Consew 7360R-2SS Single Needle Lockstitch Sewing Machine Review: The Industrial Powerhouse (with Assembled Table and Servo Motor)




The Consew 7360R- 2SS Single Needle Lockstitch Sewing Machine is a feature- packed machine that’s designed for durability, performance, and ease of use. The stainless steel bed plate, automatic lubrication, noise reduction, and high speed make it a great choice for both professional and home sewers.

1. Stainless Steel Bed Plate:
  • This is a signature feature of Consew machines and a major selling point.
  • It offers several advantages over traditional painted beds:
    • Durability: Stainless steel is largely resistant to wear and tear, scratches, and dings, making the bed last much longer.
    • Aesthetics: The sleek, polished finish of stainless steel gives the machine a high- tech, ultramodern look.
    • Resale Value: A machine with a well- maintained stainless steel bed will retain its value better than one with a painted bed.
    • Rust Resistance: Stainless steel is naturally resistant to rust, making it ideal for use in sticky environments or with wet fabrics.
    • Reduced Friction: The smooth surface of stainless steel allows fabrics to glide more fluently, improving sewing effectiveness and reducing drag.
    • Non-Magnetic: Unlike cast iron beds, stainless steel isnon-magnetic, which can be helpful when sewing with magnetic materials like grommets or snaps.
2. Completely Automatic Lubrication:
  • This feature ensures that the machine is always properly lubricated, which reduces wear and tear, extends the machine’s life, and prevents expensive repairs.
  • A high- pressure pump continuously circulates oil throughout the machine, reaching all critical lubrication points.
3. Noise and Vibration Absorbing Table Mounting:
  • This feature helps to reduce the noise and vibration generated by the machine, making it more comfortable to operate, especially during long sewing sessions.
  • The table mounts are made of specially designed materials that absorb sound and vibration.
4.” Feather- Touch” Pressure Foot Lifter:
  • This feature makes it easy to raise and lower the presser foot with minimum effort, indeed for those with limited hand strength.
  • The” feather- touch” mechanism requires only a light touch to operate, reducing fatigue and improving sewing accuracy.
5. Ultra High Speed- 5500S.P.M.
  • This machine is one of the fastest single- needle lockstitch machines on the market, able of sewing up to 5,500 stitches per minute.
  • This makes it ideal for high- production sewing tasks, similar as garment assembly or artificial sewing.


General Applications:

  • Garment construction: This machine is suitable for sewing a wide range of garments for men, women, and children, from featherlight blouses and shirts to heavier jackets and trousers.
  • Home furnishings: You can use it for upholstery, curtains, bedspreads, and other home scenery items made from a variety of fabrics.
  • Crafts and bags: This machine is great for sewing tote bags, backpacks, wallets, and other accessories using both featherlight and heavier materials.
  • Leatherwork: With the applicable needles and feet, the Consew 7360R- 2SS can handle heavier leathers for belts, wallets, and other leather goods.

Specific Applications based on Fabric Weight:

  • Featherlight fabrics: Blouses, shirts, lingerie, sheer fabrics, scarves, and handkerchiefs.
  • Medium-weight fabrics: Dress pants, skirts, jackets, sweaters, and light upholstery fabrics.
  • Heavyweight fabrics: Jeans, denim jackets, workwear, canvas bags, and heavy upholstery fabrics.

Additional Applications with Adjustments:

  • Denim: By changing the needle plate, feed dog, foot, stitch regulator, hook, and needle bar, you can transform this machine into a denim powerhouse, able of sewing thick seams and heavy- duty stitching.
  • Quilting: With the right foot and feed dog, you can use this machine for introductory quilting tasks like straight line quilting and piecing.

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Always consult the machine’s manual for recommended needles, feet, and settings for different fabrics and projects. Some heavier materials may require fresh reinforcement, similar as using interfacing or topstitching.
  • Practice on scrap fabric before working on your final project.


  • Consew industrial machines are shipped in two parts: the machine head in a secured box or crate, and the assembled table on a skid or pallet.
  • Customers are responsible for installation: This includes attaching the machine head to the table, connecting the motor belt/belt guard, and assembling the thread tree using the included hardware.
  • Minor cosmetic imperfections are possible: Due to the weight of the machine, there might be some minor marring or scratches on the table or other components.
  • Some machines may require additional freight shipping: This is typically for larger or heavier machines that need to be shipped via a crate.


Consew 7360R-2SS Sewing Machine TABLE & SERVO MOTOR

Package Inclusion:

  • Fully assembled table
  • Fixed-speed servo motor

Motor Options:

  • Motor types: Clutch (fixed speed) vs. servo (adjustable speed)
  • Servo motor advantages:
    • Adjustable speed
    • Silent when idle
    • Up to 90% less energy consumption
    • Lighter (1/3 of clutch motor)
    • Reverse rotation with switch
    • No wear or adjustment required
    • Consistent speed regardless of pedal pressure
    • Easier control, especially for beginners

Specifics of this package:

  • This package includes a fixed-speed servo motor.
  • The actual speed will likely not be mentioned due to its variability based on factors like thread, material, and operation.


Consew 7360R-2SS Sewing Machine COOL-LITE LED-10 MAGNETIC LIGHT

The Cool-Lite LED-10 magnetic light is a useful addition for improving illumination and visibility.

  • Features 10 LED lights provide brilliant white light for improved visibility in your sewing area.
  • Magnetic connection allows for easy mounting on any metal surface, including the arm or table of the Consew Premier 2339RBLH-18.
  • AC powered requires no batteries and may be plugged into any ordinary outlet.
  • Low power usage of under 0.5 watts ensures little impact on your electricity cost.
  • The on/off switch is conveniently mounted on the magnet for simple operation.

Consew 7360R-2SS Customers reviews:

  • “Great!” – January 20, 2024 by Celia B. (United States)
  • “”They had what I needed and at a considerably less expensive price than anywhere else!” – January 20, 2024 by Valarie R. (United States)
  • “Website easy to use.” – January 20, 2024 by Jean E. (United States)
  • “So far so good.” – January 20, 2024 by Cherrie Z. (United States)
  • “I like the table. It is working well for me.” – January 19, 2024 by Agnes S. (Virginia, United States)
  • “Robert was VERY helpful!! Looking forward to getting my order.” – January 19, 2024 by Blair M. (United States)
  • “Easy to use and lots of choices.” – January 19, 2024 by Kathleen C. (United States)

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SKU: PID#10871 Category:
General Specifications:
  • Number of Needles: 1 (Single)
  • Feeding Mechanism: Drop Feed
  • Workspace: Standard
  • Machine Type: Standard Function
  • Max Sewing Speed: 5500 stitches per minute (S.P.M.)
Dimensions and Threading:
  • Clearance Under Presser Foot: 1/4″ (6mm)
  • Maximum Stitch Length: 5 stitches per inch (s.p.i.) or 5mm
  • Work Space: 10″ (258mm)
  • Needle: 16 x 257
  • Bobbin: 1: Metal 22T4-017, 2: Pre-wound L, 3: Pre-wound L
  • Bed Size: 7″ x 18 7/8″ (177mm x 477mm)
Stitch Formation:
  • Stitch Type: 301 (Single Needle Lockstitch)
  • Needle Bar Stroke: 1 1/4″ (31.8mm)
  • Hook: 22T4-011D
Additional Features:
  • Stainless steel bed plate
  • Fully automatic lubrication
  • Noise and vibration absorbing table mounting
  • “Feather-touch” pressure foot lifter