Elna eXplore 160 Review – Mechanical Sewing Machine: Features & Accessories



Our Elna eXplore 160 review explore mechanical sewing machine with a variety of stitches and helpful features. This machine is not the most feature-rich out there, but it provides just the enough amount of versatility to work on your sewing projects. What’s more the simplicity is important aspect for beginners, and it could become your companion to experiment with your sewing skills.

Elna eXplore 160 FEATURES Review:

Elna eXplore 160 offers 12 stitches that cover all the essentials for getting started. You are free to tackle straight seams, hems, and even create a neat buttonhole using the handy four-step buttonhole stitch.

Elna eXplore 160 stitches examples

Transparent bobbin cover lets you easily see how much thread is left and avoid running out mid-seam.

transparent bobbin cover

The free arm feature will be much helpful for sewing sleeves, cuffs, and other circular shapes. It basically gives you more wiggle room by providing a narrow platform for maneuvering your fabric.

Built-in LED light illuminates your sewing area and reduces eye strain.

built-in LED light

This machine weight is only 13 pounds, so it will be easy to transport it from room to room or store away when you’re not using it. Those aspect might be helpful for those with limited space or who like to keep their crafting area clutter-free.

Elna eXplore 160 Mechanical Sewing Machine

Elna eXplore 160 sewing process

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Standard Accessories

  • “Standard foot” for most straight stitching and general sewing.
  • “Zipper foot” glides with ease over zippers, making installation effortless.
  • “Blind hem foot” creates a clean, invisible finish.
  • “Four-step buttonhole foot” helps you making perfect buttonholes without any problems.
  • Three bobbins come pre-wound and ready to use, so you can start stitching right out of the box.
  • Seam ripper is included for fixing some stitching mistakes
  • Set of needles ensures you have the right size for your project.
  • Small and a large spool holder for different thread sizes.
  • Additional spool pin lets you keep an extra thread color on hand for quick changes.
  • Foot controller to control the sewing speed
  • Soft cover to keep your machine dust-free and protected when not in use.

Elna eXplore 160 Sewing Machine Included Accessories

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