Consew Premier 1206RB-7 Lockstitch Machine Review: Features, Specs & Performance for Upholstery, Leather & More (with Assembled Table and Servo Motor)




  • Oil Pump System with Adjustable Oil Flow: This industrial sewing machine features an automatic oil pump system that lubricates all moving parts for smooth operation and reduced maintenance. The oil flow can be adjusted to match the sewing conditions and fabric weight.
  • Adjustable Oil Gauge: The oil gauge allows you to fluently cover the oil level and ensure that the machine is duly lubricated.
  • Large Horizontal Axis Hook and Side-Loaded Bobbin: The large vertical axis hook can hold a large amount of thread, which reduces the need for frequent bobbin changes. The side- loaded bobbin is easy to load and unload.
  • Adjustable Upper Thread Tension: The upper thread tension can be adjusted to produce perfect stitches on a variety of fabrics.
  • Locking Stitch Regulator: The locking stitch regulator ensures that the stitch length remains harmonious, indeed when sewing at high pets.
  • Built-In Bobbin Winder: The built- in bobbin winder allows you to wind bobbins snappily and fluently without having to use a separate bobbin winder.
  • Reverse: The Reverse function allows you to sew in rear to secure stitches or sew out small curves.
  • Auto Foot Lift: The auto foot lift raises the presser foot automatically when you stop sewing, making it easy to remove fabric.
  • Auto Back Tack: The auto reverse method function automatically sews a many stitches in rear at the beginning and end of a seam, which helps to prevent unraveling.
  • Needle Positioner: The needle positioner allows you to precisely position the needle for accurate sewing.
  • Thread Trimmer: The thread trimmer automatically cuts the thread after you sew a seam, saving you time and effort.


  • Speed, Max.(S.P.M.): 3000 stitches per minute( SPM). However, it’s important to note that the factual sewing speed will depend on the type of thread, material, and sewing operation being performed.
  • Presser Foot Lift: The presser foot can be lifted manually up to5/16″( 8 mm) or by knee lift up to5/8″( 16 mm). This provides ample clearance for placing fabrics under the foot and maneuvering thick materials.
  • Needle Bar Stroke: The needle bar stroke is1-29/64″( 37 mm). This determines the outside stitch length that can be achieved.
  • Stitch Length, Max: The maximum stitch length is3.6 stitches per inch( SPI), or 7 mm. This is suitable for a wide range of sewing applications, from delicate seams to heavy- duty stitching.
  • Work Space: The work space to the right of the needle is0-1/4″ x4-3/4″( 260 x 120 mm). This provides a comfortable sewing area for utmost projects.
  • Needle: The machine uses 135 x 17 needles, which are a common type of needle used for artificial sewing machines.


The Consew Premier 1206RB- 7 Lockstitch Machine is a universal machine that can take a wide range of materials, from light to heavyweight. The machine’s ability to sew through thick materials and its harmonious stitch rate make it a popular alternative for professional usages. It’s also a great option for home sewers who tackle heavy-duty projects.

  • Upholstery: Leather, vinyl, and fabric upholstery for cars, boats, and furniture.
  • Out-of-door gear: Tarpaulins, covers, sails, tents, camping trailer covers, awnings, and screens.
  • Bags and luggage: Luggage, suitcases, travelware accessories, and sports and camping equipment.
  • Apparel: Outdoor clothing, canvas shoes, slippers, and orthopedic appliances.


  • Consew industrial machines are shipped in two parts: the machine head in a secured box or crate, and the assembled table on a skid or pallet.
  • Customers are responsible for installation: This includes attaching the machine head to the table, connecting the motor belt/belt guard, and assembling the thread tree using the included hardware.
  • Minor cosmetic imperfections are possible: Due to the weight of the machine, there might be some minor marring or scratches on the table or other components.
  • Some machines may require additional freight shipping: This is typically for larger or heavier machines that need to be shipped via a crate.


Consew Premier 1206RB-7 TABLE & SERVO MOTOR

Package Inclusion:

  • Fully assembled table
  • Fixed-speed servo motor

Motor Options:

  • Motor types: Clutch (fixed speed) vs. servo (adjustable speed)
  • Servo motor advantages:
    • Adjustable speed
    • Silent when idle
    • Up to 90% less energy consumption
    • Lighter (1/3 of clutch motor)
    • Reverse rotation with switch
    • No wear or adjustment required
    • Consistent speed regardless of pedal pressure
    • Easier control, especially for beginners

Specifics of this package:

  • This package includes a fixed-speed servo motor.
  • The actual speed will likely not be mentioned due to its variability based on factors like thread, material, and operation.



The Cool-Lite LED-10 magnetic light is a useful addition for improving illumination and visibility.

  • Features 10 LED lights provide brilliant white light for improved visibility in your sewing area.
  • Magnetic connection allows for easy mounting on any metal surface, including the arm or table of the Consew Premier 1206RB-7.
  • AC powered requires no batteries and may be plugged into any ordinary outlet.
  • Low power usage of under 0.5 watts ensures little impact on your electricity cost.
  • The on/off switch is conveniently mounted on the magnet for simple operation.

Consew Premier 1206RB-7 Customers reviews:

  • “That is a very high tech Industrial sewing machine! It is taking me a few days to really understand the computer system so that when I do finally turn the machine on I don’t bind anything up with a wrong setting, that is one of the cautions in the book if you don’t set a parameter right you can damage the machine. So study, study, and then I will let y’all know more! I do want to say that I am impressed with the construction of it all.
    Only bad thing to say is that I didn’t get all of my parts with my machine. The bracket for the control panel, and the machine head tilt stop dowel is missing. Thank you all for your time.” – July 15, 2018 by Connie H. (OR, United States)

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