Bernina 540 Sewing Machine Review: Powerful Performance, Packed with Features




Bernina 540 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

The Bernina 540 is a high-end sewing machine suitable for sewists of all abilities. It is jam-packed with features that make it simple to sew, quilt, and embroider, and it is strong enough to handle even the toughest materials.

Some of the primary features of the Bernina 540 are:

  • A strong BERNINA Hook that sews silently and smoothly, even at high rates.
  • A huge stitching surface, making it easier to tackle complex jobs.
  • A large range of ornamental stitches, including exquisite buttonholes.
  • Features include automatic thread cutting and embroidery compatibility (with optional module).

The Bernina 540 is an excellent alternative for sewists seeking a flexible and strong machine.


Bernina 540 Sewing and Embroidery Machine perfect tension for perfect stitches

The Bernina 540 Sewing and Embroidery Machine features Adaptive Thread Tension, which automatically adjusts the thread tension according to the fabric and thread you’re using. This ensures perfect stitch quality on both sides of the fabric, eliminating the need for manual adjustments and frustration.

Imagine this:

  • Seamlessly switching between thick denim and delicate silk without having to stop and fiddle with the tension dial.
  • Creating crisp, even stitches that look flawless from top to bottom.
  • No more skipped stitches or bird’s nests, just beautiful, consistent results every time.

With Adaptive Thread Tension, you can truly sew without worries and focus on your creativity. Let the Bernina 540 handle the technicalities and produce stunning results that will impress you and everyone else.

So ditch the frustration and embrace the ease and perfection of the Bernina 540’s Adaptive Thread Tension.


Bernina 540 Sewing and Embroidery Machine more space for creative freedom

The Bernina 540 Sewing and Embroidery Machine boasts an impressive 8.5 inches of freearm space to the right of the needle, providing ample room for maneuvering even your most ambitious projects.


  • Quilting a king-size bedspread with ease, gliding smoothly across the expansive surface.
  • Stitching intricate tapestries without feeling cramped or restricted.
  • Embroidering large designs with precision and control, thanks to the generous workspace.

This extended freearm isn’t just about size; it’s about freedom. It’s the liberation to bring your grandest ideas to life, unconstrained by the limitations of smaller machines.

Whether you’re a seasoned quilter or an aspiring embroidery artist, the Bernina 540’s expansive workspace empowers you to turn your creative vision into reality. So unleash your imagination and dive into the world of boundless possibilities with the Bernina 540 at your side.


Bernina 540 Sewing and Embroidery Machine get the right pressure everytimme

The Bernina 540’s Adjustable Presser Foot Pressure is like having a built-in sewing superpower, letting you tackle any material with ease and precision.


  • Gliding effortlessly over delicate silks and chiffons with a gentle touch, thanks to the lowered presser foot pressure.
  • Conquering thick denim and canvas layers with a firm, controlled grip, achieved by increasing the pressure.
  • No more puckering, skipping stitches, or fabric bunching – just perfectly formed stitches on every material imaginable.

This isn’t just about brute force; it’s about finesse and control. The Bernina 540’s intelligent pressure system automatically adjusts to the selected stitch, ensuring optimal settings for each project. But for those who crave ultimate customization, the basic setting can be individually tweaked to match your specific preferences and fabric types.

With the Bernina 540, you’re not just sewing, you’re mastering the art of fabric manipulation. So step up your game, unleash your creativity, and experience the difference that adjustable presser foot pressure makes!


Bernina 540 Sewing and Embroidery Machine ask your on-screen support

The Bernina 540 Sewing and Embroidery Machine has a contemporary, bright touchscreen that is easy to use. This user-friendly interface offers on-screen assistance whenever necessary, resulting in a smooth and frustration-free stitching experience.

The Bernina 540’s on-screen support includes the following major features:

  • Sewing Consultant:This built-in function eliminates the guesswork of sewing by assisting you in determining the appropriate settings for your project depending on the fabric, thread, and stitch you are using.
  • On-screen tutorials:The Bernina 540 includes a collection of useful on-screen instructions that cover anything from fundamental sewing methods to expert embroidery tasks.
  • Troubleshooting Tips:There’s no need to flick through a handbook! The Bernina 540’s on-screen help includes troubleshooting hints for typical stitching issues.
  • Easily change suggested settings using multifunction knobs.

With the Bernina 540’s on-screen guidance, you’ll always have a handy guide at your fingertips, allowing you to take on any sewing difficulty with confidence.

Overall, the Bernina 540 Sewing and Embroidery Machine’s on-screen help is a wonderful resource for both new and expert sewers. It makes sewing easier, more pleasurable, and less daunting, letting you to concentrate on your creativity and bring your own vision to reality.


Bernina 540 Sewing and Embroidery Machine sew quiter, faster, longer, better

The Bernina 540 truly shines when it comes to efficiency and precision. Here’s a breakdown of its impressive features:

1. Stitch Perfection:

  • 9mm stitch width: Tackle bold decorative stitches, thick fabrics, and multiple layers with ease. Imagine stitching stunning quilts or adding intricate embellishments to garments with the Bernina 540’s expansive stitch width.

2. Sew Long and Prosper:

  • Jumbo bobbin: Sew for longer stretches without interruption thanks to the generously sized bobbin. This means fewer bobbin changes and more uninterrupted stitching time to focus on your creative flow.
  • Front-loading bobbin: Replacing the bobbin is a breeze with the convenient front-loading system. No more fumbling or maneuvering through tight spaces – simply pop in a new bobbin and keep sewing.

3. Speed and Smoothness:

  • BERNINA Hook: Experience exceptional stitch quality and consistency at high speeds (up to 1,000 stitches per minute!). The innovative BERNINA Hook ensures precise and evenly spaced stitches, even on delicate fabrics.

With the Bernina 540, you can sew quieter, faster, and longer while maintaining impeccable stitch quality. It’s like having a personal sewing assistant that lets you focus on your creativity and achieve professional-looking results with every project.


Bernina 540 Sewing and Embroidery Machine automatic features save time

The Bernina 540 boasts an automatic thread cutter, a true time-saving hero for any sewer! Imagine this:

  • No more fumbling with scissors or struggling to reach awkward corners. Simply press a button and both the upper and lower threads are snipped cleanly and precisely.
  • Say goodbye to those pesky thread tails! The Bernina 540 automatically cuts the threads at the perfect length, leaving your project looking neat and professional.
  • Free up your hands and focus on your creativity. No more stopping to manually cut threads, you can keep your momentum going and stitch uninterrupted.

The automatic thread cutter is just one of the many features that make the Bernina 540 a joy to use. It’s a thoughtful addition that saves you time, reduces frustration, and allows you to focus on what truly matters – expressing your creativity through beautiful sewing projects.

So ditch the scissors and embrace the ease and convenience of the Bernina 540’s automatic thread cutter.

Sewing and Quilting Features

Bernina 540 Sewing and Embroidery Machine sewing and quilting features

Stitch Variety and Customization:

  • Vast stitch library: Choose from an incredible 1048 stitch patterns, including 30 utility stitches, 14 buttonholes, 300 decorative stitches, 44 quilting stitches, 31 cross-stitch programs, and 5 sewing alphabets.
  • Maximum stitch width: Create bolder stitches and intricate designs with a generous 9mm stitch width.
  • Stitch length adjustment: Fine-tune the length of your stitches up to 6mm for precise control over your projects.

Automation and Efficiency:

  • Automatic thread cutter: Save time and effort with a push-button thread cutter that neatly trims both upper and lower threads.
  • Automatic buttonhole: Achieve perfectly sized buttonholes effortlessly with the automatic buttonhole feature.
  • Button sew-on program: Attach buttons securely and professionally with the dedicated button sew-on program.
  • Darning programs: Repair and reinforce worn areas of fabric with ease using the darning programs.

Creative Control and Precision:

  • Pattern start/end function: Begin and end stitches precisely where you want them, ensuring clean and professional-looking seams.
  • Programmable Securing Function: Secure stitches automatically at the beginning and end of seams for added durability.
  • Pattern mirroring: Effortlessly create symmetrical designs by mirroring stitch patterns horizontally or vertically.
  • Free Hand System (FHS): Easily lower the feed dogs for free-motion quilting, embroidery, and other techniques requiring manual fabric control.
  • Reverse sewing: Reinforce stitches and prevent unraveling by sewing in reverse.

Additional Features:

  • Jumbo bobbin: Sew longer without interruptions thanks to the large-capacity bobbin.
  • Front-loading bobbin: Change bobbins quickly and easily with the front-loading system.
  • BERNINA Hook: Experience smooth and consistent stitching at high speeds with the innovative BERNINA Hook system.
  • Colorful touchscreen: Navigate the machine’s features with ease using the intuitive touchscreen interface.
  • On-screen support: Access helpful tutorials and troubleshooting tips directly on the machine’s screen.

General Features

Bernina 540 Sewing and Embroidery Machine general features

The Bernina 540 Sewing and Embroidery Machine boasts a plethora of impressive general features to enhance your sewing experience:

Power and Precision:

  • BERNINA Hook system: Experience whisper-quiet operation and exceptional stitch consistency at speeds up to 1000 stitches per minute.
  • Large sewing space: Tackle big projects with ease thanks to the generous 8.5″ workspace to the right of the needle.
  • 11 needle positions: Unlock a wider range of stitching possibilities with multiple needle placement options.
Intuitive Interface and Control:
  • 4.3″ color touchscreen: Navigate settings and access information readily with the vibrant and user-friendly interface.
  • Drag & Drop functionality: Rearrange stitch patterns easily for personalized project customization.
  • Multi-function knobs: Fine-tune settings and make adjustments quickly and conveniently.
Convenience and Efficiency:
  • 12 LED sewing lights: Illuminate your workspace for optimal visibility and precision.
  • Semi-automatic needle threader: Thread your needle effortlessly with this handy built-in tool.
  • Adjustable presser foot pressure: Ensure optimal pressure for various fabric types and thicknesses.
  • Automatic thread cutter: Save time and prevent thread tails with this convenient feature.
  • Adaptive Thread Tension: Enjoy perfect stitch quality on both sides of the fabric with automatic tension adjustments.
  • Upper thread indicator: Monitor thread levels and avoid running out mid-project.
  • BSR functionality: Achieve perfect backstitching automatically with the BERNINA Stitch Regulator.
  • BERNINA foot control with back-kick function: Control stitch speed and reverse sewing intuitively.
  • Create and save stitch combinations: Design and store your personal stitch sequences for future use.
  • Short-term and long-term memory: Save altered stitches for easy recall during your current project or future endeavors.
  • Start/stop button and slide speed control: Enjoy hands-free sewing and adjust stitching speed seamlessly.
  • Bobbin winding while sewing/embroidering: Multitask efficiently by winding bobbins while working on your project.
Connectivity and Support:
  • USB ports: Connect the machine to your computer or a USB stick for data transfer and updates.
  • Change stitch settings while sewing: Make adjustments on the fly without interrupting your workflow.
  • Needle stop up/down: Choose your preferred needle position when stopping the machine.
  • On-screen help, creative consultant, and sewing tutorial: Access a wealth of resources for guidance and inspiration.
  • Setup program: Simplify initial machine setup with the intuitive guided program.

This comprehensive list of features demonstrates the Bernina 540’s commitment to power, precision, convenience, and ease of use. It’s a machine designed to support your creativity and empower you to tackle any sewing project with confidence.

Embroidery Features

Bernina 540 Sewing and Embroidery Machine embroidery features

The Bernina 540, while primarily a powerhouse sewing machine, also boasts impressive embroidery capabilities with its optional embroidery module. Here’s a breakdown of its key embroidery features:

Powerful and Precise Embroidering:
  • High-speed embroidery: Achieve stunning results at breakneck speeds of up to 1000 stitches per minute.
  • Large embroidery area: Tackle big projects with ease thanks to the spacious 15.7″ x 5.9″ embroidery field.
  • Freearm embroidery: Navigate intricate designs and hoops with the convenient freearm functionality.
Intuitive Design Editing and Customization:
  • On-screen editing: Edit, manipulate, and personalize your embroidery designs directly on the machine’s vibrant touchscreen.
  • Duplicate/add designs: Combine multiple designs or create repetitions for unique effects.
  • Non-proportional resizing: Resize individual design elements independently for creative freedom.
  • Move, rotate, and mirror: Position your designs precisely and achieve symmetrical effects.
  • WordArt: Create custom embroidered text messages or names directly on the machine.
  • Drag and drop: Rearrange design elements effortlessly for personalized layouts.
  • Absolute Check Design Positioning: Ensure perfect placement with precise on-screen design positioning tools.
  • Check Design Size: Preview the actual size of your design before embroidering to avoid surprises.
Advanced Options and Control:
  • Adjust stitch density: Fine-tune the spacing and coverage of your embroidery stitches.
  • Change stitch type: Experiment with different stitch types for textured and varied effects.
  • Change thread brand: Select the appropriate thread based on your brand and preferences.
  • Basting: Secure your fabric with temporary stitches before full embroidery.
  • Color Resequence: Rearrange the embroidery thread color sequence for unique color effects.
  • Stitch Design as Single/Multi-Color: Embroider designs in single color or unleash a rainbow of hues.
  • Personal Memory: Save your edited and customized embroidery designs for future use.
  • Programmable Jump Stitch Cutting: Eliminate unnecessary thread connections for cleaner embroidery outcomes.
  • Smart Secure and Invisible Secure: Choose from secure stitch options to seamlessly finish your embroidery projects.
  • Centering the Embroidery Design: Position your design perfectly in the hoop with ease.
  • Switch Unit of Measurement: Work with your preferred measurement system for convenience.
Embroidery File Format Compatibility:
  • Support for a wide range of file formats: Import and embroider designs in popular formats like EXP, DST, PES, PEC, JEF, SEW, PCS, and XXX.
Additional Features:
  • USB interface: Connect the machine to your computer or a USB stick for data transfer and design loading.
  • Stitch-out time, thread color, size, and stitch count information: Stay informed about your embroidery progress with on-screen details.
  • Stitch Sequence Control: Control the individual embroidery thread color sequence during the process.
  • Position Recall: Easily reposition the embroidery hoop to its previous location.

With its powerful performance, intuitive editing tools, and advanced customization options, the Bernina 540’s optional embroidery module makes it a versatile machine for both seasoned and aspiring embroidery enthusiasts. It empowers you to bring your creative vision to life with precision, ease, and endless possibilities.

Included Accessories

Bernina 540 Sewing and Embroidery Machine included accessories

The Bernina 540 Sewing and Embroidery Machine comes with a generous set of included accessories to help you get started and tackle a variety of sewing projects. Here’s a breakdown of what’s included:

Basic Sewing Essentials:
  • Soft Cover with pocket: Protect your machine from dust and debris while keeping essential tools readily accessible.
  • 5 Bobbins (4 + 1 in bobbin case): Start sewing with a variety of bobbin thread colors.
  • 2 Foam pads: Prevent fabric snags and maintain smooth thread flow.
  • 3 Spool discs: Securely hold different thread spools of various sizes.
  • Seam ripper: Correct mistakes and easily remove unwanted stitches.
  • Height compensation tool: Ensure consistent presser foot pressure on uneven surfaces.
  • Selection of needles: Choose the right needle type for your fabric and project.
  • Screwdriver red: Adjust settings and make basic maintenance tasks easier.
  • Brush: Keep your machine clean and free of dust and lint.
  • Power cable: Connect the machine to a power source.
  • Foot control: Control stitching speed and start/stop the machine with your foot.
Additional Sewing and Embroidery Tools:
  • Freearm Slide-on Table: Extend your workspace for quilting and larger projects.
  • Knee lifter/Free-Hand System (FHS): Raise and lower the feed dogs for free-motion quilting and embroidery.
  • Touchscreen Pen: Navigate the touchscreen interface with precision and ease.
  • Sewing Machine Oil: Maintain your machine for optimal performance.
  • Accessories Box: Organize your tools and keep them readily accessible.

Note: Depending on your purchase location, the “Knee lifter/Free-Hand System (FHS)” may already be included as part of the machine itself and not listed as a separate accessory.

Overall, the Bernina 540 provides a comprehensive set of accessories to get you up and running right out of the box. These tools cater to basic sewing needs, free-motion quilting, and even embroidery (with the optional module). Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned sewer, this included kit provides a solid foundation for your creative sewing journey.

Add Optional Embroidery Module (540E)


Bernina 540 Sewing and Embroidery Machine faster and quiter embroidery

The optional embroidery module for the Bernina 540 Sewing Machine, transforming it into the Bernina 540E, is a tempting upgrade for embroidery enthusiasts. Here’s a breakdown of its key features and benefits:

Enhanced Embroidery Performance:

  • Faster and quieter embroidery: Achieve stunning results at high speeds with minimal noise, making the embroidery process more enjoyable and efficient.
  • Reliable and breathtaking results: Experience consistent stitch quality and intricate details for professional-looking embroidery projects.
  • Generous embroidery area: Tackle large designs and complex patterns with ease thanks to the spacious 15.7″ x 5.9″ embroidery field.
  • Wide range of embroidery hoops: Choose from various BERNINA hoops in different shapes and sizes to accommodate diverse project types.

Versatility and Convenience:

  • Embroider closed and tubular items: Easily embroider finished garments like trouser legs, blouses, pockets, and small t-shirts without additional seams.
  • Effortless freearm embroidery: Navigate intricate designs and hoops smoothly with the convenient freearm functionality.
  • Seamless integration: The module attaches effortlessly to the 540 sewing machine, transforming it into a dedicated embroidery powerhouse.

Ideal for:

  • Sewers who want to expand their skillset and explore the world of embroidery.
  • Crafters who create personalized items like clothing, bags, and home décor.
  • Embroidery enthusiasts who value speed, precision, and versatility.

Finding a Store:

The “FIND A STORE” button provides a convenient way to locate authorized Bernina retailers near you. They can demonstrate the embroidery module, answer your questions, and help you decide if it’s the right choice for your needs.

Overall, the Bernina 540E embroidery module is a worthwhile addition for sewers who want to unlock the creative potential of embroidery. It offers performance, convenience, and a world of possibilities to elevate your sewing projects to the next level.


Bernina 540 Sewing and Embroidery Machine Mats Colors

With four sizes (Small, Medium, Large, and XL) and 13 color options to match your Bernina machine, you can find the perfect mat to complement your setup.

Bernina 540 Sewing and Embroidery Machine Mats

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