Unleash Your Creativity: Singer 7285Q Patchwork Sewing Machine Review



Singer 7285Q Sewing Machine review

Whether you’re a seasoned quilter or a sewing newbie, the Singer 7285Q PATCHWORK promises to be your new best friend. This feature-packed machine is designed to take your creativity to the next level, offering a seamless blend of user-friendly functions and quilting prowess.

For the Beginner:

Feeling intimidated by the whirring world of sewing? Fear not! The 7285Q PATCHWORK welcomes you with open arms. The electronic speed control lets you set a gentle pace, while the push-button start/stop eliminates the need for fancy footwork (perfect for mastering those straight lines!). Plus, the automatic needle threader saves you precious time and frustration, so you can focus on the fun part: unleashing your inner designer.

For the Quilting Enthusiast:

Get ready to dive deep into your quilting dreams! This machine boasts 100 built-in stitches, including 15 specifically designed for quilting. You’ll find everything from delicate feathers to bold geometric patterns, giving you endless possibilities to personalize your projects. And let’s not forget the 6 one-step buttonholes – say goodbye to tedious hand-sewing and hello to perfectly finished edges!

Singer 7285Q Sewing Machine controls

Beyond the Basics:

The 7285Q PATCHWORK doesn’t stop at beginner-friendly features. Experienced sewers will appreciate the programmable needle up/down function, perfect for pivoting around corners and tackling intricate applique work. The extension table provides ample space for larger projects, while the four bonus quilting presser feet let you experiment with decorative stitching and techniques.

This machine is more than just a sewing companion; it’s an invitation to explore your creativity. Whether you’re piecing together a cozy quilt or crafting a stylish garment, the Singer 7285Q PATCHWORK empowers you to bring your vision to life with confidence and ease. So, ditch the intimidation, dust off your fabric stash, and get ready to stitch your way to sewing bliss!


Singer 7285Q Sewing Machine 100 built-in stitches

Ditch the boring basics and dive into a world of creative possibilities with the Singer 7285Q Patchwork. This machine isn’t just for squares and straight lines; it’s a treasure trove of 100 built-in stitches, ready to transform your quilting dreams into stunning reality.

Quilt Like a Pro:

  • 15 dedicated quilting stitches: From delicate feathers to bold geometric patterns, you’ll find the perfect stitch to express your unique style.
  • 6 one-step buttonholes: Say goodbye to hand-sewing frustration and hello to perfectly finished edges in a snap.
  • Bonus quilting presser feet: Experiment with decorative stitching and techniques, adding that extra touch of pizzazz to your projects.

More Than Just Quilting:

  • 9 essential stitches: Tackle everyday sewing tasks with confidence, from mending rips to creating simple garments.
  • 8 stretch stitches: Work with stretchy fabrics like knits and jerseys without puckering or distortion.
  • 61 decorative stitches: Let your imagination run wild with borders, embellishments, and personalized touches.

It’s All in the Details:

  • Automatic needle threader: Save precious time and frustration with this convenient feature.
  • Top drop-in bobbin: Quick and easy bobbin changes keep your sewing flow uninterrupted.
  • Adjustable stitch length and width: Fine-tune your stitches for perfect results on any project.


The Singer 7285Q Patchwork boasts a programmable needle that’s like a personal sewing assistant. Want to lift the presser foot and effortlessly remove your project? No problem, program that needle to stop up and you’re golden. Feeling fancy with some appliqué or intricate quilting? Simply program it to stay down for smooth pivots and precise stitching. This little gem eliminates stress and lets you focus on the creative flow, making even the most challenging techniques a breeze.

Singer 7285Q Sewing Machine programmable needle up/down


The Singer 7285Q Patchwork understands. This sewing machine liberates you from the tyranny of the foot pedal with its handy Start/Stop button. Simply tap it, and your machine hums to life, ready to stitch at your command. But wait, there’s more! The Speed Control Lever remains your loyal companion, letting you adjust the pace to your perfect rhythm. So, go pedal-less, embrace the freedom, and stitch your way to sewing serenity!


Singer 7285Q Sewing Machine extension table included

The Singer 7285Q Patchwork comes with a bonus wingman: an extension table that transforms your workspace into a quilting haven. This isn’t just about extra elbow room; it’s about tackling those king-sized quilts, home decor projects, and anything else your ambitious mind can dream up. So, unfold your fabric dreams, let your creativity soar, and stitch without limits!


Ditch the frustration and say hello to sewing nirvana with the Singer 7285Q Patchwork! This feature-packed machine is like a personal sewing assistant, ready to take your creativity from napkin sketches to runway-worthy masterpieces. Let’s dive into the highlights:

Threading Hassles? Begone!

  • Automatic Needle Threader: No more squinting or fumbling! This time-saver gets you stitching in seconds.
  • Horizontal Threading: Say goodbye to uneven thread delivery and hello to perfect stitch formation.

Speed Demon or Slow and Steady? You Decide!

  • Variable Speed Control: Adjust the sewing pace to match your comfort level, from leisurely stitching to speedy production.

Buttonhole Blues? No More!

  • 6 One-Step Buttonholes: Create perfectly balanced buttonholes in a snap, with an endless option for those extra-long ones.

Quilting Like a Dream:

  • Bonus Quilting Feet: Explore decorative stitching and techniques with specialized feet for 1/4″ seams, even feeding, satin stitches, and more.
  • Extension Table: Spread your wings and tackle large projects with this spacious workspace.

Singer 7285Q controls

Sew with Confidence, Sew with Ease:

  • Automatic Stitch Length & Width: Optimal settings for most projects, but easily adjustable for personalized touches.
  • Automatic Presser Foot Pressure & Tension: Ensures consistent stitch quality, regardless of fabric weight.
  • 13 Needle Positions: Perfect for zippers, cords, and topstitching.
  • 7mm Stitch Width: Create stunning satin and decorative stitches.
  • Automatic Reverse & Locking Stitch: Reinforce stitches and prevent unraveling with ease.

Convenience is Key:

  • Top Drop-In Bobbin: Easy bobbin loading with a clear view window.
  • Heavy Duty Metal Frame: Skip-free sewing and long-lasting durability.
  • Center Zigzag Taper: Appliqué like a pro with beautiful, centered tapers.
  • Extra-High Presser Foot Lifter: Handle thick layers with ease.
  • Onboard Storage & Snap-On Feet: Keep everything organized and change feet in a flash.

Singer 7285Q Reviews:

  • “I absolutely love this machine. My 35-yr old Singer died and I replaced it with this new, updated model. All the bells and whistles are just waiting for me to try out. It runs quiet and I love the speed control too. Measuring a 1/4 in seam allowance is easy and consistent.” – April 8, 2021 by Elizabeth P.
  • “Really like this machine! Have always used Singer products and never been disappointed! This machine will be perfect for carrying to quilting classes. Lightweight and and liaded with functions.” – September 8, 2020 by Theresa M. (AR, United States)
  • “I love love this machine. Easy to use, I’m a beginner, and it sews beautifully. Free motion quilting is a breeze.” – September 2, 2020 by Celia N. (OR, United States)
  • “Good for a beginner!” – August 28, 2020 by LORRI D.
  • “I love it.” – May 31, 2020 by Bettyelane K. (United States)

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