Juki HZL-80HP Computerized Sewing Machine Review: Packed with Features, Light on Price



In our Juki HZL-80HP review we discover computerized sewing machine that is packed with a plenty of features for beginners and hobbyists and has reasonable price tag. It boasts 197 stitches, including a font for lettering, automatic needle threader, start/stop button and reverse stitch function. This machine is perfect for anyone who working on projects from home decor to clothing repairs.

The Juki HZL-80HP has direct pattern selection that lets you choose your stitch quickly, and the adjustable presser foot pressure ensures you get clean seams even on thick fabrics.

This machine provides possibility to customize stitch size and needle position, as well as sew buttonholes in various sizes using the included buttonhole foot. What’s more, the handy quick release reference plate makes finding your favorite stitches easy.

Juki HZL-80HP carrying handle


  • 800 stitches per minute let you finish tasks quickly.
  • Adjustable lengths up to 4.5mm and zigzag widths up to 7mm for perfect detailing.
  • This machine uses HA x1 #9-#18 needles, giving you a variety of options to match your project’s fabric weight.
  • Lightweight design at 5.8kg and a space-saving footprint of 400 x 290 x 188 mm lets this machine to fit comfortably on your crafting table and easily be transported for sewing on the go.
  • The horizontal rotary hook ensures smooth stitch formation for better results.

Juki HZL-80HP Computerized Sewing Machine

Juki HZL-80HP Sewing Machine with stitches reference plate

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Juki HZL-80HP auto-needle threader

Built-in automatic needle threader just make sewing process effortless and does all the work  for you, saving your time.


Juki HZL-80HP Sewing Machine start/stop button

The Juki HZL-80HP’s Start/Stop button lets you control sewing with a tap, and its color even tells you if the machine is ready to sew or if it needs some attention.


reverse stitch button

Two types of lock stitches secure your seams, that might be helpful for finishing touches and preventing unraveling.


Juki HZL-80HP pattern selection panel

The Juki HZL-80HP features 10 essential stitch buttons for instant selection, that helps to avoid those hunting through menus for the perfect stitch.


needle up/down button

Needle up/down button lets you control the needle position for perfect pivots, half-stitches, and more.


Juki HZL-80HP makes buttonholes

The Juki HZL-80HP makes perfect buttonholes every time, automatically sized to your button.


Juki presser foot pressure regulation

Adjusting presser foot pressure provides better sailing on light silks or thick denim.


Juki HZL-80HP current needle setting is very visible

Clear display that helps you to check what exactly stitch size and needle position you’ve selected for perfect control over your project.


Juki HZL-80HP sews letters

The Juki HZL-80HP doesn’t just sew patterns, it also lets you stitch letters. What’s more, you can customize your stitching by memorizing favorite designs for easy recall.


Juki HZL-80HP stitches reference plate

Handy quick reference plate that puts all your favorite stitches at your fingertips.

Included Accessories

  • Standard foot that is usually used for everyday sewing
  • Zipper foot that is needed for easier zipper application
  • Decorative stitch foot for some kind of embellishments
  • Overcasting foot for clean finishes
  • Blind stitch foot for invisible hems
  • Button sewing foot for perfect button attachment
  • Buttonhole foot for creating perfect buttonholes.
  • A seam ripper and brush help with any mistakes
  • Screwdrivers that ensure easy maintenance.
  • An auxiliary spool pin helps manage extra thread
  • Three bobbins to keep you sewing non interrupt
  • A quilt guide keeps your stitching perfectly straight
  • Spool caps (large and small) and spool pin felt prevent thread tangles.
  • Three packs of needles provide options for various fabric weights.

Juki HZL-80HP Sewing Machine accessories included

How Juki HZL-80HP Customers review it:

  • “I bought this sewing machine for my daughter and her boyfriend and they love it!” – July 18, 2019 by Bonnie L. (United States)
  • “love my machine” – June 1, 2017 by Dianna C. (United States)

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