Janome 725S Review: One-Step Buttonhole Magic for Effortless Sewing



The Janome Sewist 725S Sewing Machine is a mechanical sewing machine that’s perfect for newcomers and casual seamsters likewise. It has 23 built- in stitches, including stretch stitches, ornamental stitches, and a one- step buttonhole. The one- step buttonhole foot makes it easy to sew buttonholes to the perfect size for your buttons. However, it isn’t as important as some other sewing machines and has a limited number of ornamental stitches.

The Janome Sewist 725S Sewing Machine is also relatively affordable, making it a good option for budget- inclined sewers.
Then are some of the pros and cons:
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight and movable
  • Affordable
  • Versatile stitch selection
  • One- step buttonhole
  • Not as important as some other sewing machines
  • Limited number of ornamental stitches
  • No automatic needle threading

Janome Sewist 725S Sewing Machine


The Janome Sewist 725S Sewing Machine’s comprehensive features and ease of use make it ideal for a wide range of sewing applications.

  • Number of stitches: 23, including a variety of essential stitches for everyday sewing projects, such as straight stitch, zig-zag stitch, blind hem stitch, and stretch stitches.
  • 1-Step buttonhole: This feature makes sewing buttonholes quick and easy, ensuring consistent sizing and neat results.
  • Stretch stitch adjustment: Allows you to fine-tune the stitch quality for different types of fabrics, like knits and jersey.
  • Maximum stitch width: 5mm, which is wide enough for most decorative stitching and topstitching.
  • Maximum stitch length: Up to 4mm, suitable for a variety of sewing techniques.
  • Maximum sewing speed: 820 stitches per minute, letting you complete your projects efficiently.
  • Foot pressure adjustment dial: Enables you to adjust the pressure applied to the presser foot, ensuring optimal fabric feeding for both lightweight and heavyweight materials.
  • Extra high foot lift: Provides ample clearance for thick fabrics and quilts.
  • Drop feed: This mechanism disengages the feed dogs, allowing for free-motion embroidery and quilting.
  • Built-in needle threader: Eliminates the frustration of threading the needle manually.
  • Auto de-clutch bobbin winder: Automatically stops winding the bobbin when full, preventing overfilling and thread jams.
  • Bright LED lighting: Illuminates the sewing area for improved visibility and precision.
  • 4 piece feed dog: Ensures smooth and even fabric feeding.
  • Patented needle plate markings for precision sewing: These markings serve as guides for accurate seam allowances and stitch placement.
  • Handy reverse button: Allows you to easily reinforce stitches at the beginning and end of your seams.
  • Foot control: Provides variable speed control for optimal stitching control.
  • Rigid die-cast internal aluminum frame: Ensures durability and stability for wobble-free sewing.
  • Carry handle: Makes it easy to transport the machine.

Janome Sewist 725S


The included accessories for the Janome Sewist 725S Sewing Machine offer a solid foundation for a variety of sewing tasks.

Essential Presser Feet:

  • Zigzag Foot: This versatile foot is used for basic sewing, applique, and decorative stitching.
  • Overlock Foot: Creates neat and serger-like finishes on raw edges of woven fabrics.
  • Zipper Foot: Sews zippers with ease and precision.
  • Blind Hem Foot: Makes hemming garments and curtains a breeze.
  • Automatic Buttonhole Foot: Creates perfectly sized buttonholes in one easy step.

Additional Tools:

  • Quilting guide bar: Aids in maintaining straight lines while quilting.
  • Janome plastic bobbins x 3: Spare bobbins for uninterrupted sewing.
  • Needle set: Assortment of needles for different fabric types and weights.
  • Extra spool pin: Holds an additional spool of thread for convenient thread switching.
  • Spool holder (small and large): Accommodates different spool sizes.
  • Foot Control: Regulates sewing speed.
  • Instruction book: Provides detailed guidance on operating the machine.
  • Hard cover: Protects the machine when not in use.

Optional Accessories:

While the included accessories cover many basic needs, the Sewist 725S is compatible with numerous optional presser feet and attachments that can expand your sewing horizons. These could include:

  • Walking Foot: Ensures even feeding of thick or slippery fabrics.
  • Cording Foot: Attaches decorative cording or piping.
  • Embroidery Foot: Enables basic free-motion embroidery.
  • Binding Foot: Creates bias tape bindings for a professional finish.
  • Clear view Foot: Provides better visibility for precise stitching.

Janome Sewist 725S Machine

Janome Sewist 725S Customers reviews:

  • “I love the simple features on thIS Janome machine.” – March 23, 2023 by Lisa (United States)
  • “I am very pleased with this new machine. I already had a computerized one but wanted something simple!” – December 11, 2021 by Jane S. (IL, United States)
  • “Love it!” – May 31, 2020 by Anne B. (United States)
  • “I bought it for a basic functioning machine. Though they don’t make them like they used to, it still works pretty well for a home sewing machine. If you need something more heavy duty, you may have to go commercial.” – January 13, 2023 by JOEL W. (CA, United States)
  • “machine(according to wife who uses it) seems to be ok,just started to use.One problem is we removed ta screw to attach machine to cabinet but that screw hole seems rather soft made of plastic and attaching the machine to the cabinet may not be possible.Any thoughts on this problem??” – May 28, 2020 by Dee (FL, United States)

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