U.S. Stitch Line SL78-2 Blind Hem Stitch Machine Review: Portable Powerhouse



In our U.S. Stitch Line SL78-2 review we explore portable powerhouse that helps anyone who works with hems. This machine is stitching like a bulky industrial machine but in a compact way. The U.S. Stitch SL78-2 promises quality and speed that let you create perfectly finished hems effortlessly.

U.S. Stitch Line SL78-2 Features Review:

This machine is able to work on 1,200 stitches per minute speed, making hemming much more convenient.

The U.S. Stitch Line SL78-2 features a built-in motor, controls, and wiring for a clean and streamlined workstation.

This machine offers 1:1 non-skip stitching for strong seams on trousers, cuffs, and collars, and 2:1 skip stitching for beautiful, invisible hems on dresses, skirts, and drapes.

The skip stitch function allows you to create a hand-stitched look for felling tasks, adding a professional touch to seams and padding.

The swing-down cylinder arm makes quick work of even the trickiest curved areas like sleeves or armholes.

Adjustable stitch penetration and length give you the control of a bulky industrial machine, without the need for a dedicated workspace.

The conveniently side-mounted thread tension lets you fine-tune your stitches for perfect results on any type of light to medium weight fabric.

Compact size and lightweight motor make it ideal for on-the-go sewing adventures. What’s more, the included clamps ensure easy mounting on most tables, that makes it very organomic.

U.S. Stitch Line SL78-2 Portable Blind Hem Stitch Machine

U.S. Stitch Line SL78-2 Portable Blind Hem Stitch Machine

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  • This machine helps to achieve professional-looking hems on a variety of clothing. You are free to transfor raw edges on pants, skirts, dresses, and even light drapes into clean, finished hems that elevate any outfit.

  • Skip stitch function lets you create a hand-stitched finish for felling tasks, adding a touch of elegance to seams, collars, and lapels – might be useful for lingerie, undergarments, or delicate blouses.

  • The U.S. Stitch Line SL78-2 handles a variety of light to medium weight fabrics, making it perfect for reviving knit sweaters, wool coats, or synthetic dresses.

  • This machine’s speed and precision allow you to tackle everyday hemming and felling tasks efficiently, ensuring customer satisfaction with every stitch, that makes it very useful for alteration rooms, tailors, and dressmakers.

  • The U.S. Stitch Line SL78-2 is ideal for quick hemming repairs or alterations, keeping clothes looking their best and ready for the next customer, so it might be helpful for dry cleaners and department stores.

  • Home sewers also appreciate this machine since it allows to elevate their projects with high-quality hems and invisible stitching techniques.

How U.S. Stitch Line SL78-2 Customers review it:

  • “Great” – November 1, 2022 by Richard L. (United States)
  • “l like all three machines,they make a great contribution to my business” – February 18, 2020 by Monica E. (United States)
  • “Definitely worth spending little more than the other machines – February 15, 2019 by Andrew P. (IL, United States)

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