Elna Elnita EF1 Review: High Speed Sewing Machine with User-Friendly Features



Our Elna Elnita EF1 review analyzes this machine’s strengths, weaknesses, and features like lightning-fast speed of up to 1,600 stitches per minute, and helping you in your choice if you are thinking about buying it.

The Elna Elnita EF1 gives you pleasurable sewing experience, thanks to its intelligent design and sturdy build. 8 enclosed ball bearings in the main shaft make it run smoothly and quietly.

User-friendly side-loading jumbo bobbin is easy to to access and holds a whopping 1.4 times more thread than a standard bobbin. That translates to less bobbin-changing interruptions and more uninterrupted sewing process.

Built-in needle threader

Elna Elnita EF1 FEATURES Review:

Bright LED light ensures you see your stitches in details and in clear way.

Easy navigation keys make selecting settings and adjustments effortless, even if you have no experience.

Built-in needle threader eliminates need of threading a needle by hand.

Auto-declutch bobbin winder lets you not worry about filling bobbin yourself and thinking if you’ve filled it enough. The Elna Elnita EF1 stops automatically when the bobbin is full.

Adjustable thread tension control allows to fine-tune your stitches in your preferred way.

Ability to adjust the stitch length up to 6mm gives you more versatile for a variety of sewing projects.

The needle up/down function lets you maneuver your fabric with ease for smooth curves and sharp corners.

Reverse button allows you to securely lock in your stitches at the beginning and end of seams making your projects look perfect.

needle up/down function

Elna Elnita EF1 High Speed Straight Stitch Sewing Machine

Elna Elnita EF1 Sewing Machine

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  • Set of needles
  • Handy spool holder and supporter that will help to keep your thread organized
  • Spool net might be helpful to prevent tangled threads.
  • 5 bobbins included let you get started sewing right away.
  • Included lint brush, oil help to keep your machine running smoothly
  • Screwdrivers (both large and small) that you will need for minor adjustments.
  • Standard presser foot that sewers usually use for everyday sewing tasks
  • Rolled hemming foot is neccessary for creating neat and tidy hems on your projects.
  • Included foot controller allows for variable sewing speed, giving you better control over your stitches.
  • Knee lifter frees up your hands for fabric manipulation, making sewing much more convenient
  • Comprehensive instruction book walks you through all the features and functions, making it much easier to learn and use your new machine.
  • Soft cover will keep your sewing machine dust-free when not in use.

Elna Elnita EF1 included accessories

How Elna Elnita EF1 Customers review it:

  • “This machine is a workhorse….loving more each time I use it. It has a beautiful straight stitch.” – October 27, 2020 by Jennifer C.
  • “I was waiting for this machine because i needed to make some curtains for a bedroom. Received it within 3 days from California. Minimal effort getting it set up and minor adjustments necessary for desired stitch length. My end project was perfect. This machine is worth every penny. I realize it is a straight stitch only machine, but it is a perfect straight stitch machine. Most of what i sew i only need the straight stitch. The stitches are perfect and I could not be more pleased. I love this machine and i like the look of it as well” – July 8, 2020 by Sharon H. (TX, United States)

*Elna Elnita EF1 Customers reviews are taken from SewingMachinesPlus

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