Consew CM101 Single Thread, Chainstitch, Blindstitch Machine Review: Unveiling the Power of Single-Thread Sewing



The Consew CM101 is a single- thread wonder, perfect for diving a wide range of sewing projects, from delicate repairs to professional- looking finishes. It’s like having a secret weapon in your sewing arsenal, able of handling a variety of fabrics and tasks with finesse.

Then is what makes the CM101 so universal:

  • Sewing Like a Dream: Whether you are working with featherlight silks or sturdy wools, the CM101 handles them all with ease. Its single- thread design creates a clean and nearly unnoticeable seam, ideal for projects where you want the stitching to blend seamlessly.
  • Learning the Art of Blending In: The CM101 excels at creating blindstitches, a special technique used to hide the stitching on hems, cuffs, and other garment edges. This makes it perfect for garments where you want a clean, finished look without any visible stitching lines.
  • Beyond Hemming: Do not be fooled by the term” blindstitch.” The CM101 is much further than just a hemming machine.


The Consew CM101 is not just a single thread machine; it’s a hustler of features designed to make your sewing experience smooth and effective. Then is what makes it stand out:

  • Stitch on Demand Take control of your stitches with the skip andnon-skip stitch switch. Choose the classic 1:1 non-skip stitch for strong, secure seams or the 2:1 skip stitch for a more delicate, hand- stitched look. This versatility allows you to tackle colorful projects with the perfect stitch type.
  • Fine Tune Your Stitches Achieve the exact results you desire with the adaptable thread tension dial. This lets you customize the tightness of your stitches depending on the fabric thickness and desired outcome.
  • Control at Your Fingertips The stitch depth penetration and stitch length adaptation dials put you in complete control. Whether you need deeper stitches for heavier fabrics or delicate, barely there stitches for lighter materials, these dials offer precise settings for any design.
  • Expand Your Workspace The swing-away work plate provides redundant room when you need it, perfect for handling larger projects or maneuvering big fabrics. Simply swing it down when redundant space is needed, and swing it back for compact storage.
  • Easy Workpiece Handling The knee operated feed plate is a game-changer. With a simple press of your knee, the feed plate lowers, allowing you to fluently position your fabric. This frees up your hands for better control and makes handling indeed the trickiest projects a breeze.

Consew CM101 reviews:

  • “We replaced the need of 2 hemmers for this one machine. It was simple to put together and has been great so far! Very happy with this purchase.” – January 27, 2023 by Tina L. (United States)

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