Baby Lock Sashiko 2 Sewing & Quilting Machine Review: Stitch Through Time with Precision Ease



Stitching Through Time: A Review of the Baby Lock Sashiko 2

For centuries, the art of Sashiko has captivated sewers with its intricate, hand-stitched designs. But what if you could achieve that same beautiful aesthetic with the speed and convenience of a modern machine? Enter the Baby Lock Sashiko 2, a sewing marvel that bridges the gap between tradition and innovation.

This isn’t your average sewing machine. The Sashiko 2 boasts a unique needle system and adjustable stitch controls, meticulously designed to mimic the distinctive look of hand-stitched Sashiko. Imagine the delicate running stitch, the bold geometric patterns, all recreated with stunning precision – and without hours of painstaking effort.

But the magic doesn’t stop there. The Sashiko 2 empowers you to unleash your creativity with a variety of decorative techniques. Want to add elegant couching or playful braiding? This machine does it all with ease. It’s like having a master Sashiko artisan at your fingertips, guiding you stitch by stitch.

However, the Sashiko 2 isn’t just about fancy features. It’s built with the Baby Lock commitment to quality and ease of use. The U-shaped fluorescent lamp bathes your work in bright, even light, while the simple controls and clear visual guides make it perfect for beginners and seasoned sewers alike.

So, whether you’re a Sashiko enthusiast yearning for efficiency or a sewing explorer seeking unique textures and styles, the Baby Lock Sashiko 2 is an invitation to stitch through time. It’s a bridge between heritage and modernity, a machine that lets you create timeless beauty with a touch of modern magic.

Baby Lock Sashiko 2 Sewing and Quilting Machine (BLQK2)

Baby Lock Sashiko 2 Sewing and Quilting Machine

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Stitching masterpieces is thrilling, but sometimes you just want to know the nitty-gritty details, right? So let’s peek inside the Baby Lock Sashiko 2 and see what makes this single-stitch wonder tick.

First things first, illumination is key. The Sashiko 2 features a single, bright fluorescent lamp, casting a clear, even glow over your stitching battlefield. No more squinting or misplaced stitches in the shadows!

Now, onto the presser foot situation. Unlike its multi-footed brethren, the Sashiko 2 takes a minimalist approach with a fixed presser foot. This might seem limiting, but trust me, it’s perfectly designed for its singular purpose: Sashiko magic.

Speaking of magic, the stitch length here isn’t about variety, it’s about precision. With a maximum stitch length of 5mm, the Sashiko 2 replicates the delicate hand-stitched look flawlessly. Think of it as tiny, perfectly formed stitches, one after another, like a well-trained team of miniature seamstresses.

Need a new bobbin? No sweat! The Sashiko 2 boasts a convenient side-loading bobbin system. Just pop it in, thread it up, and you’re good to go. Plus, it uses the readily available Class 15 bobbins, so you won’t be hunting for obscure replacements.

And because organization is half the battle, the Sashiko 2 comes equipped with dedicated accessory storage. Keep your extra needles, bobbins, and other bits and bobs safe and sound, ready to join the stitching party whenever inspiration strikes.

Now, the stitch count might seem a little…well, lonely. But remember, this machine isn’t about quantity, it’s about quality. The single, adjustable stitch is your canvas, and with the freedom to control its length and spacing, you can create an endless variety of stunning Sashiko patterns.

But wait, there’s more! The Sashiko 2 boasts both a side thread cutter and programmable needle up/down, adding convenience and efficiency to your stitching journey. Plus, you get one trusty needle to focus on mastering your Sashiko technique.

Baby Lock Sashiko 2 Sewing and Quilting Machine stitch length and stitch spacing controls


At just 27.7 pounds, it’s a lightweight wonder, easily moved around your craft space or tucked away on a shelf. Think of it as a portable Sashiko studio, always within reach for stitching inspiration.

Speaking of reach, the 9-inch distance from the needle to the right edge of the machine provides ample space for maneuvering your fabric. No more fighting for inch after inch – you’ve got the freedom to comfortably guide even larger projects.

And when it comes to stability, the Sashiko 2 doesn’t disappoint. Its 8.75-inch depth and 19-inch width create a sturdy base, ensuring your machine stays put as you stitch with precision. No wobbly needles or misaligned patterns here!

Finally, the 13.5-inch height positions the needle at an ergonomically comfortable level, reducing strain and fatigue during those long stitching sessions. It’s like having a built-in wrist rest, keeping you focused on the joy of creating.

So, whether you have a dedicated sewing room or a cozy craft corner, the Baby Lock Sashiko 2’s dimensions make it a perfect fit. It’s small enough to tuck away, but mighty enough to handle your biggest Sashiko dreams.

Baby Lock Sashiko 2 Sewing and Quilting Machine working process


Baby Lock Sashiko 2 Sewing and Quilting Machine PRECISE SASHIKO STITCHES

Imagine a machine that weaves time travel into your seams. The Baby Lock Sashiko 2 isn’t just a sewing machine, it’s a gateway to the past, conjuring the intricate beauty of hand-stitched Sashiko with a flick of its magical needle.

This isn’t your average stitch-happy machine. It boasts a specialty needle and a latch wire accomplice, working in perfect harmony to cast spells of precise spacing and defined stitches. The result? Fabric whispered to life with the timeless charm of hand-stitched magic.

No more hours hunched over, painstakingly recreating tradition. The Sashiko 2 condenses centuries of artistry into a single stitch, empowering you to weave intricate patterns and bold geometric designs with effortless speed.


Baby Lock Sashiko 2 Sewing and Quilting Machine SPECIALTY STITCH MODE

The Baby Lock Sashiko 2 isn’t just a sewing machine, it’s an invitation to unleash your inner stitch ninja. Forget monotonous rows – this beauty boasts a “specialty stitch mode” that’s like catnip for creative souls.

Imagine total control over stitch length and spacing. Think intricate braids, elegant couching, and playful cross-stitching, all brought to life with the precision of a single, perfectly formed stitch. It’s like having a micro-robot tailor at your fingertips, meticulously executing your every whim.

This isn’t just about function, it’s about artistic freedom. Transform ordinary fabric into extraordinary tapestries, each stitch whispering your unique style. So, ditch the limitations of standard machines and embrace the Sashiko 2: your gateway to a world of stitch-fueled expression.


Baby Lock Sashiko 2 Sewing and Quilting Machine STITCH LENGTH CONTROL

Unleash your inner maestro with the Baby Lock Sashiko 2! This isn’t just a sewing machine, it’s an orchestra of stitches, conducted by you. Imagine a magical lever that grants control over both stitch length and spacing, from delicate 2mm whispers to bold 5mm statements.

Each stitch becomes a note in your creative composition, weaving intricate patterns and playful textures with the precision of a virtuoso. Think graceful curves, bold geometric statements, and anything your imagination desires. It’s like having a miniaturized tailor at your fingertips, meticulously translating your vision into stitched reality.

So, ditch the mundane rows and embrace the symphony of possibilities. The Sashiko 2 isn’t just a machine, it’s an invitation to compose textile masterpieces, stitch by expressive stitch.


Baby Lock Sashiko 2 Sewing and Quilting Machine U-SHAPED FLUORESCENT LAMP

Forget the fabric tango, the Baby Lock Sashiko 2 invites you to a smooth waltz. Its adjustable presser foot waltzes with curves, circles, and squares, giving you effortless control over any shape your heart desires. It’s like having a built-in choreographer for your fabric dreams.

And let there be light! The entire needle area basks in the glow of a U-shaped fluorescent lamp. No more dim shadows or misplaced stitches – just perfectly illuminated precision, guiding your creative flow. So ditch the frustrating footwork and embrace the Sashiko 2’s glide and glow – your gateway to stitching serenity.


Baby Lock Sashiko 2 Sewing and Quilting Machine LED MONITOR

The Baby Lock Sashiko 2 isn’t just a sewing machine, it’s a telepathic stitch translator. Imagine an LED monitor that whispers secrets, revealing when your needle conjures a stitch or crafts a space. No more guesswork, just pure, zen-like sewing bliss.

This isn’t some basic progress bar – it’s a window into your machine’s soul, showing you exactly what’s happening beneath the needle. Each stitch becomes a clear, confident brushstroke in your creative masterpiece. So ditch the deciphering dilemmas and embrace the Sashiko 2’s stitch whisperer – your guide to sewing enlightenment.


Baby Lock Sashiko 2 Sewing and Quilting Machine BOBBIN SYSTEM

The Baby Lock Sashiko 2 boasts a side-loading, oscillating bobbin system that’s like a pit crew for your stitching adventures. Imagine popping in a new bobbin with the speed of a Formula One pit stop – just a quick click and you’re back in the sewing zone.

No more wrestling with awkward compartments or lost threads. This beauty is designed for effortless refuelling, ensuring your creative flow never gets choked by bobbin blues. So ditch the frustration and embrace the Sashiko 2’s speedy refuel – your key to uninterrupted stitching bliss.


Baby Lock Sashiko 2 Sewing and Quilting Machine BOBBIN WINDER

Imagine a world where bobbin worries vanish like threads through a needle’s eye. The Baby Lock Sashiko 2 isn’t just a sewing machine, it’s your personal thread fairy with a built-in bobbin winder. Picture whipping up multiple bobbins in a flash, each one perfectly prepped for your next stitching adventure.

No more frantic last-minute searches or trips to the store. This little marvel lets you stockpile bobbins like a squirrel gathering nuts, ensuring your creative flow never gets snagged by pesky thread shortages. So, ditch the bobbin blues and embrace the Sashiko 2’s built-in thread fairy – your key to uninterrupted stitching serenity.


Baby Lock Sashiko 2 Sewing and Quilting Machine ACCESSORY STORAGE SPACE

Imagine a sewing machine that doesn’t leave you battling a battlefield of scattered accessories. The Baby Lock Sashiko 2 isn’t just a machine, it’s an organizational oasis built right in. Picture all your needles, bobbins, and sewing bits tucked away neatly in a dedicated tray, like tiny treasures in a pirate’s chest.

No more frantic searches for misplaced feet or rogue spools. This beauty keeps your essentials close at hand, ensuring your creative flow never gets snagged by clutter chaos. So, ditch the sewing scatter and embrace the Sashiko 2’s tidy haven – your key to stress-free stitching adventures.

Included Accessories

The Baby Lock Sashiko 2 isn’t just a machine, it’s a treasure chest overflowing with tools to unlock your stitching potential. Forget the bare-bones basics – this beauty comes loaded with goodies to ignite your creative spark.

  • Dive into inspiration: Unleash your inner artist with the Exclusive Baby Lock Creative Project Book and Kit, packed with patterns and ideas to get you stitching in no time.
  • Needle nirvana: Never get caught with a dull blade again! 3 Extra Needles ensure your stitches stay sharp and precise, project after project.
  • Latch wire lifeline: Don’t let a missing wire slow you down. 3 Extra Latch Wires guarantee your machine keeps producing those beautiful, defined Sashiko stitches.
  • Guiding hand: Master intricate curves and perfect squares with the Quilting Guide, your secret weapon for precision piecing.
  • Tweak it like a pro: The included Screwdrivers and Attachment Screws empower you to customize your machine for any sewing whim.
  • Tiny tool, big impact: No more fumbling with threads! The handy Tweezers become your personal thread wranglers, keeping everything neat and tidy.
  • Spool caps of all sizes: From petite threads to chunky yarns, the included Spool Caps (Small, Medium, Large) ensure your threads stay dust-free and ready to roll.
  • Bobbin bonanza: No need to scrounge for supplies – the Sashiko 2 comes with 3 Bobbins prepped and ready to fuel your stitching adventures.
  • Keep it clean: Maintain your machine’s magic with the handy Cleaning Brush, ensuring smooth operation for years to come.
  • Bonus learning magic: Unlock a world of sewing knowledge with a 60-Day Trial of Online Sewing Classes – the perfect finishing touch to your creative journey.

So, ditch the starter pack blues and embrace the Sashiko 2’s treasure trove of accessories – your key to unlocking a world of stitching possibilities.

Baby Lock Sashiko 2

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  • “I love my machine. Wish I would’ve bought it sooner!” – November 28, 2022 by Debra R. (United States)
  • “Beautiful machine. Packaged well and shipped quickly. I knew I could count on to take care of everything. Thank you” – November 19, 2022 by Nancy (IL, United States)
  • “I’ve only had my Sashiko for a few weeks, but I’m really happy with it so far. She hasn’t had any issues of any kind. She worked right out of the box and I’m already in the middle of my first quilting project. I’m glad I finally purchased this!!!” – November 8, 2022 by Julie B. (WY, United States)
  • “I have not used it yet. I will write a review when I have.” – September 15, 2022 by Mary C. (AZ, United States)
  • “I haven’t used it a lot but what I’ve done I love. I am concerned where I get it serviced since I didn’t buy it from a local dealer. I hope to do more every time I use it to its potential.” – September 12, 2022 by Lois G. (United States)

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