Juki HZL-G120 Sewing Machine Review: Stitch Perfection at Your Fingertips



Our Juki HZL-G120 review explores computerized sewing & quilting machine that is able to wonder you by its spacious work area and an innovative box feeding system & more.

This machine provides generous underarm space, perfect for tackling large quilting projects with ease.

Box feeding system keeps your fabric gliding effortlessly, achieving perfect seams every time, avoiding puckers and snags.

The bright LCD screen adds extra user-friendliness, providing all the information you need right on your fingertips.

Juki HZL-G120 Sewing Machine free arm

Juki HZL-G120 Features Review:

Innovative box feed system, borrowed from industrial machines, moves the fabric precisely enough, to avoid stretching and shifting.

Powerful feeding system, having improved presser foot design, lets to handle even thick materials like denim effortlessly.

Generous underarm space is very helpful when working on large projects like quilts or home decor, giving a plenty of space to maneuver.

8 different buttonhole options help to make perfect buttonholes in a variety of styles for any fabric material.

Automatic needle threader makes sewing process more convenient.

Quick bobbin preparation system has a simple guide that eliminates the need to pull up the thread.

The bright LED light illuminates the needle area, helping to see your stitches clearly, especially helpful when handle delicate fabrics, that need extra precision.

Juki HZL-G120 Sewing Machine

Juki HZL-G120 Sewing Machine with stitch patterns panel open

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  • Sewing speed of 900 stitches per minute
  • The Juki HZL-G120 utilizes 130R/705H needles, that is a common and readily available type.
  • 180 stitches available lets you have the perfect stitch for any task, from basic repairs to some creative decorations.
  • Maximum stitch length of 5mm and maximum zigzag width of 7mm allow to fine-tune details and have perfect control over your stitches.
  • 8 buttonholes styles allows to match any garment, ensuring a professional and polished finish.
  • Manual presser foot lift offers a familiar and straightforward operation for experienced sewers.
  • Adjustable foot pressure lets to achieve perfect results on any fabric thickness and helps to avoid puckering or skipped stitches.
  • Weight of 20 pounds helps to reduce vibrations and ensures smooth operation.
  • Compact dimensions of 445mm x 292mm x 223mm make it a great option for smaller sewing spaces.
  • The machine uses a low shank needle type, a common standard that ensures a wide variety of compatible needles are readily available.

Juki HZL-G120 LCD display


  • T-shape screwdriver for minor adjustments
  • Set of needles for most sewing needs
  • Four bobbins to keep you sewing uninterrupted.
  • Handy ripper helps you undo mistakes with ease
  • Cleaning brush keeps your machine running smoothly.
  • Small and large spool caps help your thread to stay put, preventing tangles.
  • Included foot controller provides variable speed control, giving you extra precision over your sewing process.
  • Power cord
  • Standard presser foot for everyday sewing
  • Overcasting presser foot for finishing raw edges
  • Manual buttonhole presser foot for creating perfect buttonholes
  • Buttonhole presser foot for extra buttonhole options.

sewing machine button controls

Stitch patterns:

JUKI HZL-G120 has around 180 built-in Stitch Patterns available, let’s take a quick review on it:

  • 22 practical stitches for everyday tasks like hems, seams, and closures with ease.
  • 8 buttonhole styles available for any sewing needs.
  • 10 decorative quilt patterns selection for your quilting creativity
  • 40 decorative stitches, from playful scallops to sophisticated borders, to add elegance touch to your projects.
  • Complete alphabet, including upper and lower case letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and even European characters allow to sew on custom labels, monograms, or some kind of inspirational messages.

stitch patterns map

How JUKI HZL-G120 Customers review it:

  • “Love everything about my new machine” – April 13, 2021 by TODD F.
  • “Wonderful machine. Will be used for quilting!” – April 2, 2021 by sandra M. (CA, United States)
  • “I haven’t put it to the test yet as how it will handle heavy fabrics, but I trust juki products to do what they advertise. The fact that the machine has a larger work space is a big plus for me. I also have a juki quilting machine and it’s a work horse. Delivery was very fast.” – January 29, 2021 by Sandra (United States)
  • “I love this machine. Great value for the price!” – April 10, 2019 by Lisa A. (WA, United States)
  • “It’s nice to use a machine that doesn’t hesitate, stop in mid seam, or knock and growl!” – May 31, 2020 by Johnette R.

* Juki HZL-G120 customers reviews are taken from SewingMachinesPlus

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