Elna eXplore 130 Review: Feature-Packed Mechanical Sewing Machine for Everyday Use



In our Elna eXplore 130 Review we explore mechanical sewing machine that is eager to be your mate in crime for all of your stitching designs. With 22 stitches to discard, this fragile idler can do regular stitching duties while also adding a bit of decoration.

The user-friendly design makes it simple to browse, indeed if you’re just starting off. There are no complex computer displays or terrifying points- just simple settings and an easy buttonhole maker to get you started.

Elna eXplore 130 FEATURES Review:

The Elna eXplore 130 is not just a pretty face, it’s packed with features to tackle all your sewing needs:

  • Stitch Sampler: Unleash your inner fashionista with 22 unique stitches, from  introductory straight and zigzags to  ornamental patterns. Add a  particular touch to garments, home decor, or anything your creative mind conjures!
  • Buttonhole Boss: No more wonky buttonholes! The Elna 130 comes equipped with a  devoted buttonhole foot, making  indefectible buttonholes a breeze. Simply follow the guide and say goodbye to frustration.
  • Need for Speed: This machine is not  hysterical  to get down to business. With  malleable sewing speed reaching up to 800 stitches per minute, you can power through projects efficiently, leaving  further time for the  delightful parts( like picking out fabric!).
  • Precision Master: Take control of your stitches with the 5 mm maximum sewing width. This allows for precise work on delicate fabrics or intricate details, ensuring your projects look polished and professional.
  • Threading Hero: Say goodbye to threading woes! The built- in needle bar thread cutter eliminates the need for scissors, saving you time and frustration.
  • Bobbin Bonanza: Winding bobbins is a breeze with the Elna 130’s push- pull bobbin winder. This intuitive system lets you quickly and easily prepare your machine for sewing.
  • Stash and Dash: Keep all your essential sewing supplies organized and within reach with the Elna’s exclusive accessory storage. No more digging through drawers or scrambling for notions – everything has its designated spot.
  • Surprisingly Light: Do not let its feature-rich design fool you, the Elna 130 is unexpectedly featherlight at only 27 lbs. This makes it easy to transport to sewing classes, retreats, or wherever your creative spirit takes you.

Elna eXplore 130 Mechanical Sewing Machine review

Elna eXplore 130 Mechanical Sewing Machine

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Standard Accessories

The Elna eXplore 130 does not just come solo, it arrives ready to tackle any project with its handy starter kit:

  • Your Everyday Essential: The” Standard foot A” is your go- to for most sewing tasks, from straight stitching to introductory curves.
  • Zipper Champ: No further zipper snags! The zipper foot glides painlessly over zippers, ensuring smooth and professional- looking closures.
  • Invisible Act: The eyeless hem foot helps you create neat and hidden hems, perfect for adding a polished touch to garments or home decor projects.
  • Darning Dream Team: The darning plate transforms your Elna 130 into a darning pro, allowing you to mend small tears or reinforce worn areas with ease.
  • Buttonhole Buddy: The buttonhole foot creates impeccably sized and unevenly spaced buttonholes, taking the guesswork out of this frequently- dreaded task.
  • Zigzag Master: Add ornamental flair or tackle tricky curves with the zigzag foot. This protean foot opens up a world of creative possibilities.
  • Extra Bobbins: The Elna 130 throws in three bobbins, so you will have plenty of thread on hand to keep your projects flowing continued.
  • Un-stitching Hero: The seam ripper is your safe companion for correcting mistakes or precisely removing seams.
  • Needle Essentials: Three needles are included to get you started, ensuring your machine is ready to sew different fabric weights right out of the box.

Elna eXplore 130 Mechanical Sewing Machine backside

How Elna eXplore 130 Customers review it:

  • “great website and easy to navigate and check out” – February 25, 2024 by Laurie C. (United States)
  • “Availability of products and a wide selection of products at a reasonable price” – February 25, 2024 by Joseph G. (United States)
  • “Easy to use! Thanks for being there for us!” – February 25, 2024 by Mark R. (United States)
  • “First time purchase, we shall see how it goes” – February 25, 2024 by Vivian J. (United States)
  • “Quick and easy- great price!!” – February 25, 2024 by Cindy G. (United States)
  • “Prompt delivery!” – February 24, 2024 by Elizabeth V. (United States)
  • “Satisfied” – February 24, 2024 by Sarah P. (United States)

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