Juki HZL-353ZR-C Review: Lightweight Sewing Machine with Big Benefits



Our Juki HZL-353ZR-C review explores little sewing machine that’s easy to use but powerful enough and can suprise with its capabilities. It has compact size, but at the same time its strong motor can handle thick fabrics without any worries.

Automatic needle threader makes the threading the needle effortless task for sewers, since sewing machine doess all the work for you.

Juki HZL-353ZR-C sewing machine makes one-step buttonholes easily without complicated buttonhole settings needed.

21 built-in stitches cover all the basic needs for a variety of projects.

One of my favorite features is the LED light that shines directly on your sewing area, that is very useful for anyone who sews for long periods.



You don’t need to have a deal with needle under bright light, squinting to see that tiny hole anymore with Automatic needle threader, that this machine offers.

There’s a little lever on the machine. You follow the simple instructions (usually just a quick lower and raise), and the machine practically threads the needle itself!



One-step buttonhole function does the entire process itself, you shouldn’t have a deal with any dials and measurements to create perfect buttonholes.

All you need to do is slip your button onto the special buttonhole foot that comes with the machine. The clever Juki uses the button itself as a guide, automatically sewing a buttonhole in the exact size needed for your button.

This function helps to avoid mismatched buttonholes and ruined garments, because the hole is too big or too small for your button.

Juki HZL-353ZR-C Compact Simple Sewing Machine

Juki HZL-353ZR-C Sewing Machine

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The presser foot is the little metal foot that holds your fabric in place while you sew. The problem is that it can be a bit too forceful, especially when working with delicate fabrics like silk or chiffon, and may cause puckering or even damage the material.

Juki HZL-353ZR-C provides a dial that lets you adjust the pressure of the presser foot. This means you can customize it to the specific fabric you’re working with. Gentle fabrics get a gentle touch and thicker materials like denim can be held firmly without crushing.


Juki HZL-353ZR-C sewing machine is built for portability, unlike most sewing machines that are bulky and stationary. It weights 15.7 lbs, what makes it easy to lift and carry and good choice for sewing classes, retreats, or even bringing along on vacation.

It easily fits on a table or countertop thanks to its compact size, and the included carrying case makes transporting much more convenient.

Juki HZL-353ZR-C Sewing Machine backside view

Juki HZL-353ZR-C Additional Features Review:

  1. Handy auxiliary bed can be removed to reveal a free arm. This might be very useful for tackling tricky, curved areas like collars, cuffs, and sleeves. Free arm provides easy maneuvering and precise stitching on even the most challenging spots.

  2. Drop feed mechanism lets to try your hand at free-motion quilting or stitching decorative details. You can disengage the feed dogs with a simple flick of a lever. This gives you complete control over the movement of the fabric, perfect for creating beautiful free-motion stitches and expressive quilting designs.

  3. Built-in LED light shines directly on your sewing area. This bright light ensures clear visibility of your stitches, even on dark fabrics or during long sewing sessions. What’s more, unlike traditional bulbs, the LED light stays cool, so you can sew comfortably for hours on end.

FREE Accessories Included:

  • Standard presser foot that sewers usually use for for most sewing tasks.
  • Zipper foot glides effortlessly over zippers, creating clean and even closures.
  • Buttonhole foot helps to create perfectly sized buttonholes.
  • Seam ripper helps you undo some possible mistakes.
  • Brush keeps your machine lint-free and running smoothly.
  • 3 bobbins are also included, so you can have multiple thread colors ready to go.
  • Pack of 3 needles ensures you have replacements on hand.
  • Spool pin felt helps to keep your thread from slipping and unwinding
  • Spool cap prevents dust from settling on your thread.
  • Handy quilt guide helps you maintain consistent seam allowances for beautiful, precise quilting projects.
  • Hard case provides excellent protection for your machine during storage or transport.

Juki HZL-353ZR-C Sewing Machine included accessories

How Juki HZL-353ZR-C Customers review it:

  • “Very happy with my new Juki!” – July 8, 2021 by Nicole B. (CA, United States)
  • “This is a wonderful first machine for someone new to sewing or someone that needs a basic machine. I’m sure it will last for a long time.” – July 11, 2020 by Sandra C. (OH, United States)
  • “Very nice . Works great JUST what I need.” – April 25, 2020 by Lucia S. (United States)
  • “So far so good. It has all the options a beginner would like. Automatic threader. Easy drop in bobbin. Lots of sign posts for how to wind a bobbin and how to thread the machine. Thread cutter. Bright LED.
    One star off because it keeps unthreading the needle mid sewing. Could be I haven’t yet figured out the best tension setting but I’m using universal thread and cotton fabric. I figure the most common tension setting (4) as given by instruction manual should be ok.” – June 22, 2023 by Nasim M. (United States)
  • “Thank YOU to all involved in processing and delivering this sewing machine!” – April 17, 2020 by M. R. (United States)
  • “I am enjoying the sewing machine. Thank you.” – July 25, 2017 by Rivka (MD, United States)
  • “I love my new JUKI…Exactly what I wanted and needed….” – January 7, 2015 by Marjorie H.

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