Sit or Stand, Stitch Fast: Baby Lock Regalia ST Sit Down Longarm Stationary Machine with Stitch Harmony & 2,500 SPM (Standard Insert Table Included)



Baby Lock Regalia ST Machine review

Stepping into Longarm Quilting Bliss: A Review of the Baby Lock Regalia ST

Dreaming of creating stunning quilts but intimidated by massive longarm machines? The Baby Lock Regalia ST is here to be your friendly giant, offering a smooth and spacious entry into the world of longarm quilting. This versatile machine caters to both sitters and standers, with two table options to perfectly match your comfort and space constraints.

Here’s what makes the Regalia ST a real charmer:

  • Generous 20-inch throat space: Say goodbye to wrestling with large quilts! This expansive workspace lets you maneuver your masterpiece with ease and precision.
  • Seating or standing, you choose: Whether you prefer the comfort of a chair or the freedom of standing, the Regalia ST adapts to your style with its two table options.
  • Big features, small footprint: Don’t let its capabilities fool you, this machine fits snugly into your sewing haven without sacrificing performance.
  • Effortless quilting: The built-in Stitch Harmony™ regulates stitch length, ensuring consistent and beautiful results, even for beginners.
  • Speedy stitching: Time is precious, and the Regalia ST keeps pace with your creativity, churning out stitches at an impressive 2,500 stitches per minute.

This machine is perfect for:

  • Quilting novices: Its user-friendly features and spacious workspace make it an ideal choice for those dipping their toes into longarm quilting.
  • Space-conscious quilters: The compact design doesn’t compromise on capability, making it a perfect fit for smaller studios or homes.
  • Quilters who value comfort: The adjustable table options ensure you can quilt in a position that keeps you comfortable and creating for hours.

Baby Lock Regalia ST Machine


The EverSewn Sparrow 15 isn’t your average sewing machine. It’s a feathery friend packed with technical features that will make your quilting dreams take flight:

Imagine a workspace so vast (20″ to the right of the needle!), it’s like having a personal runway for your fabric creations. Plus, a Needle Beam acts as your sewing spotlight, guiding your stitches with laser-like precision. No more squinting or second-guessing!

Feeling fancy? Control everything with a 7″ color touchscreen as vibrant as your imagination. Want to adjust lighting? Tap! Change stitch length (from 5 to 24 per inch)? Swipe! It’s like having a personal sewing genie at your fingertips.

Speaking of stitches, the Sparrow 15 boasts a built-in Stitch Regulator – your guardian angel of consistent stitch length, whether you’re a speed demon in Cruise Mode or a meticulous artist in Precision Mode. Worried about tension? Quick-Set Tension takes care of that, while an upper thread break sensor acts as your sewing safety net.

But the Sparrow 15 isn’t just about fancy features. It’s got the muscle too! A high-speed rotary hook and “M” Class Bobbin mean fewer bobbin changes and faster stitching (up to a stunning 2,500 stitches per minute!). Need more thread? The external electric bobbin winder lets you top up with ease, while a low bobbin estimator warns you before you run out.

And for those finishing touches? Two timers help you keep track of everything, from appliqué time to binding deadlines.

Baby Lock Regalia ST Machine working process


Baby Lock Regalia ST Machine LARGE 20” WORKSPACE

Ditch the cramped quilting blues! The Baby Lock Regalia ST unfolds a whopping 20″ workspace, giving your quilting ambitions the room they deserve. Imagine stitching expansive landscapes or intricate paisleys without fabric bunching or awkward handling. It’s like having a personal quilting oasis, right in your sewing haven.


Baby Lock Regalia ST Machine 2,500 STITCHES PER MINUTE

Channel your inner quilting speed demon with the Baby Lock Regalia ST! This machine blazes through stitches at a blistering 2,500 stitches per minute, letting you finish projects in record time. No more waiting for your machine to catch up to your creativity – the Regalia ST is your fast-track ticket to quilting bliss. But don’t let the speed fool you, it maintains impressive accuracy for beautiful, stitch-perfect results every time. It’s the perfect combo for quilters who crave both speed and precision.


Baby Lock Regalia ST Machine M-CLASS BOBBIN

The Baby Lock Regalia ST boasts a supersized M-class bobbin, holding way more thread than your average Joe. This means fewer interruptions for bobbin changes, letting you focus on what truly matters: quilting nirvana. Plus, the high-speed rotary hook ensures smooth, even stitching, so your bobbin thread won’t be the bottleneck in your creative flow. It’s like having a built-in quilting cheerleader, saying “Stitch on, queen!” every time you bypass a bobbin change.


Baby Lock Regalia ST Machine LED LIGHTING

Banish the quilting shadows with the Baby Lock Regalia ST’s dazzling LED lighting system. Imagine stitching with the clarity of a midday sunbeam, every intricate detail of your masterpiece illuminated with crisp, bright light. No more squinting or second-guessing stitches – just pure quilting joy under a blanket of LEDs. It’s like having a personal spotlight team following your needle, ensuring every stitch hits the mark with precision. So crank up the creativity and quilt with confidence, knowing every detail will shine!


Baby Lock Regalia ST Machine NEEDLE BEAM

Say goodbye to “needle-in-the-haystack” moments! The Baby Lock Regalia ST boasts a game-changing Needle Beam that bathes your needle in a spotlight. No more hunting for the perfect stitch placement – this handy feature illuminates exactly where your needle will land, like a tiny sewing GPS. It’s like having a built-in laser pointer for your thread, guiding you stitch by stitch towards quilting perfection. Precision never looked so good (or so easy to achieve)!


Baby Lock Regalia ST Machine STITCH REGULATION

The Baby Lock Regalia ST’s got your back (and your bobbin) with its game-changing Stitch Harmony. This built-in maestro keeps your stitches even and dreamy, no matter how fast you cruise or how hard you pause. Think of it as having a personal stitch cheerleader, ensuring every single one hits the mark with laser-guided precision. Plus, the handy Needle Beam acts as your sewing GPS, so you always know exactly where your next masterpiece stitch is landing. It’s like quilting on autopilot, but with the control and precision of a pro. So go ahead, unleash your inner quilting rockstar, the Regalia ST has got your back (and your stitches) covered!



The Baby Lock Regalia ST boasts a vibrant 7″ touchscreen that feels like a quilting superpower. Imagine adjusting stitch settings, needle positions, and even raising/lowering the needle – all with a simple tap or swipe. It’s like having a personal quilting genie at your fingertips, ready to grant your stitching wishes instantly. Plus, the on-screen handwheel lets you control everything without contorting around the machine – think ergonomic bliss meets quilting precision! It’s the ultimate tech upgrade for your quilting haven, making every stitch a fingertip tap away. So ditch the old-school controls and embrace the future of quilting with the Regalia ST’s magical touchscreen.


Baby Lock Regalia ST Machine QUICK-SET TENSION

The Baby Lock Regalia ST boasts a “Quick-Set Tension” feature that’s like a magic wand for your stitches. No more fiddling with dials or deciphering cryptic charts – simply adjust the upper thread tension with a quick twist and see your settings instantly on the clear digital display. It’s like having a built-in tension therapist, calming your stitching woes and ensuring every creation flows flawlessly. So unleash your inner quilting Picasso, knowing the Regalia ST will keep your tension in check, stitch after perfect stitch.


Ditch the quilting chair (or ottoman!) and transform your space with the Baby Lock Lift Table upgrade! This game-changer boasts a spacious 38″x38″ surface that adjusts from 23″ to 49″ in height, letting you quilt in either sitting or standing comfort. Imagine seamlessly switching between ergonomic positions throughout your project, no more hunching or feeling confined. It’s like having a personal quilting chameleon, adapting to your every whim and keeping your body happy stitch after stitch. So go ahead, embrace the stand-up quilting revolution or get cozy in your favorite chair – the Regalia ST Lift Table lets you quilt on your own terms!

Baby Lock Regalia ST Machine lift table upgrade


Think the EverSewn Sparrow 15 is just a sewing machine? Think again! This little birdie comes with a treasure trove of goodies to get your creative juices flowing right out of the box:

Imagine… an electronic bobbin winder zipping around at variable speeds, filling your 5 included “M” class metal bobbins in a flash. No more hand-cranking frustration, just pure winding bliss!

Need to tackle intricate curves or tight corners? The interchangeable Open Toe Hopping Foot becomes your best friend, offering clear visibility for stitch perfection. Plus, two packs of needles (size 16 and 18) ensure you’re always ready for any fabric adventure.

But wait, there’s more! Keep your threads organized with the handy Thread Mast, and banish sewing machine gremlins with the included oiler.

Feeling a bit handy? A full set of wrenches (1 wrench, 4 Allen wrenches) and a screwdriver are there for any minor adjustments, while the lint brush keeps your machine purring smoothly.

And to top it all off, a comprehensive instruction manual on USB guides you through every step of your sewing journey. It’s like having a friendly sewing instructor right at your fingertips!

Baby Lock Regalia ST Machine with touchscreen


The EverSewn Sparrow 15 is a fantastic machine on its own, but why not supercharge your creativity with some optional accessories? Think of them as feathers that help your Sparrow fly even higher!

  • Ruler and Echo Quilting Foot Set (BLQ-REFS): Channel your inner quilting pro with this set, perfect for precise seams, echo quilting, and creating beautiful borders.
  • Bobbins – M Class (BLJ-BOB): Stock up on these handy “M” class bobbins to avoid running out mid-project. The more, the merrier (and the less likely you are to be interrupted by bobbin changes)!
  • ¼” Acrylic Ruler Sets – High Shank & Long Arm (BLRK-HSLA, BLRK2-HSLA, BLRK3-HSLA): These high-shank rulers, available in different configurations, help you maintain consistent seam allowances and navigate curves with ease. Choose the set that best suits your quilting needs!
  • Creative Couching Foot Set (BLQ-CCF): Unleash your inner embellishment artist with this set! Add texture and dimension to your projects with decorative threads, cords, and more.
  • Horizontal Spool Pin (BLJ18-HS): This handy pin provides an extra spool holder, keeping your thread organized and tension flowing smoothly.

Baby Lock Regalia ST Machine standart insert table


Baby Lock machines aren’t just built to last, they’re built to give you peace of mind. Their warranties are like a warm hug for your creative spirit, assuring you that even if something goes wrong, they’ve got your back:

  • 10-Year Casting Parts: Imagine a decade of worry-free stitching. The solid foundation of your Baby Lock machine is covered for a whopping 10 years, so you can focus on crafting, not stressing.
  • 5-Year Parts & Circuit Boards: The intricate components that make your machine tick are covered for 5 years, giving you double the industry standard protection. Relax, knowing even the heart of your machine is shielded.
  • 5-Year Electrical: Power surges? Don’t sweat it! Baby Lock’s 5-year electrical warranty ensures your machine’s electrical system is protected, keeping your creative flow uninterrupted.
  • 90-Day Labor: Need a little TLC? Baby Lock’s 90-day labor warranty covers the technician’s magic touch, so you get expert repairs with peace of mind.

Baby Lock 20″ Regalia ST Customers reviews:

  • “Wonderful.” – February 7, 2024 by D (United States)
  • “I’ve been happy with ordering in the past. Always check you out first for items that I am interested in.” – February 7, 2024 by Linda D. (United States)
  • “I bought a second hand machine without a manual for my niece and was referred to your website by the man who serviced the machine. I appreciate the free download of the manual.” – February 7, 2024 by Barbara S. (United States)
  • “Happy to find the foot I needed. Easy site to use.” – February 7, 2024 by paula D. (United States)
  • “The website was very easy to shop and Nedra was a big help.” – February 7, 2024 by Katie F. (United States)
  • “It was easy to order and the products arrived on time.” – February 6, 2024 by DONNA S. (United States)

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