Brother PQ1600S Sewing Machine Review: High Speed 1500 SPM, Precise, & Perfect for Quilts



Our Brother PQ1600S review explores sewing machine, designed to make your projects fly without sacrificing accuracy.

Brother PQ1600S lets you stitch at speed 1,500 stitches per minute. And it is not everything. The PQ1600S also features a unique Pin Feed Mechanism. Ditch the feed dogs and switch to a single pin that glides effortlessly beneath your fabric. This allows for perfect control over delicate materials like velvet, preventing feed dog marks.

By the way, Brother manufacturer didn’t forget about convenience. This machine provides a push-button thread cutter that is very helpful when finishing seams and saves your time.

Brother packed these features into one machine, and PQ1600S might be a good choice to become your new quilting and sewing partner.

Brother PQ1600S BASIC FEATURES Review:

Sewing with Convenience

  • Easy threading system for a quick start sewing.
  • A built-in lamp keeps your work area illuminated, reducing eye strain and ensuring accurate stitching.
  • A built-in automatic thread cutter allows you to clip threads quickly and easily.
  • This machine lets you control the speed of bobbin winding, so you can wind it quickly or slowly depending on your preference.

Precise Sewing Control

  • Manual Thread Tension control allows you to adjust the tension for different fabrics.
  • Adjustable Presser Foot Pressure lets you apply just the right amount of pressure for various fabrics. This ensures your fabric feeds evenly and prevents puckering or skipped stitches.

Built for Quilting

  • Drop Feed/Free-Motion Sewing allows you to disengage the feed dogs and move the fabric freely in any direction. This might be helpful for free-motion quilting and embroidery sewing techniques. What’s more included 4 different drop feed settings are adding more versatility for sewing process.
  • Free-Motion Quilting Foot & Included Quilting Feet: The PQ1600S comes with a free-motion quilting foot specifically designed for smooth maneuvering during free-motion quilting. Brother has also included other quilting feet, giving you the tools you need to tackle various quilting tasks.
  • The included wide table provides ample workspace for maneuvering large quilts and projects.

Brother PQ1600S High Speed 1500 SPM Straight Stitch Sewing and Quilting Machine

Brother PQ1600S Sewing Machine with expanded table

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Sewing speed of 1500 stitches per minute make it ideal for quilters who want to zip through projects.

Stitch length of up to 5mm lets you achieve a variety of classic sewing tasks with accuracy and good precision.

This machine ditches the standard feed dogs for a special Pin Feed Mechanism. This unique feature allows you to replace the feed dogs with a single pin that feeds your fabric from underneath. That might be very helpful for delicate fabrics like velvet, as it prevents feed dog marks and ensures a smooth, even stitch.

Knee lifter that is often missing in basic sewing machines. It is able to free up your hands for better fabric control while raising and lowering the presser foot with a simple knee nudge. It also comes with seven standard presser feet, providing you with the tools you need for tackling various sewing techniques.

Brother PQ1600S Sewing Machine Dust Cover


 In this Brother PQ1600S review we can’t to not explain how innovative feed dog adjustment system works, since it provides you supercharged fabric control.

The PQ1600S has four color-coded levels for both feed dog adjustment and presser foot pressure. These color-coded settings are like a built-in cheat sheet, and help to avoid fiddling with dials and guessing how much pressure to apply.

You can match the fabric you’re using to the corresponding color – green for lightweight silks, maybe blue for medium-weight cottons, and red for thick denim. This intuitive system helps to achieve perfect stitches on any material.

The feed dogs are the little teeth that grip your fabric and move it along as you sew. By adjusting the feed dog height, you control how much fabric they advance with each stitch. Similarly, the presser foot holds your fabric in place while the needle does its work.

Brother PQ1600S allows you fine-tune both settings simultaneously, according to the color code. This gives you unmatched precision no matter what you’re sewing, from delicate silks to thick quilts.


The Brother PQ1600S have quite large speed of 1,500 stitches per minute, letting stitch long seams in record time without sacrificing in quality.

This machine is built for precision straight stitching, so you won’t have to worry about wobbly lines or skipped stitches even at high speeds.


The Brother PQ1600S features a built-in one-touch thread cutter, that is helpful for quilters and sewists as well. When you finish a seam, just make a quick press of a button, both the upper and lower threads are snipped clean, without need of having scissors on hand.


To explain customizable needle stop positions importance, let’s take an example when you’re stitching a quilt square, pivoting at corners for some creative designs. With a regular machine, the needle stops wherever it lands when you take your foot off the pedal. This can mean awkward maneuvering to get the needle in the perfect spot for the next stitch.

But Brother PQ1600S lets you to pre-program the needle to stop either up or down when the machine comes to a halt, giving you the power of choice.

If you’re sewing a straight seam: program the needle to stop down, holding your fabric pieces in place for a clean start to the next stitch.

Embroidering or doing intricate free-motion quilting: program the needle up for easy pivoting and maneuvering around curves.


The Brother PQ1600S comes with extended 11.1″ x 23.3″ table that provides ample room to maneuver and arrange your fabric freely. You can comfortably guide large quilt pieces and intricate applique work without feeling cramped.

What’s more this sewing machine provides a generous 5.7″ x 8.7″ distance between the needle and the machine’s arm, that is big benefit for quilters.


Built-in telescopic thread stand is thread holder, designed specifically for cone thread. It might be helpful for quilters who love efficiency, and tired of constantly refilling bobbins.

It helps to ditch bobbins and use large cones of thread directly. The Brother PQ1600S provides telescopic stand that adjusts to accommodate various cone sizes, allowing you to sew for longer stretches without interruption.

You don’t need stopping to rewind bobbins anymore. Also, it might reduce thread waste like leftover bobbin tails.

Lastly, cone thread often comes in a wider variety of colors and thread weights, opening up more possibilities for your quilting projects.


For quilters, precision and control are especially important. But sometimes juggling fabric, manipulating pieces, and controlling the presser foot can feel like a three-handed operation.

With a regular machine, raising and lowering the presser foot requires taking your hand off the fabric, potentially disrupting your placement.

Brother’s built-in knee lifter lets you to raise the presser foot by gentle nudge of your knee, allowing you to reposition or remove your fabric with complete control.

Simply lower the presser foot with another knee tap, all without ever breaking focus on your project.


The Brother PQ1600S offers a clear and easy-to-use thread tension dial, unlike some machines that need complex tension settings. Simply adjust it based on the fabric you’re using, and the machine makes all the process for you.

Thread tension refers to the balance between the upper and lower threads. Too tight, and your fabric puckers. Too loose, and your stitches look weak and uneven. The PQ1600S’s dial gives you the power to find the perfect balance for any material.

What’s more this feature might be very helpful for quilters, since quilting often involves using a variety of fabrics, from delicate silks to chunky batting. The PQ1600S’s tension dial allows you to easily adjust for each material, ensuring your quilt top looks perfect and professionally finished.


Luxurious velvets or intricate silks deserve to be sewn with a gentle touch. But traditional feed dogs, those little teeth that grip the fabric, can leave unwanted marks on these precious materials.

That way our Brother PQ1600S review can’t ignore its revolutionary Pin Feed Mechanism, that is perfect match for handling delicate fabrics.

You are able to swap out the feed dogs for a single, smooth pin that emerges from underneath the machine. This ingenious pin gently guides your fabric along, eliminating the risk of drag or marks typically caused by feed dogs. I

The Pin Feed Mechanism allows to stitch multiple layers of your quilt top together. With the pin feed engaged, all layers move as one, preventing bunching or shifting that can ruin your quilt’s precision.

The Brother PQ1600S’s Pin Feed Mechanism empowers you to handle even the most precious materials with confidence.

Finally let’s have a review of Brother PQ1600S Included Accessories:

Essential Sewing Feet Pack:

  • General Purpose Foot is used for most straight stitching and everyday sewing tasks.
  • Rolled Hem Foot helps to create neat and tidy rolled hems for a professional finish.
  • Zipper Foot makes sewing in zippers effortless.
  • Invisible Foot sews perfect “invisible” hems along garment edges, might be helpful when handling delicate fabrics.
  • ¼” Foot ensures precise stitching with a consistent ¼” seam allowance.

Quilting Accessories:

  • Free Motion Quilting Foot helps to create beautiful free-motion quilting designs.
  • Pin Feed Foot replaces the feed dogs with a single pin, perfect for delicate fabrics and intricate quilting.

Extra Touches:

  • Knee Lifter is able to raise and lower the presser foot by simple nudge, keeping your hands free for better fabric control.
  • Fabric Separator helps to guide your fabric while sewing seams, ensuring even stitching.
  • Feed Pin & Feed Pin Changer work as replacement parts for the Pin Feed Mechanism.
  • Fabric Extension Table expands your workspace for maneuvering larger quilts and projects.
  • Dust Cover keeps your machine clean and protected when not in use.

Brother PQ1600S included accessories

How Brother PQ1600S customers review it:

  • “OK!” – May 19, 2024 by Adam M. (Florida, United States)
  • “Good prices. Free shipping for orders over $29? Excellent!” – May 19, 2024 by Cynthia W. (United States)
  • “This is the 3rd machine I’ve ordered!” – May 18, 2024 by Tanya D. (United States)
  • “Thank you” – May 18, 2024 by Allison F. (Missouri, United States)
  • “So happy you have this product (needle threader)” – May 18, 2024 by Misty T. (United States)
  • “Site easily navigated and accessible” – May 18, 2024 by Patricia L. (United States)
  • “everything way great.” – May 18, 2024 by Debra R. (United States)

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