Necchi NC-59QD Sewing Machine Review: A Feature-Packed Workhorse for Beginners and Beyond

The Necchi NC- 59QD sewing machine is a mechanical sewing machine with a variety of features that make it suitable for both newcomers and educated sewers. It’s also relatively featherlight and movable , making it easy to take with you to sewing classes or on trips.

Some details about the Necchi NC- 59QD sewing machine:

  • The machine weighs about 12 pounds.
  • The dimensions of the machine are15.7″ x12.6″ x9.8″.
  • The warranty on the machine is 25 years.



Necchi NC-59QD Features

With its impressive array of features, the Necchi NC-59QD sewing machine caters to both beginners seeking ease of use and experienced sewers desiring versatility and control. So, whether you’re mending clothes, crafting quilts, or embarking on intricate garment construction, this machine is equipped to handle your sewing needs with confidence.

Stitching Prowess:
  • 59 Built-in Stitches: Tackle a wide range of projects with a variety of decorative and utility stitches, from basic straight and zigzag to blind hem, satin stitch, and more!
  • 1-Step Buttonhole: Create perfectly shaped buttonholes in a single, easy step, saving you time and frustration.

Convenience and Control:

  • Start/Stop Button: Simply press the button to start sewing and let go to stop – no need for the foot pedal if you’re doing quick tasks.
  • Speed Control Slider: Adjust the sewing speed to match your skill level and project requirements, from slow and controlled to fast and efficient.
  • Foot Control for Needle Up/Down: Lift and lower the needle with a tap of the foot pedal, freeing your hands for fabric manipulation.
  • Wide Working Space: Enjoy 7 inches of workspace to the right of the needle, perfect for larger projects like quilts and garments.
Seamless Sewing Experience:
  • Automatic Needle Threader: Threading the needle is a breeze with this built-in feature, eliminating eye strain and frustration.
  • Adjustable Stitch Length and Width: Fine-tune your stitches for precise results, regardless of fabric type or project demands.
  • Automatic Bobbin Winder: Wind bobbins quickly and easily with the dedicated winder, keeping your sewing process uninterrupted.
  • Adjustable Presser Foot Pressure: Apply the right amount of pressure for different fabrics and sewing techniques, ensuring smooth feeding and stitch quality.
  • Bright LED Light: Illuminate your work area for clear visibility and enhanced precision, especially helpful in low-light conditions.

Bonus Feature:

  • Drop Feed: Lower the feed dogs with a lever for free-motion embroidery and quilting, allowing you to move the fabric freely under the needle for creative stitching.


Necchi NC-59QD Sewing Machine

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Necchi NC-59QD Sewing Machine WIDE WORKING SPACE

The wide working space on the Necchi NC-59QD is one of its standout features. With 7 inches (180mm) to the right of the needle, it offers significantly more room compared to many standard sewing machines.

  • Handling larger projects: Comfortably tackle quilts, curtains, large garments, and other projects that require ample fabric manoeuvring. No more wrestling with limited space and fabric bunching!
  • Easier quilting and piecing: Enjoy the freedom to move and position fabric layers for quilting and piecing projects without feeling cramped.
  • Enhanced precision: The spacious area allows for better visibility and control while sewing, contributing to more accurate and consistent stitch quality.
  • Reduced frustration: Say goodbye to fabric jams and awkward manipulations thanks to the generous working area. Sewing becomes a smoother and more enjoyable experience.



The Necchi NC-59QD sewing machine boasts an impressive repertoire of 59 stitches, catering to both practical and decorative needs. This variety lets you tackle a diverse range of sewing projects, from basic repairs and alterations to creative embellishments and personalized touches.

Utility Stitches:

  • Straight stitch: The workhorse of sewing, ideal for seams, hems, and joining fabric pieces.
  • Zigzag stitch: Perfect for securing raw edges, finishing seams, and decorative stitching.
  • Blind hem stitch: Creates a neat and invisible hem on garments.
  • Stretch stitches: Designed for knit fabrics and prevent seam puckering.
  • Reinforced stitches: Extra secure for areas that experience stress, like jeans pockets or bag straps.

Decorative Stitches:

  • Satin stitch: Creates a smooth, glossy finish for borders, appliques, and decorative elements.
  • Scallop stitch: Adds a playful touch to edges and collars.
  • Honeycomb stitch: Creates a textured effect for decorative accents.
  • Festoon stitch: Adds a delicate, wave-like border.
  • Cross-stitch: Perfect for replicating the look of hand-stitched embroidery.

And the spacious 7-inch (180mm) working area of the Necchi NC-59QD comes in handy when utilizing these stitches on larger projects. You’ll have ample room to maneuver your fabric and achieve precise results, whether you’re stitching intricate borders on a quilt or adding decorative accents to a garment.


Necchi NC-59QD Sewing Machine SPEED CONTROL

The Necchi NC-59QD sewing machine shines with its handy speed control feature, catering to sewers of all skill levels and project demands. This convenient slider allows you to effortlessly adjust the sewing speed from a slow and controlled pace to a brisk and efficient one, perfectly adapting to your needs.

Benefits of Speed Control:

  • Beginners: Start slow and build confidence, mastering stitch formation and fabric handling without feeling overwhelmed by rapid machine speed.
  • Experienced Sewers: Crank up the speed for quicker sewing on long seams, repetitive tasks, or when you’re comfortable navigating fabric at a faster pace.
  • Intricate Techniques: Fine-tune the speed for more delicate tasks like applique, free-motion quilting, or buttonhole making, ensuring precise control and stitch quality.

How to Use the Speed Control:

The Necchi NC-59QD features a conveniently located speed control slider, often situated either beside the power button or near the handwheel. Simply slide the knob or lever to the desired speed level, from the slowest setting (usually marked with a turtle symbol) to the fastest (often represented by a rabbit).

Visualizing Speed Options:

  • Low Speed: Like a gentle stroll, perfect for mastering stitching techniques and practicing control.
  • Medium Speed: Similar to a brisk walk, ideal for efficient sewing on most projects.
  • High Speed: Akin to a jog, excellent for quickly tackling long seams or repetitive tasks for experienced sewers.


Necchi NC-59QD Sewing Machine START/STOP BUTTON

The Start/Stop button is a fantastic feature, the foot pedal still plays a crucial role in sewing. For continuous sewing, regulating speed, and maintaining smooth fabric feed, the foot pedal remains the preferred method. This handy button allows you to:

  • Start sewing instantly: Simply press the button and the machine whirs to life, eliminating the need to pump the foot pedal, especially helpful for quick tasks or when your hands are full.
  • Stop sewing with a tap: No need to fumble with the foot pedal or reach for the power switch. Simply press the button again, and the machine smoothly comes to a halt, perfect for precision adjustments or pausing between steps.
  • Easy control for beginners: Ditch the foot pedal and focus on mastering fabric handling and stitch formation. The Start/Stop button provides a simpler and more intuitive way to control the machine, ideal for building confidence without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Increased comfort and flexibility: Take breaks from using the foot pedal, reducing leg fatigue and allowing you to change your posture while sewing. This is particularly beneficial for longer projects or sewers with physical limitations.
  • Enhanced precision for certain techniques: For tasks like free-motion quilting or intricate embellishments, the Start/Stop button offers greater control compared to the foot pedal. You can start and stop sewing in precise bursts, ensuring greater accuracy and stitch quality.



Threading a needle can be a frustrating experience, especially for those with less-than-perfect eyesight or dexterity. But the Necchi NC-59QD sewing machine eliminates this hassle with its built-in Automatic Needle Threader. This nifty feature makes threading the needle a breeze, saving you time and frustration and allowing you to get on with the enjoyable part of sewing – creating!

Here’s how the Automatic Needle Threader works:
  1. Raise the needle: Rotate the handwheel towards you until the needle is in its highest position.
  2. Hook the thread: Lift the lever or slide the button that activates the needle threader. This will reveal a small hook or loop.
  3. Thread the hook: Pass the thread under the thread guide and gently into the hook or loop of the needle threader.
  4. Lower the threader: Push the lever or slide the button back down to its original position. This will pull the thread through the eye of the needle.
  5. Pull the thread: Gently pull the thread to ensure it’s securely threaded through the needle and remove the threader.

That’s it! No more squinting at the tiny needle eye or struggling to thread the tip with trembling fingers. The Automatic Needle Threader takes care of the tricky part, leaving you free to focus on your sewing project.

Here are some additional benefits of the Automatic Needle Threader:
  • Saves time: No more wasted minutes struggling to thread the needle. You can get started sewing much faster and be more productive.
  • Reduces frustration: Threading a needle can be a source of stress and annoyance. The Automatic Needle Threader eliminates this frustration and keeps your sewing experience enjoyable.
  • Easier for beginners: For those new to sewing, threading the needle can be a daunting task. The Automatic Needle Threader makes it easier for beginners to get started and build confidence.
  • Ideal for those with vision problems: With the Automatic Needle Threader, there’s no need to strain your eyes trying to see the tiny needle eye. This makes sewing more accessible for people with vision limitations.


Necchi NC-59QD Sewing Machine NEEDLE UP & DOWN

The Necchi NC-59QD sewing machine boasts a convenient Needle Up/Down feature built into the foot pedal. This handy function allows you to raise and lower the needle with a simple tap of your foot, offering several benefits:

Enhanced Precision:

  • No more reaching for the handwheel to position the needle for pivoting or turning corners. You can quickly raise and lower the needle with a tap, maintaining smooth fabric flow and ensuring accurate stitch placement.
  • Perfect for free-motion quilting and embroidery, where precise needle control is crucial. You can lift and lower the needle mid-stitch for intricate designs and embellishments.

Increased Convenience:

  • Eliminate the need to constantly switch between the foot pedal and the handwheel. This feature lets you keep your foot on the pedal and focus on guiding the fabric, making sewing more efficient and streamlined.
  • Ideal for tasks like inserting pins, adjusting fabric layers, or checking seam alignment. Simply tap the pedal to raise or lower the needle without stopping the machine.

Reduced Fatigue:

  • Continuously pumping the foot pedal can be tiring, especially for longer projects. The Needle Up/Down feature allows you to rest your foot momentarily by taking control of the needle with a simple tap.
  • Particularly helpful for beginners or those with physical limitations who might find using the handwheel challenging.

Improved Safety:

  • With the Needle Up/Down function, you can easily lift the needle out of the fabric before stopping the machine. This reduces the risk of accidentally sewing over fingers or pins left in the fabric.

Stitch patterns:

Necchi NC-59QD Sewing Machine Stitch patterns

Necchi NC-59QD Included Accessories

This accessory kit provides everything you need to get started with the Necchi NC-59QD and complete a range of sewing projects. You can tackle basic mending and alterations, create garments and accessories, and even explore decorative stitching and quilting.

Essential Feet:

  • All Purpose Foot: Handles most basic sewing tasks like straight stitching, zig-zagging, and joining fabrics.
  • Buttonhole Foot: Creates neatly shaped buttonholes in one easy step.
  • Zipper foot: Sews zippers smoothly and evenly on garments or bags.
  • Button sewing foot: Easily attach buttons of various sizes.
  • Satin stitch foot: Creates decorative stitches with a smooth, glossy finish.

Additional Tools:

  • Edge/quilting guide: Ensures straight stitching along edges and helps with quilting projects.
  • Bobbins (4x): Spare bobbins to keep you sewing without interruption.
  • Pack of needles (#11, #14, #16): Different needle sizes for various fabric types and projects.
  • L-screwdriver: Adjusts presser foot pressure and other settings.
  • Seam ripper/brush: Fixes mistakes and cleans up threads.

Organizational Aids:

  • Auxiliary spool pin: Holds an extra spool of thread for quick color changes.
  • Spool holders: Securely hold spools of thread while sewing.
  • Spool pin felt: Protects the machine from scratches by the spool holder.

Protection and Convenience:

  • Soft cover: Protects the machine from dust and scratches when not in use.

Necchi NC-59QD Sewing Machine Included Accessories

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