Elna eXcellence 780 Plus Review: Computerized Sewing Machine for All Levels



Our Elna eXcellence 780 Plus review discovers feature-packed computerized sewing machine and unveils 350 stitches, automatic features, a high-definition touchscreen, and a variety of built-in accessories.

Elna 780 Plus helps to streamline your sewing process and up your efficiency.

It boasts computerization for precision and a ton of features that designed to tackle even the most complex sewing projects.

Elna eXcellence 780 Plus Computerized sewing machine

Elna 780 Plus FEATURES Review:

350 built-in stitches lets to choose the perfect stitch for every sewing project, from delicate hems to bold decorative flourishes.

11 buttonhole styles and 2 alphabet options lets to personalize your creations.

Variable sewing speed adjusts up to 1,060 stitches per minute, and lets you work efficiently without sacrificing precision.

9mm maximum stitch width lets to tackle thick fabrics and bold quilting projects. This wider stitch capability allows for more creative freedom and personalized touches.

High-definition LCD touchscreen allows you to easily select stitches, adjust settings, and monitor your progress.

Automatic presser foot lift takes care of raising the foot when adding bulk or turning corners.

Dual Feed System ensures even fabric feeding, preventing stretching or puckering, especially on tricky materials.

Built-in thread cutter eliminates the need for scissors, while the automatic foot pressure adjustment ensures perfect stitching on all fabric weights.

Easy-to-use guided bobbin threader helps with threading task, saving your time.

Total of 10 LED lights strategically placed around the sewing area, including a retractable front light, illuminate your workspace and prevent eye strain.

USB port allows you to import new stitches and designs and lets expand your sewing horizonts.

Elna eXcellence 780 Plus Computerized Sewing Machine

Elna eXcellence 780 Plus sewing process

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Standard Accessories

Elna eXcellence 780 Plus comes packed with everything you need to make sewing process effortless, just right out of the box:

  • Variety of presser feet are included, from your basic all-purpose “foot A” to specialty feet for zippers, rolled hems, satin stitches, blind hems, overlocking, and more. There’s even a selection of free-motion quilting feet for adding unique touch to your sewing projects.
  • Ruler foot that usually used for perfectly straight stitching and a special ¼” seam foot for consistent seam allowances.
  • Automatic buttonhole foot and stabilizer plate make creating beautiful buttonholes easy.
  • Button sewing foot lets you securely attach buttons of all sizes.
  • Dual Feed foot and a Dual Feed Plus foot with a holder ensures even feeding of even the trickiest fabrics.
  • Variety of needles that may be needed for different fabrics and projects, along with a handy needle set and a seam ripper for fixing any possible sewing mistakes.
  • Multiple spool holders (small, large, and even a special one) keep your threads organized, while a lint brush helps keep your workspace tidy.
  • Touch panel stylus helps with navigating the machine’s features.
  • Extra-wide extension table provides ample workspace for larger projects, and a knee lifter lets you raise the presser foot for maneuvering fabric without using your hands.
  • Stitch Composer Software DVD helps to create and customize your own stitches, along with an instructional DVD to get you started.
  • Semi-hard fabric cover keeps your machine protected when not in use.

Sewing thick material

How Elna eXcellence 780 Plus Customers review it:

  • “Always great working with you. Great customer service if I have questions and product is always as described.” – June 17, 2024 by PAM L. (United States)
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  • “Comment” – June 16, 2024 by Patricia B. (United States)

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