Consew Premier 1255RBL-18 Single Needle Long Arm Sewing Machine Review: Features, Specs, and Performance



The Consew Premier 1255RBL- 18 is not your average sewing machine. This artificial powerhouse boasts a long arm, giving you a whopping 18 inches of workspace for tackling large projects with ease. But it’s not just about size – this machine is packed with features designed to deliver professional- grade results.

One of the things that sets the 1255RBL- 18 apart is its triadic feeding system. It combines drop feed, needle feed, and a walking foot, icing smooth, indeed material handling on even the most challenging fabrics. No more skipped stitches or frustrating fabric bunching – this machine simply sews like a dream.

And let’s not forget the lockstitch construction. This heavy- duty stitch is known for its strength and durability, making it ideal for projects that need to withstand wear and tear. Whether you are a seasoned garment maker, an upholstery pro, or a crafter who demands the stylish, the 1255RBL- 18 is a machine that can keep up with your creativity.

In summary, the Consew Premier 1255RBL- 18 is a long arm sewing machine that is built for serious sewing. With its triadic feeding system, lockstitch construction, and spacious work area, it’s a machine that can handle any project you throw at it.


The Consew Premier 1255RBL-18 isn’t just a sewing machine, it’s a force to be reckoned with. Packed with features designed to elevate your sewing experience, this long-arm wonder empowers you to tackle projects with confidence and precision.

Let’s delve into the arsenal of features that make this machine a true champion:
  • Spacious Workspace: Forget cramped quarters! The 18-inch long arm provides ample room for maneuvering large projects, like quilts, drapes, or even upholstery. Imagine gliding your fabric effortlessly, without wrestling with limited space.
  • Smooth Sailing with Triple Power: This machine doesn’t mess around when it comes to feeding fabric. The ingenious combination of drop feed, needle feed, and a walking foot ensures consistent material control, regardless of thickness or texture. Say goodbye to skipped stitches and uneven seams, and hello to sewing bliss!
  • Built to Last: The large, vertically oiled hook boasts automatic lubrication, keeping your machine running smoothly for years to come. The upper oil glass sight offers a transparent window into your machine’s well-being, allowing you to monitor oil levels with ease.
  • Stitch Control at Your Fingertips: Take complete command over your stitches with the barrel-type locking stitch regulator. This intuitive feature grants you precise control over stitch length, ensuring consistent and beautiful results on every project.
  • Effortless Bobbin Changes: The large, top-loaded bobbin makes swapping bobbins a breeze. No more wrestling with tiny compartments or threading contortions. This thoughtful design saves you time and frustration, letting you focus on what truly matters – creating!
And some extra features:
  • Sewing without Snags: The quick tension release lever acts like a sewing guardian angel. With a simple squeeze, you can instantly release tension on your thread, preventing accidental snaps and ensuring smooth stitching.
  • Safety First: The integrated safety clutch protects your machine from accidental damage. If the machine encounters resistance, the clutch kicks in, preventing jams and potential breakdowns. Sew with peace of mind knowing your machine is looked after.
  • Sewing in Reverse: The reverse function adds an extra layer of versatility to your sewing repertoire. Need to reinforce stitches, mend delicate tears, or tackle intricate corners? The reverse function empowers you to handle these tasks with ease.
  • Effortless Bobbin Access: The conveniently placed locking slide plate grants you quick and easy access to the bobbin area. No more struggling to remove intricate components – simply unlock, swap your bobbin, and get back to sewing in no time.
  • Mastering Thread Timing: The adjustable take-up thread guide empowers you to fine-tune your thread loop timing, ensuring perfect stitch formation on every project. This feature, often only found in high-end machines, gives you professional-level control over your sewing outcomes.

Consew Premier 1255RBL-18 Single Needle Long Arm Sewing Machine review


The Consew Premier 1255RBL-18 isn’t just about bells and whistles; it’s a machine engineered for performance.

Here’s a closer look at the technical specifications that make this long-arm marvel tick:
  • Geared for Speed: This machine boasts a maximum sewing speed of 2000 stitches per minute (SPM). However, keep in mind that the actual speed will vary depending on the thread, material, and operation. Nevertheless, the 1255RBL-18 packs enough power to handle most sewing tasks efficiently.
  • Adjustable Presser Foot Lift: Whether you prefer fingertip control or hands-free operation, the 1255RBL-18 caters to your needs. The presser foot lifter offers two options: a manual lift of 5/16 inches (8 mm) and a knee lift of 33/64 inches (13 mm).
  • Precise Stitch Control: The needle bar stroke of 1 27/64 inches (36 mm) allows for a maximum stitch length of 2 stitches per inch (9 mm). This precise control ensures you can achieve the desired stitch size for any project, from delicate seams to bold decorative elements.
  • Spacious Work Area: As the name suggests, the long arm reigns supreme, offering a generous workspace of 18 inches by 4 ¼ inches (457 mm x 110 mm). This expansive area provides ample room for maneuvering large projects with ease, eliminating the constraints of cramped workspaces.
That’s not even all, other specifications you may like:
  • Exceptional Clearance: With a working height of up to 4 inches (102 mm) under the arm, the 1255RBL-18 accommodates thicker materials comfortably. Whether you’re tackling bulky fabrics or layering multiple layers, this machine provides the necessary clearance for smooth sewing.
  • Needle Know-How: This single-needle machine utilizes 135 x 17e needles, a common size suitable for a wide range of fabrics and projects.
  • Powerful Feeding Mechanism: The walking foot feeding mechanism ensures even material handling, preventing skipped stitches and fabric bunching. This is especially crucial when working with challenging materials or multiple layers.
  • Standard Functionality: The 1255RBL-18 is equipped with standard functions, making it a versatile choice for various sewing applications. While it may not have all the bells and whistles of some high-end machines, it focuses on delivering core functionality effectively.
  • Lockstitch Expertise: This machine produces the classic 301 lockstitch, renowned for its strength and durability. This stitch type is ideal for projects that demand lasting results, such as garments, bags, and upholstery.

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