machine against any defects in materials or workmanship.

The warranty covers replacement parts for a full 10 years. Should any internal components require repair or replacement due to normal wear and tear, Baby Lock has you covered for a significant portion of the machine’s lifespan.

Any unexpected electrical glitches or malfunctions within the circuit board are covered by the warranty for a period of 1 year.

Electrical components warranty protects you against any electrical issues that might arise within the first 2 years of ownership.

1 year of labor warranty means if your machine needs any repairs within the first year, you won’t have to pay a dime for the technician’s time.

How Baby Lock Accomplish Customers review it:

  • “This machine is a workhorse. Very good for piecing. I will be using it regularly!” – December 19, 2023 by Sue M. (WA, United States)
  • “I love this machine so much! Makes it easy to piece together my quilts. I especially love that it holds big cones of thread and comes with an extension table” – August 10, 2023 by MELISSA (Arkansas , United States)
  • “My girlfriend loved it, made her Christmas. It was the 2nd machine I bought for her off SewingMachinesPlus and we couldn’t be happier with the service you provide. Next Christmas will be a serger.” – December 27, 2022 by Brian K. (United States)
  • “So far I am well pleased!” – February 16, 2022 by BETTY H. (GA, United States)
  • “Better than I expected. Easy to use and fast. Favorite sewing machine I have ever had.” – February 16, 2022 by Tonya B. (ca, United States)
  • “Really loving this machine. Definitely had a slight learning curve from a standard sewing machine, but once I got the threading figured out, I was off!” – June 30, 2021 by JESS A. (SC, United States)
  • “I am looking forward to my new quilting machine! I will be using it to make table runners and mug runners and baby quilts for Christmas.” – December 7, 2020 by ANNETTE R. (GA, United States)

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