Grace Little Rebel High-Speed Sewing and Quilting Machine Review – Stitch Like Lightning!



The goal of our Grace Little Rebel review is to understant this quilting and sewing machine, designed to break down barriers and empower you to create like never before.

Grace Company understands the limitations that might have held you back. Maybe it was the physical challenge of using a bulky machine, or perhaps a lack of confidence. Whatever the reason, the Little Rebel is here to change that.

Grace Little Rebel is called the invitation to a creative revolution. It has a compact size and intuitive features, like optical encoder for reliable stitch length, so it might be perfect for any space and skill level.

The Little Rebel features built-in throat lights, keeping your workspace illuminated for late-night crafting sessions.

Grace Little Rebel Straight Stitch Sewing and Quilting Machine With Special Bundles

Grace Little Rebel Straight Stitch Sewing and Quilting Machine

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Grace Little Rebel Features Review:

Expansive 13-inch throat space illuminated by bright LED lights, letting you see exactly where your stitches are landing, even on dark fabrics.

Built-in laser sensor is precise stitch regulation. That sewing machine is able to practically see through your stitches, helping to avoid wonky seams or uneven quilting lines – it keeps every stitch perfectly in place.

The Grace Little Rebel’s high-powered motor tackles bulky materials like denim and leather with ease, letting you handle any sewing or quilting project.

The Little Rebel uses M-class bobbins that hold 52% more thread, which means less time spent threading and more time spent creating.

Easy-to-use interface is intuitive for sewers of all skill levels.

Built-in needle lights, reducing eye strain and making every stitch made effortlessly. So you can even sew into the night.

Grace Little Rebel features

Accessories included:

  • The handle control box lets you take charge from the comfort of the machine’s grip.
  • The 18″x24″ sewing base provides ample room for maneuvering your projects.
  • The 7-foot foot pedal gives you hands-free control over stitching speed, letting you focus on the process happening under the needle.
  • The hopping foot helps to tackle quilting projects like easy, gliding effortlessly over layers.
  • The presser foot ensures perfectly straight seams with a neat ¼-inch seam allowance for all your sewing needs.
  • Three M Class bobbins come ready to be loaded up with your favorite thread colors.
  • The quilting needle plate transforms your Grace Little Rebel into a quilting powerhouse by covering the feed dogs (no tools needed, thanks to a handy sensor!).
  • Variety of needle packs (18, 16, 14, or 12 gauge) to tackle any fabric weight with precision.
  • Quilting Panel Instruction Book – guide that unlocks the secrets of the quilting panel.
  • Instruction Book & Reference Card that are packed with everything you need to know to operate your Grace Little Rebel.
  • Tension Book – helpful guide that helps you to master the art of perfect tension.
  • Oil & Cleaning brush that helps to keep your machine running smoothly.
  • Thread Net that helps to storage thread with no tangle.
  • Three different spool cap sizes ensure a perfect fit for your favorite threads.
  • Welcome Folder – informative welcome packet that involves you in the Grace community.
  • Teflon Frictionless Mat reduces friction while push quilting, making every stitch effortless.
  • Needle Threader & Inserter
  • Open Toe Side Quilting Foot foot gives you a clear view of your stitching line for perfect precision quilting.

Grace Little Rebel sewing process

How Grace Little Rebel Customers review it:

  • “good” – February 26, 2024 by Remon C. (utah, United States)
  • “Since purchasing this machine I have not been able to get it to quilt. I have the QZone queen frame. I have done all the set up for quilting several times. The upper thread deeps breaking. I noticed yesterday that the thread is shredding before it ever goes through the needle. This machine is loud and very stiff. I would not recommend this machine to anyone. I would however recommend Sewing Machine Plus for purchasing supplies.” – March 7, 2024 by Judy J. (United States)

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