Unveiling the EverSewn Sparrow 25 – 197 Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine: A Feature-Packed Powerhouse for Beginners and Beyond



Included Accessories

Essential Feet:

  • Zig zag foot (on machine): This is the most commonly used foot for basic sewing tasks like straight stitching and zigzagging.
  • Zipper foot: Makes sewing zippers easier and more accurate.
  • Sliding buttonhole foot: Creates neat and consistent buttonholes in one easy step.
  • Overlock foot: Helps you achieve a professional-looking finish on serged edges.

Specialty Feet:

  • Blind hem foot: Ideal for hemming garments without visible stitches from the right side.
  • Applique foot: Holds applique pieces in place while you stitch them down.
  • Button sewing foot: Makes attaching buttons a breeze.

Other Accessories:

  • Bobbins: A few spare bobbins are always essential.
  • Large spool cap and small spool cap: These fit different spool sizes.
  • Spool felt: Protects your thread from snags.
  • Spool pin: Holds your spools of thread.
  • L shaped screw driver: Comes in handy for various adjustments.
  • Right seam guide: Helps you sew straight seams.
  • Brush and seam ripper: The brush keeps your machine clean, and the seam ripper helps you undo mistakes.
  • Needle set: A variety of needles for different fabrics and projects.
  • Dust cover: Protects your machine from dust when not in use.


The EverSewn Sparrow 25 warranty provides comprehensive protection for your investment with 10 years for mechanical parts, 1 year for electrical components, and 1 year for labor through Brewer Sewing. This gives you peace of mind knowing your machine is covered for a significant period.

Mechanical Parts:

  • 10 Years: EverSewn warrants the mechanical parts of the Sparrow 25 for a period of 10 years from the date of purchase. This means any malfunction or defect related to the physical machinery, like gears, levers, or the frame, will be repaired or replaced free of charge during this period.

Electrical Components:

  • 1 Year: The electrical components of the machine, such as the circuit board and motor, are covered for a period of 1 year from the purchase date. Any issues with these elements due to manufacturing defects or normal wear and tear will be addressed at no cost within this timeframe.


  • 1 Year through Brewer Sewing: EverSewn partners with Brewer Sewing for labor warranties. This means you’ll receive free labor for repairs or replacements covered under the warranty for 1 year from the purchase date. You’ll likely need to take your machine to an authorized Brewer Sewing service center for any labor-related warranty claims.

Additional notes:

  • It’s crucial to keep your proof of purchase, such as the original receipt or invoice, as evidence of the warranty period.
  • The warranty may not cover normal wear and tear, misuse, or damage caused by accidents or improper maintenance.
  • Consult the full warranty document that comes with your machine or visit the EverSewn website for detailed information on exclusions and limitations.

EverSewn Sparrow 25 Customers reviews:

  • “I love that this machine is so much quieter than my last machine. And it was cheaper than the machine it replaced. I look forward to trying out all the stitches.” – February 19, 2022 by Hope B. (Missouri , United States)
  • “I had purchased this machine for myself and like it so much I purchased another for my daughter who is a beginner.” – November 14, 2021 by Kathryn L. (North Dakota, United States)
  • “This is a great machine for the money! It has a lot of awesome features and works great for everyday sewing.” – February 9, 2021 by Sharon C. (NY, United States)
  • “This is a fabulous machine. Runs quietly and well. There are so many different stitches, am sure it will serve my needs for a very long time.” – April 10, 2019 by Gloria M. (ID, United States)
  • “This is a beginning sewing machine for our granddaughter and, as far as we can tell, it should meet her needs quite nicely.” – December 14, 2018 by Robert G. (VA, United States)
  • “This machine will not disappoint! It does everything. For the price, you cannot go wrong. I love it. I’ve made quilts, bags, used the monogram feature, and many decorative stitches. Eversewn customer support is fabulous, too! They’ll help you with any issues. I cannot say enough good things about it.” – October 12, 2018 by MJC

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EverSewn Sparrow 25  Features

The EverSewn Sparrow 25 is a computerized sewing machine with 197 stitches, including an alphabet stitch. It has an LCD display, a drop-in hook system, a 163mm free arm length, and a maximum sewing speed of 850 stitches per minute. The upper thread tension is manually adjustable, and there is a manual thread cutter. The machine also has a start/stop button, an LED sewing light, a threader, needle stop up/down, twin-needle capability, slide speed control, a 2-step presser foot lift, an electric foot control, and 8 (1-step) buttonholes, including eyelets.

The EverSewn Sparrow 25 is a great sewing machine for beginners and experienced sewers alike. It is easy to use and has a wide variety of features that make it perfect for a variety of sewing projects.

Here are the features of the EverSewn Sparrow 25 sewing machine, based on your request:

  • Machine type: Computerized
  • Display: LCD
  • Hook System: Drop in Rotary
  • Free Arm Length: 163 mm
  • Max. Stitches per minute: 850spm
  • Upper thread tension control: Manual
  • Manual thread cutter: Yes
  • Start and stop button: Yes
  • LED Light: Yes
  • Threader: Yes
  • Needle up and down positioning: Yes
  • Twin needle capability: Yes
  • 2 step presser foot lift: Yes
  • Electronic foot control: Yes
  • Stitch Patterns: 197
  • Eight – One step Button Holes: Yes
  • 14 Utility Stitches including Stretch Stitches: Yes
  • Two darning stitches: Yes
  • 68 Decorative stitches: Yes
  • 18 – Quilting Stitches: Yes
  • 7 mm Maximum stitch width: Yes
  • 4.5 mm Maximum stitch length: Yes
  • Drop feed dogs: Yes
  • Memory: Yes
  • Bobbin winder: Automatic
  • 7 presser feet: Yes
  • Dust cover included: Yes