Babylock Brilliant Sewing Machine Review: Beginner’s Guide – Features, Benefits & Warranty



Our Baby Lock Brilliant review discovers versatile sewing machine loaded with a variety of stitches and user-friendly features 190 built-in stitches, including one-step buttonholes, advanced needle threader, drop-in bobbin, and hands-free knee lift for effortless sewing. It handles home decor projects and quilts with no hard. Keep reading to learn more about its benefits, included accessories and warranty.

Baby Lock Brilliant TECHNOLOGY FEATURES Review:

Crystal-clear LCD screen displays stitch selections, settings, and keeps you informed every step of the way.

190 built-in stitches include essential utility stitches, beautiful decorative patterns and even more to let you add a unique touch to a garment, or tackling intricate embroidery.

One-step buttonhole functionality helps to create perfect buttonhole with no hard.

Built-in alphabet function lets you personalize projects with a custom touch.

Adjustable stitch width and length, along with variable sewing speed, give you extra control over your sewing projects.

Advanced needle threader does all the needle threading work for you

Quick-set, top-loading bobbin makes swapping bobbins just an easy step.

Start/stop button allows for effortless project navigation.

Built-in thread cutter eliminates the need of having the scissors on hand.

Ergonomic knee lift frees up your hands for better fabric control

Programmable needle position lets you customize your stitching start point for better precision.

Generous 8.3 inches of workspace to the right of the needle provides plenty of room to maneuver even large projects.

Drop feed function allows for free-motion sewing for quilting and other creative sewing techniques.


Baby Lock Brilliant lets you edit and combine decorative stitches, creating unique patterns that reflect your personal style. What’s more you are able to store your custom creations in memory pockets for easy access later, and use pattern repeat and mirror image functions.

Adjustable presser foot pressure ensures optimal stitching results on any material weight.

Variable speed control provides extra control of your sewing speed, that is useful for intricate details, and letting stitch with high precision.

Variable needle position lets you place your stitches exactly where you want them, perfect for creating topstitching accents, inserting zippers, or tackling close curves.

Twin needle sewing lets to create decorative topstitching, unique hems, or even add piping.

Free arm design provides extra clearance for circular sewing, and lets try free-motion quilting, applique, and other creative sewing techniques.

Needle plate with a scale in both inches and centimeters ensures accurate seam allowances and precise stitch placement.

Easy-to-read stitch chart helps for selecting the perfect stitch for your sewing project.

2 built-in accessory compartments helps to keep all your essential sewing notions close at hand.

Ergonomic hands-free presser foot lift allows for easy fabric manipulation and pivoting, that is very helpful for piecing quilts or handling bulky projects.

Programmable needle up/down feature lets you customize your stopping point for added convenience.

Generous 8.3 inches of workspace to the right of the needle provides ample space to maneuver even large quilts.

Drop feed function allows you to disengage the feed dogs for free-motion sewing techniques.

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Baby Lock Brilliant 190 STITCHES panel

Baby Lock Brilliant provides 190 available built-in stitches to choose from, including comprehensive selection of utility stitches and decorative stitches in various sizes that help to transform your sewing ideas into reality. What’s more 10 one-step buttonhole styles included allow you to create perfectly sized and beautifully finished buttonholes effortlessly.



Revolutionary Quick-Set, Drop-In Bobbin system lets to dive into your sewing project without any bobbin-related interruptions.

Drop-in design allows you to simply place the bobbin in its designated spot, eliminating the frustration of threading from the underside.



The constant worries about raising and lowering the presser foot with your hands can lead to accidental sewing mishaps.

Ingenious Hands-Free Knee Lift frees up both your hands, allowing you to maneuver fabric with better accuracy. That might be helpful when working with tasks like pivoting corners, piecing quilts, or handling bulky projects.



Push Button Feature Panel puts an array of sewing functions at your fingertips.

It lets to start and stop sewing with a simple push of a button, that is useful for precise stitching control or quick project pauses.

A dedicated button allows you to instantly raise or lower the needle for better stitch placement control.

Built-in thread cutter button snips your thread cleanly and efficiently, saving your time and keeping your workspace tidy.

The reverse sew button allows you to effortlessly sew in reverse, all with a single push, if you need to backstitch to secure your seams or add a touch of reinforcement.



Revolutionary Programmable Stitch Function allows you to design your own stitches, and make you not being limited to pre-programmed stitches.

Imagine to create unique, personalized patterns.

It lets you blend different decorative stitches and combine various stitch types and lengths, allowing you to create unique, personalized patterns for your sewing projects.

Built-in memory allows you to save your custom stitch combinations for future use, eliminating the need to recreate your favorite stitch patterns every time.



Advanced threading system guides the thread with precision, eliminating squinting and struggling to thread that tiny needle eye.

Threading the Baby Lock Brilliant machine involves just a few simple motions.

Follow the numbered guide, and the machine practically threads itself, leaving you with perfectly threaded perfection.



Quick-Set Bobbin Winder moves traditional bobbin winding to the next level and makes bobbin preparation effortless. Simply place the bobbin on the spindle and feed the thread through the designated guide.

Automatic shutoff function prevents messy overflows and wasted thread. once the bobbin is full, the machine whirs to a stop automatically, making you never having to worry about overfilling your bobbin.

Baby Lock Brilliant Included Accessories Review:

  • Stylish soft cover case helps to keep your machine safe from dust and scratches, and transport it to classes or workshops with confidence.
  • Collection of 14 specialized presser feet, from perfect buttonholes to invisible zippers and decorative monograms
    • Buttonhole Foot helps to create perfectly sized and beautifully finished buttonholes with no hard.
    • Overcasting Foot lets to neatly finish raw edges and prevent fraying.
    • Monogramming Foot is used to add a touch of personalized touch to your projects, perfect for creating beautiful embroidery and lettering.
    • Zipper Foot makes installing zippers easy task, ensuring smooth and even stitching.
    • Zig Zag Foot lets you work with variety of decorative stitches and edging techniques.
    • Blind Stitch Foot helps to create invisible hems for a professional finish.
    • Button Fitting Foot lets to sew on buttons with ease and precision.
    • Walking Foot ensures even feeding of multiple layers of fabric, that s helpful for quilting and working with bulky materials.
    • Free Motion Quilting Foot opens the world of free-motion quilting for beautiful and unique embellishments.
    • Stitch Guide Foot features a handy guide that helps you identify and select the perfect stitch for your sewing needs.
    • Adjustable Zipper/Piping Foot tackles both zippers and piping applications with ease.
    • Nonstick Foot glides effortlessly over sticky materials like vinyl or leather, preventing fabric from clinging and ensuring smooth stitching.
    • Open Toe Foot provides superior visibility when working on intricate details or tight spaces.
    • 1/4″ Quilting Foot is quilter’s essential tool to maintain perfect seam allowances for precise piecing.


The core structure of your Baby Lock Brilliant machine is covered for 25 years, protecting you against manufacturing defects in the frame and body.

10 years of coverage on internal parts for unlikely event of a malfunction with a component within your machine.

Circuit board is covered by 5 years warranty, ensuring the smooth operation of your machine’s electronic components.

Babylock provides a 2-year warranty on all electrical components, safeguarding your machine against electrical issues that might arise.

For the first year of ownership, Babylock covers the labor costs associated with any repairs your Brilliant machine might require.

How Baby Lock Brilliant Customers review it:

  • “Love it!” – November 7, 2022 by AMBER N. (IN, United States)
  • “I bought this sewing machine for my wife and she loves it!” – August 11, 2022 by James D. (FL, United States)
  • “It does everything I want it to do.” – December 13, 2021 by Mada E. (IL Illinois, United States)
  • “I am in love with the Brilliant! It is smooth and quiet. My favorite new features are the threader and auto thread cutter. I can’t wait to try out more new things!” – November 5, 2021 by Bonnie W. (Mo, United States)
  • “Love anything Babylock.” – October 31, 2021 by THERESA R. (United States)
  • “I got this for my mother and she loves it.” – October 13, 2021 by Betty S. (United States)
  • “Babylock makes a great product! I am enjoying my new sewing machine!” – October 6, 2021 by LARA L. (Florida , United States)

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